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Mario Kart Double Dash - GameCube Savior Or Rehash? 110

Thanks to GamesDomain for its review of Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube, as the reviewer rates Nintendo's latest kart update very highly, but comments that "...more seasoned gamers may grumble a tad at the general lack of progress", a view occasionally echoed by the overwhelmingly glowing reception from other sites, reminiscent of the (cynically?) subdued positivity regarding Soul Calibur II's release. However, IGN Cube is more critical still, suggesting the game "doesn't progress far beyond the N64 version other than in the visual department... [and] introduces new imbalances to the item system", plus "has axed a few trusted control mechanics like the hop." As for the title's reception outside the U.S., EuroGamer rectifies IGN's downer angle, and C+VG reports significant sales in Japan, with a knock-on effect for GameCube hardware, and a similar effect in the UK for a Mario Kart-including hardware bundle.
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Mario Kart Double Dash - GameCube Savior Or Rehash?

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  • But.... (Score:2, Insightful)

    by xgamer04 ( 248962 )
    It's MARIO KART. It's GOING to be good
  • by mraymer ( 516227 ) <> on Wednesday November 19, 2003 @10:53PM (#7516956) Homepage Journal
    Sorry, but I read this and see this everywhere, and what I think is happening is one reviewer said it and none of the others have the balls to say it's not true.

    The Mario Kart Double Dash that I played for the first time yesterday was a huge leap in progress compared to the SNES and N64 games.

    First of all, the multiplayer co-op mode! Hello? Did you reviewers just not notice it? Or do you not know anyone else you can play it with? Lemme explain the co-op mode: One person steers, the other mans the weapons and does the power slides. And you can swap places! I'd file this one under "progress" people.

    The reviews sound like this is Mario64 in GC graphics. It's not. This is a new Mario Kart game that represents the most progress in the series to date.

    So slashdotters: Don't believe the reviews, they're mostly wrong. If you liked Mario Kart on SNES or N64, you'll love what they've done with it on the GC. It's that simple. If you don't like Mario Kart games, it's worth renting as the co-op mode might win you over.

    End rant. Heh.

    • Not to rain on your parade, I'm a big MK fan, but I don't see the co-op mode as a huge advance in Mario Kart. They didn't introduce any new behaviors, they just added another way to map existing behaviors onto two controllers. Innovative idea, I'll grant, but I don't see this earn MK the title of "huge progress" on its own.
      • by mraymer ( 516227 ) <> on Wednesday November 19, 2003 @11:21PM (#7517091) Homepage Journal
        They didn't introduce any new behaviors, they just added another way to map existing behaviors onto two controllers. Innovative idea, I'll grant, but I don't see this earn MK the title of "huge progress" on its own.

        Well, not exactly. The driver has to start the power slide, the gunner has to push the right direction to get it going. So they kind of split a behavior in half, which we might as well call a new behavior.

        And besides, the technical aspect of how it was done is not important: it's the end result. Does it feel like progress? Yes. To me, it felt like an advancement of astronomical proportions. That's what matters, and that's what reviewers should focus on. Perhaps everyone is thinking as left-brained as you are, denouncing the progress because it wasn't an astounding technical achivement but rather a gameplay enhancement. An enhancement that improved the gameplay dramatically. Hence, progress. ;)

        • Well, not exactly. The driver has to start the power slide, the gunner has to push the right direction to get it going. So they kind of split a behavior in half, which we might as well call a new behavior.

          Apparently, you've never seen Fire Truck [] (Atari, 1978)

          • Apparently, you've never seen Fire Truck (Atari, 1978)

            No, I never have. I will be 22 years old on the 26th of this month. That makes 1978 a bit before my time. ;)

            My parents gave me an Atari when I was 9 or 10, though, because they were cheap and probably got a deal on it. However, I never played Fire Truck. But, Pole Position rocked!

