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Science & Industry 0.97b Half-Life Mod Release 110

An anonymous reader writes "Science & Industry, a teamplay mod for Half-Life, has been updated. S&I is one of the oldest Half-Life mods: it was there at the first Valve mod expo back in 1999, but it hadn't been updated since 2001! A new version is finally being released today. Science and Industry is a mod in which players assume the role of Security Officers in one of two rival corporations striving for domination in the cutthroat world of chemical and weapons research and development. Learn more about the mod on its website. This new version works for both WON and Steam versions of Half-Life. For a full list of changes, either check the Science & Industry website, or this detailed forum thread."
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Science & Industry 0.97b Half-Life Mod Release

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  • Uh... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Kynde ( 324134 ) <kynde AT iki DOT fi> on Thursday December 25, 2003 @09:36PM (#7810342)
    This is my first time complaining about a post relevancy, but ...

    A half life mod release a front page news? Please.
    • Re:Uh... (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Maybe the slashdot guys DO have lives on Christmas...

    • Play the mod (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      It's better, more fun, and more complete than Counter-Strike.

      Counter-Strike, btw, was a Half-Life mod and is currently the most popular FPS by far being played. There are twice the number of players of any other FPS despite its age.

      Totally relevant, and front page material.
      • Good, put on the front page...

        ... of Gamespy or IGN or something like that. If I wanted to read about games I'd go to one of those sites. Besides, I don't think Gamespy or IGN would report on, for example, quantum computing.

        • Re:Play the mod (Score:5, Informative)

          by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 25, 2003 @11:03PM (#7810590)
          If you don't want to read about games, uncheck the games category in your preferences. That way you won't see any gaming articles!
          • Where are my mod points when I need em? =)
          • I want to know about games, but I don't care when a mod for half-life goes from .96 to .97 I do care when doom3 finally gets released, or if the half-life 2 source code is stolen etc. Unchecking games doesn't help me, I totally agree with the orignal post, I don't see why this is "front page" news.
    • i have to agree with you here, what bs
  • Also.... (Score:3, Informative)

    by xintegerx ( 557455 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @09:44PM (#7810366) Homepage
    ANother HL mod, SvenOps 3.0, was released today. It is a multiplayer teamplay mod.

    Finally, Natural Selection HL mod 3.0 is also due today or this week.

    That's three HL mods for the holidays!
    • Don't forget Battlefield mods! Homefront was released today, and the new Desert Combat was released not too long ago as well. Also, another patch with significant content upgrades to the BF core game is set to come out soon.
  • Oh My God. (Score:5, Informative)

    by OrthodonticJake ( 624565 ) <[[OrthodonticJak ... . ] [ [ c o m ]]> on Thursday December 25, 2003 @09:44PM (#7810370) Homepage Journal
    This is pretty cool, considering that I was a die-hard fan of the mod. I don't know what was so charming about it... it might have been the sound that played when you hit a scientist. It might even have been the community; nobody every played it and so all the Blueyonder servers had the same people on all the time. If you've never played it, download it now. I wonder/hope they will be porting this to Half-Life 2 when it comes out!
  • by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @09:46PM (#7810375) Homepage Journal
    I perfer SI over Sven co-op, but lately I'be been playing some Natural Selection halflife mod. NS really is a blast if you have some good teammates and a commander who builds correctly and in order.

    I think thats what makes SI and NS so much fun, the build aspect. Not just a FPS, but you have to work and build better weapons. You dont get the "AWP" frenzy like CS, as some servers even ban the AWP for that reason.

    For a few years, people said "wouldn't it be cool if people could play C&C in FPS mode?". Then C&C Renegade came out, but it didn't really have the build out like C&C/Red Alert.

    Also, is it HL Mod day, nice :)
    • by interiot ( 50685 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @10:17PM (#7810476) Homepage
      Natural Selection owns.

      But yes, it's less of a one-player-dominates-all game... On the alien side (where resources are evenly distributed across all players and each must decide which structures they think would best help either them personally or the team as a whole), since resources are spread evenly, and resources are key to getting good upgrades and thereby winning the game, it's not enough that one player spend his resources wisely... the team only wins if the team's average skill is higher than the other team's. (this seems to be true for the marines as well, but it's not obvious to me why, as only one player on the marine team makes decisions regarding resources)

      On the other hand, this shifts the the game quite a bit. Instead of becoming the best individual player you can, the key to ensuring victory is to remember which players on a particular server are better, and to join the team at the begining that contains the higher average skill.

      • Natural Selection is done by a seriously cool group of people. Flayra (the head developer / producer) has some great philosophies on how the good of the group is the good of the individual, and some roles on the alien side are to protect the other players. It's all very wholesome in an incredibly fast paced violent way.

        Link: Natural Selection []

      • the only real problem for marines, which seems to unbalance the game, is they require a good leader and player for the commander. This is why aliens usally win on pubs, because the comm's, just suck.

        If you play on a clan server, marines win a TON more.
    • First of all Sven Co-op is a co-operative mod, not a deathmatch mod. Comparing Co-op with deathmatch is not very fair.

