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Halo 2 Making-Of Movie Illuminates 16

Thanks to for their story collating download sources for a new Halo 2 movie from Microsoft's X03 exhibition in France, unfortunately filmed shakycam-style, but showing 7 minutes of a previously unseen Halo 2 'making-of' piece, including lots of interviews and new footage. has captured some screenshots from the approx. 50mb movie, showing off the due-in-2004 Xbox killer app.
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Halo 2 Making-Of Movie Illuminates

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  • I own an xbox, and I loved Halo one, but with all this media coverage, and new stories once the smallest things happen, I'm afriad halo 2 might be overhyped. And when it finally comes out, it will just be a giant disappointment, which the xbox really can't take right now
    • I thought Halo was overrated, but still incredibly fun to play the first time around. It doesn't have a lot of replay value, but was still worth it. If Halo 2 is ANYTHING like the latest gameplay preview movie, I don't think it can be over-hyped. It simply looks incredible. I rarely get excited by game previews anymore, because of all the hype, but Halo 2 has been the exception to that rule so far.

      Here's hoping.
    • Seriously, who cares if it is? All I want is a fn game, marketing be damned.
  • Hype playing? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by MMaestro ( 585010 ) on Sunday September 21, 2003 @07:54PM (#7020668)
    Considering people either doubt Halo 2 will serve or just plain sucks because its on the XBox (read : grudge holding PC owners who are FINALLY getting Halo 1 on PC) I think Bungie holds a trump card against the hype danger.

    Their advantage is that they are a small developer with a producer (Microsoft) who keeps its dirty little hands off. You haven't seenen Bungie start putting up advertising or submitting special presentations to websites/magazines, unlike game companies which release all sorts of fancy information over the months. If you look at EA's C&C Generals : Zero Hour, they're advertising that game like its the Half-Life 2 of strategy games even though hardcore and casual players agree that original was just an average strategy game.

    • "Their advantage is that they are a small developer with a producer (Microsoft) who keeps its dirty little hands off." Not necessarily true. This was true in the past, sure, when they were located in Chicago, but after being purchased by Microsoft, they moved the entire company onto the Microsoft campus in Seattle. Not only that, but I believe both the original principals of Bungie have left the company, so as far as I understand it, this will be the first title done completely by the Microsoft owned Bun
  • After so many years reading that site, finally I have done something worth posting as a news, even if it's "only" the special games section :)
    Not bad for a 6 days old site !

    BlimBlim, webmaster of

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