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Max Payne 2 Shows Bullet Time Squared? 45

Thanks to IGN PC for their new preview of Remedy/Rockstar's Max Payne 2:The Fall Of Max Payne, as the October-due PC, December-shipping console title unveils a little more, particularly Bullet Time 2.0, the key new gameplay feature which "...will reward Max for good performance by increasing his action speed during Bullet Time. What this means is that you can start to move proportionally faster while in Bullet Time simply by killing multiple enemies." Elsewhere, GameSpot also get to "visit with the older, wiser Max Payne", particularly mentioning the "game's implementation of Havok physics", as this middleware physics engine also gets used in games such as Half-Life 2 and Starcraft: Ghost.
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Max Payne 2 Shows Bullet Time Squared?

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  • It's no wonder kids are so violent these days. Violence feeds on itself: real world violence is mimicked and increased by the media, the violence reflected by the media is mimicked and increased in the real world, and so on and so on.

    While we as individuals can only control the violence within ourselves, we must look to controlling the violence in media (be it games or the news or music) to put an end to the circle of violence.
  • by mraymer ( 516227 ) <mraymer@centu[ ] ['ryt' in gap]> on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @03:51AM (#7091988) Homepage Journal
    While I enjoyed the graphic novel in Max Payne, I kind of hope it is a little less melodramatic [] this time around.
  • Thank god (Score:4, Insightful)

    by KDan ( 90353 ) on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @04:49AM (#7092136) Homepage
    Thank god I can visit slashdot and see news of great technological importance such as the latest minor features of max payne 2. I'm sure this will change the face of computer gaming - or in fact of IT as a whole, and thus the world! - completely!

    Next on slashdot - front-page article series on each of the weapons and ammo types in Doom 3 - one article per weapon. Plus, bonus article, usage of the "shift" key in Half-Life 2.

    • Re:Thank god (Score:2, Insightful)

      by gedanken ( 24390 )
      Don't like reading about games? Why not simply disable it?

      Bullet time is one of the few original concepts to come out of the shooter genre in a while, I think it is great that they are improving it.
      • I do like reading about games in general, being myself an avid gamer. But as for particular specifics of features of one game, that seems a bit too detailed. And the fact that "bullet time" is one of the few original concepts in the shooter genre is sad, not something to be advertising in a slashdot story!!!

        I guess I'm just bitching though. Feel free to ignore me.

    • How the hell did this ever get moderated up? It's the second obvious troll post on this comment thread. If you want to whine on about violence in society or the deterioration of ./ article quality, there's usually a story on either one of those every week.

      Wait your damn turn.

    • yar! NO SHIT! I hate hearing about all this crap too! In fact, I hate reading about Apache, BSD, and Apple! Why the hell can't /. just cover generic geek stuff! It's not like I can disable or not ever see stuff from particular topics!
      • Problem is, I'm a gamer, I like games, I play games. Why is slashdot so irrelevant, then? They hit the nail on the head for most other topics, why can't they do it with games?


  • Didn't I see the guy from Max Payne in one of those "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno" commercials? The one set in Phoenix or some such?

    Life kinda sucks for video game actors huh? Maybe that's why hes older and wiser/
    • Re:Max Payne actor (Score:3, Interesting)

      by waaka! ( 681130 )
      The Max Payne guy (at least the one whose face was used in the first Max Payne) wasn't an actor at all. He was Sam Lake, one of the writers for Remedy, which is based in Finland. You can actually see Sam in the picture of Remedy's staff at the back of the Max Payne manual.
  • ragdoll physics (Score:5, Interesting)

    by rwven ( 663186 ) on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @08:51AM (#7093436)
    with the creation of all the new physics engines such as the Havok system, i find that things get a little stupider in games. they seem to throw random objects in the game just so you can bounce them off the walls... the ragdoll physics on the models pretty much looks completely fake. it may look cool, but if you throw a body it wouldnt do that. there are points that you cant physically stretch past that they have the models go past. they turn all the joints into these springy balljoint's and it looks really....dumb. in the HL2 videos, the only stuff i didnt like was when he picked up the guy and he bounced all over the place. it just looked fake.... cant they add some resistance to the joints and a little stiffness like is natural???
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Exactly how many bodies have you thrown against walls to know this stuff?
    • I dont know... you complain about fake physics and then use an example of a "guy" from a HL2 video who is infact a ragdoll and not meant to act like a real body.

      • I believe one of the interviews I read also stated that as they experimented with the physics system players responded better to somewhat less realistic values for the variables built into the system. In other words, the more exaggerated physics model was probably intentional, as players saw it as more realistic than the realistic values (probably comes from most people getting their ideas of what happens to people and objects when they get shot from movies and cartoons rather than actually going out and sh
    • Perhaps this can be likened to the introduction to colored lighting in games, and the abuse that followed.

      Hopefully developers will be quicker to realize that less can be more, this time.
      • agreed. i think there are some places when it's not over abused. in some parts of the HL2 vids it's rediculous, like where the guy is shot off the top of the light pole in the Barricade vid. the physics overreact so much that arms and legs do flailing everywhere and the body bounces and really looks dumb. but then there's the part in the same vid where the guy is blows up by the grenade and flies toward the player and bounces off thhe car. This part almost looks like there IS that resistance that is ne
  • by Zed2K ( 313037 ) on Tuesday September 30, 2003 @11:04AM (#7094700)

    "The team won't be implementing any sort of penetration model"

    So that means I could be on the other side of a cardboard box with the bad guy on the other side behind the box. Both of us facing each other unloading clip after clip into the box to kill each other yet noone will get hit or die because the developers were lazy?

    I didn't like the first max payne and it looks like this one will just be more of the same. Bullet time was just a gimick, it got old very quickly. In the end its just a soldier of fortune type game. Ultra violent but no substance.
    • Both of us facing each other unloading clip after clip into the box to kill each other yet noone will get hit or die because the developers were lazy?

      Projectiles penetrating through items aren't difficult to implement in most game engines, and since the physics engine has defined parameters for objects (such as wood or metal objects), it wouldn't be hard at all to implement penetration based on the object type (ie it would penetrate a wooden box but not a metal box).

      In other words, it's unlikely that it
    • So that means I could be on the other side of a cardboard box...

      Assuming, of course, that there are any cardboard boxes in the game. =)

      Actually, I'm with you. I didn't really care for Max Payne and I don't understand the obsession with Bullet Time. It's weird how people clamor for realism in games, but somehow don't seem to mind when the player character can slow down time for everyone but himself.
    • No substance? I found the game to have a lot more substance than almost any game i've played in a long time. It was the first game to impliment bullet time, just that can qualify it as revolutionary. What I liked best about the game was story. The gameplay, graphics, sounds, and all that are just a vehicle for story telling in this game. This is a game that I really wanted to finish and I felt rewarded after I did, too. The game had a lot more substance than almost any other FPS I can think of. I thi
  • After following the links to the Havok website, I managed to get to a page featuring videos [] which show off what their physics engine can do.

    I'm just wondering if they actually know or care how big their .avi files are since they seem to make up random sizes.
    Video #1 - listed as 6.9MB, actually 9432KB (9.2MB)
    Video #2 - listed as 7.9MB, actually 7218KB (7.0MB)
    Video #3 - listed as 7.9MB, actually 6764KB (6.6MB)
    You'd think they could at least come a little closer to the truth.
  • The arms look disproportionately long to me. Has anyone else noticed this?

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