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Dynasty Tactics 2 Ships 25

KOEI announces that Dynasty Tactics 2 is to be unleashed unto North America this week. Based upon the Dynasty Warriors titles, Tactics 2 now features the infamous Lu Bu among its characters. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance just reintroduced me to the genre of the tactical strategy game, and if this installment is like the previous, it should be a good game. The game system sounds interesting as well. From the release: "The game's new Points Evaluation System grades a player's performance based on several criteria including: 'complete defeats' and 'number of tactics linkages.' Players can also explore cities, villages, and tactics training camps. On the streets, you can meet the villagers, obtain items and receive instructions on employing rare tactics with devastating results."
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Dynasty Tactics 2 Ships

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  • by stonecypher ( 118140 ) <> on Tuesday September 23, 2003 @12:28PM (#7034753) Homepage Journal
    It's kind of a shame that Koei has fallen into naming their games to take up the popular trends - that is, after Tactics Ogre spawned FF: Tactics - considering that they've been running strategy games on console gaming hardware longer than almost anybody else still alive. Their historic characters happen to be the same ones chosen for their other games - nobunaga's ambition, rise of an emperor, genghis khan, romance of the three kingdoms, et cetera - and they were a foundation experience in strategy gaming for an entire generation raised without Tom Jolly, Ravensburger, or other *real* physical game makers.

    But, hey, everyone's gotta earn lunch money, I guess.

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