            • I was born in 1977, so you couldn't say it's in my time, either. However I lived in Santa Cruz, which has the boardwalk, which in turn has has and has long had a fairly sizable arcade. Actually, it has several, the smallest of which would be a respectable standalone establishment, but they've had a big arcade for a long time, underneath the Coconut Grove ballroom. The boardwalk has long been home to a great number of the old classic video games, and that one persisted for a long time, despite the fact that

      • It does have some new behavior. Nothing's more fun than being the back player and being Bowser or DK and power sliding into other players on purpose, smacking them off the road. Plus having a person on the back makes those green turtle shells way more lethal. Just the cooperation and general yelling at each other when you get a bunch of people going in co-op mode makes it a ton of fun.


    • I don't think anyone is saying that the game hasn't progressed at all. They're just saying not enough. And I agree. The game is great, I love it, but there's no good reason this took 7 years to arrive. I don't see anything other than the graphics that couldn't be accomplished on the n64 or possibly even the SNES. This is not a problem unique to nintendo, most games this generation don't seem to be taking full advantage of the hardware.. but it's still disappointing in a way and is a valid criticism wor
      • I don't see anything other than the graphics that couldn't be accomplished on the n64 or possibly even the SNES.

        Umm, couldn't you say that about the vast majority of video games in general? People upgrade for graphics, not gameplay. The GB and GBA have great games on very wimpy hardware.

        Perhaps I'm wrong... can you point out a game that needs modern hardware for something other than its graphics?

        • Modern hardware has a few other advantages:

          More memory= larger levels without loading.

          DVD media= more, more, more. More voice acting/more levels/better cut-scenes, etc.

        • Unfortunately there's not very many, as I said it's not just Nintendo that's doing it. But, the reason Nintendo gets flak is because they take so long to do it. If you release a game, then release the sequel 2 years or less later, very few people will complain that the majority of the gameplay is the same. But when you get up to 5, 6, 7 years later.. people are going to think, "what the hell took so long, for this?"
    • by zonker ( 1158 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @05:43AM (#7518345) Homepage Journal
      some folks won't be happy until nintendo is out of the hardware business and makes mario games on the xbox where the princess wears skimpy outfits and has accurately modeled bouncing boobs and all of the folks in the mushroom kingdom carry bfg's and can perform bullet time.

      btw, egm says on their frontpage [] "Could this be the most fun game of this year? Probably."

      here's, their complete review [] (10, 10, 9.5).
    • The main racing mode is far better than MK64. They've tightened up the power slides nicely, I'd still rather have the simpler set-up from the SNES game tho'. I hate not having a hop, and they've also removed the secret way to recover from banana skins, by stabbing the brake button just after you hit them.

      You still have the problem with the computer racers cheating;

      Each tournament, it seems one pair of racers is deified and can stay right behind you all race, every race. Theres also the auto-handicapping
  • by Psykechan ( 255694 ) on Wednesday November 19, 2003 @10:58PM (#7516984)
    I thought that Mario Kart 64 was alright. A cute little racing game staring Nintendo mascot characters that was fun for a bit. After a few times playing it, you could see a couple flaws.

    1. Multiplayer is where it's at. If you don't have 2 or 3 friends that will squint at their own corner of the screen, don't bother. Single player suffers from cheating computer opponents that are always a few mishaps away. It doesn't matter if your driving is average or perfect, once they are behind you, they will pass you the moment you make a mistake. Not fun at all.

    2. Items are overpowering. Once you find out which items do what, you'll always go for the god-like lightning bolt. The items that require some skill to use are shoved to the side.