      Secondly, there is actually a c&c map for Sven Co-op called cnc_defense which can be found here: /New%20 Maps/
    • Empires mod for Battlefield 1942 is gonna be the closest to C&C in FPS mode yet.
    • The AWP was banned on the same servers that would not allow Terrorists to "camp" (read Guard) with hostages.

      I always considered those servers/admins/clans as not actually embracing the whole game, but had merely grasped the gist of it but never played properly. Basically, turning a strategic team combat into a team deathmatch game.

      Who else loved fy_iceworld? That was my favorite map for a kill-fest.
  • by ONU CS Geek ( 323473 ) * <> on Thursday December 25, 2003 @10:00PM (#7810424) Homepage
    Christ, we're hosted off PHL. We're not gonna be bloody slashdotted.

    Sure, like we've never heard *that* before.
  • Game trailer (Score:3, Informative)

    by LagDemon ( 521810 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @10:06PM (#7810443) Homepage
    Get the trailer here []
  • sorry about lame question... I never played half-life (I'm still playing quake2 ;)

    does half-life work under linux? If so, then where can I download some demo/shareware half-life version for linux?
    • Re:linux? (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      no native linux client, older versions (before steam) worked without a problem with wine, and it seems that even with steam it can be done, see ti cle.php?articleid=17

      for info about howto setup wine with steam
    • I think it will run using WineX. Actually, I am sure of it, I did it 8 months ago. It didnt run very well.

      I do not believe there is a linux native version.

      As for demo/shareware, there are some very crippled, old demos, but they probably will NOT work with linux (at least not well), and are probably not capable of playing any mods.

      So, the answer to your questions, in order are: "Yes, but not native" and "You dont want any demo version on linux".

      Hope this helps, Brushfireb
    • Re:linux? (Score:3, Informative)

      by 77Punker ( 673758 )
      You can run the original with WINE (not wineX) just fine, but the anti-cheat will say you're cheating. I don't know if Steam (the new frontend thingy) will work or not. Just play single player or join servers that aren't running anti-cheat and you're set. Linux Games [] has a hosted site or something on the toolbar to the left that has detailed intructions that are updated fairly regularly for playing Half-Life with WINE.
      • I have run it just fine in wine and winex. Each of them has a separate set of minor bugs, but it functions well with both. You must have opengl compiled in and have your graphics card set up right in linux first or you will be running in a horrible software mode with a lowish framerate.
      • I think the site you are referencing to is this one [].
  • I think that since mods for this game are still being updated/released, it's a good way of telling Valve that the gaming community likes what they've done.

    In a similar way that /. uses the Quake rocket launcher for it's game post icon.

    Keep showing them what we like, and maybe one day they'll really listen and not bring out as bad a game as Dikitana.
    • I think its sad that they made such a great game. If all of these mods were based on a game that is owned by someone who believes in openness and freedom (like John Carmack of IDSoft) we'd be better off. We wouldn't have to worry about FUD being spread by calling anticheat enabled servers 'secure' vs 'insecure', we wouldn't have to worry about getting false banned for 5 years due to a software bug. we'd be able to play in the operating system of our choice, and benefit from community enhanced engines.

  • Hmmmm.... (Score:3, Informative)

    by CashCarSTAR ( 548853 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @10:19PM (#7810486)
    Two new (and apparently a third) new HL mod releases.


    DoD 1.1 should be coming soon. Now if only there was a WON version of CS I could play so I don't have to go through crappy Steam....
    • DoD 1.1 beta is already out for Steam. The only way to play DoD 1.0 is through WON.

      You can still play CS 1.5 through WON. 1.6 is what is on Steam.

      For those that don't know, Steam is a new content distribution system developed by Valve. You will have the option of purchasing, then downloading Valve games through Steam. I am guessing the eventual goal is to bypass brick and mortar distribution and to get monthly subscription money flow (good luck guys).

      Another note, Steam has its own authoriziation

  • How's the WON version supposed to work? As I understand it VALVe has already shut down or will soon be shutting down the WON servers for good, therby ensuring everyone HAS to use the smelly pile of goo that is called STEAM.
    • WON still works from what I've heard. Steam works just fine for me and it only really had problems when everybody was switching and it got overloaded. They say they won't remove WON until Steam is working like it's supposed to work reliably.
  • That this article 'bout Half Life has an icon being the Rocket Launcher from Quake 3. (sigh).
  • BitTorrent Link (Score:4, Informative)

    by syr ( 647840 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @11:54PM (#7810748)
    GameTab has a torrent [] and seed for the Science and Industry mod. Enjoy!
  • by AIX-Hood ( 682681 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @11:55PM (#7810752)
    Since we're talking about games on a slow news day, there's also a Babylon 5 game which a lot of people are downloading. It seems to have been done by a Russian guy who is ending the project and is putting out what he's got. Link and info are here: get=ifhsetup.exe []
  • No offense, I think Half Life mods deserve attention, but S&I? Almost no one plays that mod. There are other mods much more deserving of attention that S&I. Take Natural Selection for example. That mod pushes the HL engine much further than any other mod I've played, and could really use some good press, as its numbers have been dwindling lately. If you do try out Natural Selection, just give it a few days. I found it was one of those rare games where it really isn't that fun at first, but after a f

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