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Building Your Own Skeeball Game? 36

Squarepusher wonders "When a friend of mine started talking about building his own skeeball game, I knew exactly where to go for the scoop on this undertaking. Many people seem to be making their own arcade game cabinets now-a-days, but hows about skeeball? Does anyone have plans, tips/tricks, or knowledge of the inner workings? In short: Where does one begin and what exactly is my buddy getting himself into?"
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Building Your Own Skeeball Game?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 31, 2003 @07:07PM (#7849354)
    The switching and scoring should be pretty straight forward.

    Being that all the effort is in the wood working, I'd probably shoot for something a little beyond just skeeball. What are the things he could add to make it super-skeeball? Stuff from minature golf as in moving obsticals? Spinning crap that lights up and makes noise ala pachinko? A more complicated surface at the end before the holes to launch balls in more clever and challenging angles. Built in prize dispenser when a person got a ball in the most difficult "beer hole" a chilled bottle of Sam Adams or your prefered beverage slide down where the tickets would normally pop out.

    I for one have never played skeeball and thought to myself, you know, this would NEVER get old.

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