    Mario Kart: Double Dash is supposed to support LAN play. that would be nice for people that already have Gamecubes and BBAs so it's a step in the right direction. I'll give it a chance before condemning it. Sure it's more of the same, but there are so many knock-offs that want to be.
    • 2. Items are overpowering. Once you find out which items do what, you'll always go for the god-like lightning bolt. The items that require some skill to use are shoved to the side

      You do realize the items are random, right? I think you've played it about once and decided it sucked.
  • Mario Kart for the GCN is not amazing. But Mario Party 5 is. And Mario + Luigi Superstar Saga is absolutely fantastic, get that instead. Buy Mario Kart when the price gets cut to $20
  • It's a good game (Score:5, Interesting)

    by edwdig ( 47888 ) on Wednesday November 19, 2003 @11:12PM (#7517054)
    I got Mario Kart yesterday. I'm very happy with it. I've never played the original Mario Kart, but I do own Mario Kart 64.

    In MK64, I've never been able to consistently manage to avoid slipping on a bananna peel. It was frustrating when I played against someone who could, as it made the peels useless. So I'm glad they took that out.

    Item management is much more interesting now. You can now lose items by getting hit. If you hit people the right way, you can steal their items. Dropped items fall onto the course, and become live. Really sucks to get a turtle shell knocked out of your hand, then have it land right in front of you and hit you as soon as you start moving again.

    The two characters adds to the handling of the cart as well. Weight distribution affects turning.

    I greatly disagree with IGN's comments that the courses are uninspired. Although they seem to draw a lot from MK64's ideas, I find the new courses more interesting. I especially liked the cruise ship course; I thought it was an interesting new course.

    Although I liked Mario Kart 64, I never got into it as much as a game like say Smash Bros. I'm really liking Double Dash so far, I definately think it's a much better game than the previous one.

    Quite honestly, I don't see how people can trash Double Dash but give Wind Waker high scores. Wind Waker was a step backwards compared to the previous game (lots of flaws in the game compared to past Zeldas...), but Double Dash doesn't seem to have any steps backward, unless you're mad that they've taken away the ability for experts to totally destroy newbies.
    • Quite honestly, I don't see how people can trash Double Dash but give Wind Waker high scores. Wind Waker was a step backwards compared to the previous game (lots of flaws in the game compared to past Zeldas...), but Double Dash doesn't seem to have any steps backward, unless you're mad that they've taken away the ability for experts to totally destroy newbies.

      I agree with this statement. Wind Waker was (is) a disappointment, and I play OoT much more often. Also, I never really liked MK64, but thouroughl

    • So, what charecter/combo are the best?
      My favs:
      • Wario / Waluigi : Cadillac
      • Toad / Koopa : Bullet Train
      • Wario / Koopa : Bowmobile
      • Daisy / Koopa : Waluigi Racer
      • Koopa / Koopa : Bullet Train

      In General, I really like the BulletTrain becasue it is heavy enought to not get knocked around, I like the Koopa's because of their shells, Toad for the shrooms, and Waluigi since he looks frickin' hee-lariuos. I also like the Bowmobile for the weight and speed, and the cadillac for better acceleration.
      On the Sta

  • Multiplayer progress (Score:2, Interesting)

    by TMLink ( 177732 )
    WARNING: I havn't played single player yet. So I'm not going to comment on that.

    Now, having said that, multiplayer is great. The new battle modes are fun...having the 2 characters per kart is a nice addition. Everyone sitting around playing this game is a total blast.

    This game is all about the multiplayer. Heck, while the single player mode was fun in MK64, multiplayer was the reason it stayed in my N64. And the same will be for DD.

    I wasn't going to purchase this game at all a couple of months ago.
  • As a fan... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Hedonist123 ( 681091 ) on Wednesday November 19, 2003 @11:40PM (#7517167) Homepage
    As someone who's played the past two Mario Karts excessively, I of course bought this game immediately. I think it's a bit of a mixed bag, but certainly a fun new challenge and doesn't really warrant the somewhat poor reviews that it has received.

    First of all, the levels are a little repetitive of the 64 version yes, but that doesn't mean that they aren't fun. The Cruise Ship level is a blast, as is the DK race. Wario's track is amazing too, so much chaos all at once.

    The single player mode still suffers a little bit from cheating AI. They'll really nail you when you get out in front, especially 150 cc. I still haven't gotten the gold in all of them yet, after several hours of play (read, stayed up all damn night). But who cares, it's all about the multiplayer anyway.

