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50 Games Industry Figures To Watch? 37

Thanks to 1UP for their feature discussing important videogame developers to watch out for, as they list "...fifty people in the game industry - some you've likely heard of, many you've not - who we think will help define gaming the most in the next twelve months." As well as the John Carmacks and Warren Spectors of this world, notably overlooked figures on the list include Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 ("Eggebrecht's team is one of the few out there that actually try to tax the GameCube to its limits") and Yasumi Matsuno of Square Enix ("..the director of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics... [now] directing Final Fantasy XII.")
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50 Games Industry Figures To Watch?

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  • Article is a troll (Score:4, Informative)

    by moronga ( 323123 ) on Monday October 13, 2003 @11:01PM (#7205104)
    Miyamoto isn't even on the list.

    We're supposed to believe that the guy behind the dead-on-arrival N-Gage is more important than Miyamoto? Please.
  • Odd choices (Score:4, Informative)

    by edwdig ( 47888 ) on Monday October 13, 2003 @11:33PM (#7205356)
    If this was written a few years ago, I could see including the Stamper Brothers of Rare. Bur first off, Rare's quality has greatly gone down hill over the past few years. More importantly, they want to get out of the business soon. That's why they sold all their stock of the company to Microsoft a year ago.

    And how can you include all the big people at Nintendo except for Miyamoto?

    Speaking of designers... anyone know what happened to Lori and Cori Cole from Sierra? They made some great games, but the Yosemite division got shut down a few years ago.

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