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Approaches To Teamwork In Online Games Surveyed 31

Thanks to GamersWithJobs for their piece discussing a new study about teamwork in online games. The study homepage has a PDF download of the student-authored paper, which is based on a survey interviewing "a total of 4,712 people" about their team-based gaming experiences online. In terms of improving and evolving teamwork, a variety of options are discussed: "A central commander role like in [Half-Life mod] Natural Selection supports the team aspect... and received positive feedback. However, an unskilled commander might destroy the team experience, as indicated by the votes for S2's Savage."
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Approaches To Teamwork In Online Games Surveyed

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  • Tribes 2 ? (Score:2, Informative)

    by Grand ( 152636 ) on Monday December 08, 2003 @08:21PM (#7664265)
    "A game like Tribes 2 'scored' in both 'worst support for teamwork' and consequently 'worst teamwork experience'."

    Shouldnt this be Tribes *1*. In Tribes 2, classes and roles actually mean something. Tribes 1 on the other hand.....

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