    Multiplayer quite simply rocks. The challenge of the races with friends on your tail is an absolute blast. So are the baloon and bomb modes, though the Shine mode of play leaves something to be desired.

    Coop mode on multiplayer is definitely revolutionary in the Mario Kart world. Having eight guys play on two cubes is a blast and a half. The cooperation with your partner keeps the game fun practically forever. I love the fact that you can play on 8 cubes with 8 people, though I have yet to experience it, I'm sure we will.

    All in all, a great buy, well worth the money. As a college student, nothing better on the weekends than getting hammed and playing great party games like this one.


  • Seven Years? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Babbster ( 107076 ) <aaronbabb@gmaiSL ... com minus distro> on Thursday November 20, 2003 @12:06AM (#7517318) Homepage
    This long between games and they couldn't put online play into a first-party, guaranteed popular game that features robust multiplayer? Big-time missed opportunity on Nintendo's part. This game - along with other popular multiplayer Nintendo games like Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. - is the kind that could make Nintendo an online force.

    PS - Please don't bring up third-party Internet hacks/workarounds. Nice as such solutions might be, they don't measure up to building the capability into the game from the ground up.

  • Clarification (Score:3, Insightful)

    by MMaestro ( 585010 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @12:17AM (#7517368)
    '"has axed a few trusted control mechanics like the hop."'

    Lemme get this straight.. out of ALL the things in the game that could be complained about, IGN goes and complains about the removal of the HOP?! Wtf? What are they going to give Half-Life 2 a bad rating if the crowbar is not in the game? Will they shun the Metal Gear series if they don't use boxes anymore? Jeez, talk about nitpicking.

  • Deja vu... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Pendersempai ( 625351 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @12:21AM (#7517398)
    Back when Mario Kart 64 came out, reviewers had the same complaints: graphics not stellar, gameplay uninspired, overall blah.

    Yet all these years later I still play and love MK64. I fully expect history to repeat.

  • I like it... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Saige ( 53303 )
    I picked it up yesterday, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. My last Mario Kart experience was Super Mario Kart, back in my college dorm room. It was a popular place for people to hang out at, and the game got a lot of use.

    Compared to SMK, there is a lot of advancement here. Sure, I really miss the ghost tracks and the feather, but the feel is most definitely still there. As I never touched the N64 version (never touched an N64 period), I can't compare it. But does it have to be a huge revolution
  • DRIFTING the hop (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Nexxpert ( 645881 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @02:06AM (#7517803)
    Man, I don't understand what IGN is crying about, the BEST part about the hop is still in the game in the form of RESPONSIVE drifting controls. The hop didn't do anything for anyone, I'm GLAD it's gone! Now I can drift in peace without the small delay the hop left in it's wake! Drifting in this game rocks, makes me feel like i'm playing Initial D :D It's a blast so far, hell i'm turned away from it right now as I type this, just completed the cruise ship course on 100cc woot!
  • Why should I care? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mcc ( 14761 ) <> on Thursday November 20, 2003 @02:16AM (#7517845) Homepage
    I can't speak for anyone else, but I never owned a Nintendo 64. I know I can't be the only one.

    Why, exactly, would "it's too much like Mario Kart 64" be a problem to me?

    I basically view the Gamecube and its games as the N64 if the N64 had been done right, anyway.

    I do think it's too bad you cannot jump, though, furiously hopping around was my favorite part of Super Mario Kart.
  • An experts review. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by August_zero ( 654282 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @02:25AM (#7517873)
    Well as a certified mario Kart god, having logged millions of hours and having missed millions of classes during my undergrad due to both Mariokart and Marioklart64, I can say its good, the races themselves are a bit more exciting than 64's tracks but there isn't all that much new here. And it is definately harder than MK64 was though not as tough as some of the 150cc tracks in the original.

