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War Of The Ring Game Delves Into Tolkien Books 13

Thanks to GameSpot for a detailed look at the opposing armies, and IGN PC for a recent hands-on preview of Liquid Entertainment's Tolkien-themed PC RTS, War Of The Ring, which allows to player to recruit Gollum, Nazgul kings, and even Saruman the White, in evil-spawned campaigns such as one that "...tasks the player with retaking the towers built by Gondor, and involves a nice alliance with Shelob", or allows you to command the "...armies of good, which comprise the legions of men, elves, dwarves, and hobbits", and control heroes from Frodo Baggins through Aragorn and Gandalf, in this November-released title from the Battle Realms creators.
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War Of The Ring Game Delves Into Tolkien Books

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  • try out this [] or this []... of course old fashioned but funny... and free as long as you have Civilization II...

    just 'till the king returns : )
  • me foaming at the mouth and making gurgling sounds of joy. me want game now!

  • My first pencil-and-paper RPG was a Tolkien-based one called MERP. Lots of maps. Lots and lots of maps. I distinctly recall re-claiming the tower in which Frodo was imprisoned.

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