    The two characters per cart is good idea though, and while the intial selection of carts is a little thin, there are a lot of aditional carts to unlock and even 4 hidden characters. The hop? no real loss there. With it's omission the steering becomes a bit more responsive since you can enter a power slide that much quicker. Not being able to hold an item behind the cart elminates some of my old cheese tricks (like lag back, get an invulnerable spinny shell and then hold it behind you for a indestructable rear shield and a melee attack) 2 of the default battle arenas are a bit lame, but the Luigi's Mansion arena is sweet. So all in all i think things balance out pretty good.

    If you liked the other MK's you are going to like this one about as much so just go buy it already.
  • In MK64 it was rather obvious the computer was not playing the same game you were. You'd pass the computer with a starman or a super mushroom but despite the speed boost from those, the computer would still be right on your tail. Even if you got waaaaay ahead using a jump shortcut like on rainbow road, the computer would catch up! Is it too early to tell if this game still has this?
    • From the few hours I've put into the game so far, the computer seems to cheat more. It doesn't have to catch up to you if it never lets you get ahead.

      It's easy enough to win cups at 50cc. It's not too difficult to win at 100cc, but winning all 4 tracks isn't a given. At least not yet. 150cc is another story. The computer seems to pick one of the carts (usually one of the big ones) to come in ahead of the other computer carts for every race in a cup. If you place 3rd in a race, you'll probably have t

  • Oh brother. (Score:5, Informative)

    by NanoGator ( 522640 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @04:40AM (#7518195) Homepage Journal
    You know, I can see somebody spending 5 minutes with the game and complaining that it's not much different from Mario Kart 64. Play it a little longer than that, and a bunch of things come to light:

    - The GCN version uses 3D models instead of the pre-rendered sprites like the 64-bit version did. The difference? Now you can choose your vehicle. Different character combinations result in different behaviour from the karts. Result? You can have your own individual style while you drive. Play a few races against a friend, and the difference slowly seeps in.

    - The GCN version is much higher res, plus much smoother frame rate. That alone makes the multiplayer so much easier to play.

    - The GCN version has the broadband adapter support. Presumably this means you can have two GCs in different rooms playing against each other. I'd *love* to play the battle modes without being able to see the otehr person's screen.

    - The 2 driver addition adds some interesting subtleties to the game. For example, if you get bumped hard, the occupant gets dragged across the ground for a while before he hops back on. You notice this when you find yourself unable to swap drivers for a bit. Managing two items (one per occupant) really deepens the strategy to the game. My gf was a littler perterbed at me last night because I held on to a fire flower until the end of the race. I blasted her just long enough to cross the finish line first. To put it another way, strategy in this version of the game has a broader meaning than it did in the 64 version,

    - The maps are far more imaginitive. As mentioned before by another poster here, the DK level is a blast. (no pun intended.) Much more challenging, and entertaining to boot. It's hard to describe with words, but I can tell you that the map upgrades have been quite noticable.

    - There are two more battle modes to this game than in the 64 version, and they are far more entertaining. Not only do they require more skill than luck, but at times they are quite suspenseful. When you play the star battle mode (the name escapes me) when you score, it takes a point from the other person. The goal is to reach 3 points. My gf and I had a lot of fun with that one last night.

    This is just the stuff off the top of my tired mind. There's more to it, though lots of it is subtle. Take any of these features on their own, and it doesn't sound so exciting. Take the way everything wraps up together in one big package, and you'll find the game to be much more entertaining than the 64 version. It really is a cool game. Revolutionary? Eh, maybe not. But it's been years since a Mario Kart game was made, and the work put into this one shows.

    Sometimes I wonder if reviewers are just jaded. I mean, if it was just a re-release of MK64 with high res 60fps graphics, I'd understand. There's a lot more here. The only real complaint I guess they could have is that, on a fundamental level, it's still the same formula.
  • Me and my roommate were playing it quite voraciously through the evening trying for the unlocks. I don't have much experience with previous Mario Karts, but the gameplay was very smooth and never felt like it was really tricking me.

    In fact, it was all relatively easy. We got through 150cc All Cups(all 16 courses in semi-random order) and got to Mirror Mode(reversed courses, reversed controls) before deciding to quit for the evening. Cooperative mode is great - we won quite a bit more frequently when he dro
  • MK:DD is a rehash that deserves to be the GC savior. There are enough new features for it to deserve to be a new game (aside from the fact that it's running on better hardware), but no enough to call it a huge leap forward; but that doesn't matter, because playing it is a blast, especially in multiplayer. That's what people are going to realise when they try it, and that's when they'll stop caring about the mediocre reviews.

    Flaws: well, some of the tracks are weak - I love the first three Mushroom Cup trac
  • by StocDred ( 691816 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @10:00AM (#7519166) Homepage Journal
    Nintendo games are always held to impossibly high standards. If the slightest little detail is missed, the troll legion comes out to bash the game.

    I hope you naysayers will be just critical when Crash Nitro Kart comes out and doesn't present a massive leap forward in kart game technology. OMG teh tracks are uninspired! Coco has the same voice sample! why more crates again!

    • Ah but they won't be as critical because Crash started out as a Mario "wannabe" on the Playstation and since there's a lot of young kid "Playstation gamers" who know nothing else that came before Playstation, they will INSTANTLY give Crash Nitro Kart rave reviews.. *rolls eyes*.
    • The problem is that Mario Kart has a massive legacy to live up to. I remember the first time I played the original, it was utterly unique and to this day the best game I have ever played. We were still playing it right up to last year, when the GBA version (four player!) final eclipsed it.

      Personally I found the N64 version to be a huge let down. The graphic were mediocre, and lacked the simplistic charm of the SNES/GBA versions. The battle arenas weren't a patch on the original (block fort aside) and the

  • losing the hop... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by nicky_d ( 92174 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @10:45AM (#7519531) Homepage
    Another reason for losing the hop might be to cut down on some of the ridiculous shortcuts that MK64 allowed through hop abuse. Now you need specifically placed scenery to launch you into the air, there's less chance of players locating glitchy shortcuts (though I'm sure some still exist). I notice on Rainbow Road that the game was quick to reset me after I fell off, even though I was heading toward a later section of the track, which was interesting. The big jump on MK64 Rainbow Road was great - 3,2,1, go, and everyone's immediately jostling to get over the barrier...
  • I bought the last copy at Best Buy last night, and let me tell you, this game is a blast. I can't wait to link up with my friends and goto war on different screens.
    As for innovation, I think 8 consoles on 8 TV where 8 different people can play is pretty new*.

    *XBox live and all those internet games not included.
    • Did you just say that something is pretty new, then exclude all the things that have done it in the past? OMFG, only a Nintendo fanboy.

      "I think the Honda Accord is an innovative car and pretty new*."

      *The Honda Accord and all those other cars not included.
      • My Bad. That's why I put my little disclaimer. I had a feeling XBox could do something like that, but I wasn't 100% sure.
        Sure I could have double-checked, but that would ruin the /. ambience. But you are correct on both counts: I was wrong and i am a Nintendo fanboy! ~_^
  • When you're playing a game like Mario cart, you should be drinking beer and having fun with your friends, not over analysing what should have been added but wasn't. I got the game on tuesday and feel that it is exactly what was needed, new levels and a little bit of variety in the characters and carts.
  • MKDD is Great! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by clu76 ( 620823 ) on Thursday November 20, 2003 @01:41PM (#7521221) Homepage
    My first impression of the game was, oh great, they dropped the ball. After another 10 hours into the game, I think it's right on par with MK64. I belong to the camp that MK64 was better than the original.

    There is a lot of talk that MKDD didn't push the game as far as it could have gone. That there were no significant updates to the game. And that it is nothing more than a rehash. My comment to that is, what did you expect? It's Mario Kart. It follows the Mario Kart formula. If it didn't, it wouldn't be Mario Kart. I even read one review that claimed it captured they magic of the previous MK titles, but then bashed it for being the same as the previous MK titles.

    My friends and I played MK64 for 3 years in college. And even to this day, when I see those friends, we pull out the MK64. I've never played a game that had such a lasting value. I personally applaud Nintendo for making the changes they made while still sticking to the formula.

    So if you are going to complain about it not being a big leap over the MK titles of the past, the least you could do is suggest what you would have liked put into the game. Complaining that it's just the same game is redundant at this point.
  • Rehash.

    But that is what Nintendo is delivering these days, so lets not condemn them too harshly for doing it again. Lets look at things objectively here. The two most noteworthy (not best, but of note, ie good, innovative, etc) games on the 'Cube, by popular consensus, are Metroid and Eternal Darkness. NEITHER OF THESE GAMES WERE DEVELOPED IN-HOUSE BY NINTENDO. These were published by Nintendo, but developed by someone else, hell on a totally different continent. Frighteningly, one of them bares a bel
    • You're looney tunes, my man.

      You're pulling some kind of weird theory out your ass, but you are not actually saying anything. Facts? What facts?

      It seems like you're throwing a fit, cuz nintendo games aren't marketed directly to you. (They market toward a child-friendly GENERAL audience)

      If you don't like MK:DD, then say so, but lets keep this about the GAMES and not some lame consipracy theory.
      • All the things in that post were true. You didn't try to disprove them I notice, only attack the messenger. Mayber you will be a big boy one day and attack the content, but until then, please just read posts and not respond.

        Now do you have any facts to add or just more personal attacks? Didn't think so...

        Also, whoever modded that content-free post as insightful should have their mod privledges revoked. He said nothing relevent to the topic, he only made personal attacks. I'm really starting to ge
        • You might add to the quality of discussion (and boost perception of your sincerity) by responding to posts like xQuarkDS9x's instead of responding in kind to people who call you names.
        • case you didn't notice I WAS trying to get the conversation back on topic.

          We're talking about MK:DD, NOT your whiney-ass critiques on nintendo's image.

          BTW - if you think nintendo had nothing to do with Metroid or ED's development, you're on crack.

          • Where did I critique the image? You did, not I.

            As for your second point, no they didn't. If they did, you would not know of the names Retro Studios or Silicon Knights.

            you're on crack.
            Again, attacking the individual. The classic resort of someone who has no evidence to refute a point.
            • Where did I critique the image?

              You said that Nintendo doesn't care about its games anymore. That's attacking Nintendo's image of making it a high priority to create good games.

              As for your second point, no they didn't. If they did, you would not know of the names Retro Studios or Silicon Knights.

              ...and you obviously don't know what a '2nd party' developer is, which Retro and SK are for nintendo. Nintendo owns a good chunk of those companies, just like they owned a good chunk of Rare before they made mint

    • The two most noteworthy (not best, but of note, ie good, innovative, etc) games on the 'Cube, by popular consensus, are Metroid and Eternal Darkness.

      Eternal Darkness IMHO wasn't all that popular of a game. Metroid Prime on the other hand was a lot more popular even though for some users such as myself it did have the occasional freezing problem.

      NEITHER OF THESE GAMES WERE DEVELOPED IN-HOUSE BY NINTENDO. These were published by Nintendo, but developed by someone else, hell on a totally different contine

      • ... and as for the Pokemon trading cards I don't even know if Nintendo handles that, it may likely be a card company like Wizards or somesuch that produces and sells the cards on behalf of Nintendo.

        Wizards of the coast used to distribute the pokemon stuff, then nintendo setup The Pokemon Company to handle everything pokemon and Wizards threw a hissy and sued them, claiming "patent rights to the concept of a collectible card game" - jeez..

        It's here somewhere: tm

      • I don't have time to respond to your personal opinions on the facts I presented, but I will debunk PlanteGamecube's hardware numbers. This is going to hurt, so don't read on if you can't take a hit.

        In October, the first full month after the price drop, according to that website, the Gamecube only outsold the XBOX by 80,000 units. I will work on the assumption that they will beat XBOX by the same amount in November and December as well to err in Nintendo's favor here. (This is not likely to be the case
        • and with the release of MK:DD Nintendo has now released ALL of its killer apps for this generation.

          Oh yeah? How about Mario Tennis, Pokemon Colloseum... plus the rumored sequels to Wind Waker and Metroid Prime? Any of those qualify? Any upcoming games that nobody but Nintendo knows about qualify?

          Nice to know that you're so well placed in Nintendo's future release schedule that you can authoritatively tell us that Nintendo is done with releasing "killer apps."

          Have you ever considered that you, Mike Haw

  • Remember folks - you can't spell ignorant without IGN in the same sentence. :) I stopped reading IGN and all the other gaming mags a long time ago because there is always some hard assed reviewer who is overly critical of every damn thing and will pick on anything no matter how small.

    I say let a person judge for themselves with a rental or trying out said game at a friends place before buying it yourself instead of relying on reviewer's.
  • I've seen some people here mention about jumping and or hopping with previous Mario Kart games. Well, today Codejunkies released some Action Replay codes for MK:DD and what do we see?

    Press Z to Jump

    The other MK:DD Codes here []

    I would imagine this code would come in handy especially if you absolutely have the need to hop and jump SNES style. ;)

  • It sounds like the real problem here is a problem of pleasing the customer. In the case of video games, movies, music, and other entertainment there always seems to be at least two (although sometimes 3) completely different customers:

    1) The masses - These are the people like you and me who just want to be entertained. The entertainment doesn't even necessarily have to be revolutionary or star-studded to do an excellent job. It just has to entertain.

    2) The critics - Game reviewers, movie reviewers, magazi
    • 1) The masses - These are the people like you and me who just want to be entertained. The entertainment doesn't even necessarily have to be revolutionary or star-studded to do an excellent job. It just has to entertain.

      I most definetly fall into this category as I ever rarely bother to read reviews at any rate. Which is why I have a medium sized library of over 14 titles for my Gamecube including the recent F-Zero GX which never stops entertaining. :)

      2) The critics - Game reviewers, movie reviewers,

  • The wife, my best friend and I ended up staying awake until 1:30 AM, even though we all had to be awake to work at 6:00 AM. Been a long time since I did that over a game.
  • There are lots of games to review. But when a reviewer is examining a Nintendo offering, then it is not a good idea to cut corners IMO.

    I have played lots of racing games, Diddy Kong Racing was an underrated classic - far better than MarioKart64 to an Englishman, anyway. I think this is because of RareWare's trademark awesome music, rigourous 3D-models and "natural driving control", all of which I am only now beginning to appreciate must be ball breakingly hard to pull off.

    If Rare was not owned by the Bo
    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that Diddy Kong Racing was underappreciated. Even my wife loved to play Diddy Kong. I think the tracks were more diverse and imaginative without being too complex. And the controls just worked better for me.
      For a while Nintendo listed "Donkey Kong Racing" on their list of upcoming titles, but that disappeared after Rare got assimilated. Quite the bummer, since it appeared to be the sequel to Diddy Kong Racing, in spirit if not in official designation.
      I'd love to see N
      • ...If you haven't played this new game yet : I think one of the best things about the game is having two to a racing car and tackling the game in 'cooperative' mode. Sure you will enjoy. I was gutted when Rare was taken over. Felt physically sick I am sad to report to you ;-)
  • I'm always impressed at how Nintendo has a sense of history and whimsy with their music. For example, if you let the game sit on the intro, the music slowly adapts until you hear a little reprise of the original SMK theme from the SNES intro screen.

    Then there's the whistling transition music if you place 4th or worst after a race. I can decide if it's a catchy tune or the most goddam annoying thing ever. It certainly motivates me to place 1-3.

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