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Multi Theft Auto Hits Vice City Again 23

Chris McArthur writes "The MTA Team proudly announces the release of an updated version of Multi Theft Auto: Vice City, this time adding extensive unofficial PC multiplayer functionality to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. MTA:VC 0.3 introduces the long-anticipated walking and running animations, a refined aiming system for improved accuracy, more extensive anti-cheat / trainer prevention, numerous bug fixes including the back wheel lock and weapon sync, as well as a few changes to the stunt mode."
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Multi Theft Auto Hits Vice City Again

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  • I really hope rock* (Score:4, Interesting)

    by cyrax777 ( 633996 ) on Thursday January 01, 2004 @07:49PM (#7855786) Homepage
    is listening and incorprates Multiplayer in GTA4. MultiTheft Auto is fun but being a aftermarket addon isnt the stablest of things.
    • by Spokehedz ( 599285 ) on Thursday January 01, 2004 @08:26PM (#7856016)
      It goes without saying that they (Rockstar Games) make lots of money on the franchise, due to the fact that there making more GTA games.

      Having said that, lets look at the logical side of things:

      1. Multiplayer is very hard to code correctly on consoles. You have to get it right the first time, or else it'll be a Really Bad Thing(TM), and you can't issue patches later to fix the games like you can on the PC--and your users will rip you a new one because of it.

      2. Multiplayer is also very hard to debug, because what works for a low-latency connection does not work for a high-latency connection. This means more betatesters, as well as more time spent betatesting. This compounds with the fact that if you change the single-player game code, the code you did for the Multiplayer might not work now, and vice versa... which means more and more betatesting.

      So, logically, if there already making money hand over fist with these games... then why complicate matters any more than they have to be? Its hard enough putting out a game that's changed the way society thinks about stealing cars and the simulations of them, why would they worry about a feature that maybe--just maybe--a few hundred thousand users will use.

      I for one say this: Focus on making the game look good, and play good. They've done good so far, I say let them continue on this path. Don't muck about with something that's working, and all that.
    • GTA Vice City has cheats to make the cars fly and to play a fat guy --- now it has multiplayer. Is there a cheat or addon that lets the player save during a mission? Is that too much to ask?
      • Yes, that's too much to ask. GTA is designed that way because, otherwise, it's too easy. If you want to be a cheater, there are plenty of other ways.
        • I don't want a cheat that makes the character invulnerable or have unlimited ammo or all the heavy weapons. Don't those cheats make the game easier than a quicksave? Being able to save a game in mid-mission hardly seems like a cheat. A quicksave is often a standard part of a game. You're right that its not easy to start the missions over and repeat all of the same parts over and over and over . . . esp. that remote control helicopter. But its not fun either.
          • A quicksave is often a standard part of a game.

            Yeas, but it's not part of GTA for a reason. Many missions are multipart, so saving during them makes them quite a bit easier (easier, say, than playing as a fat man or having pedestrians-on-crack would, for example). You'll notice that there is no invulnerability cheat in GTA, just health cheats (which are fairly useless if you're in a major gunfight). That's because Rockstar doesn't want the cheats to completely ruin the game, just make it easier.

            As for th

  • This reminds me of multi-player Midtown Madness.

    Once this has pedestrians and normal city traffic my friends and I will have hours of fun killing each other (I understand they are having a sync problem because of the random method in which traffic appears in GTA:VC). But something tells me that you'll only be able to play this on a local network because of bandwidth and latency issues.
  • 'MTA:VC 0.3 introduces the long-anticipated walking and running animations'

    I certainly hope the developers come good with their promise for textured polygons in 0.4, man, that'd rock.
  • I know YMMV, but seriously this is a poorly executed mod. The idea is great and they suceeded to a point but this is no Counterstrike. The front-end sucks almost completely, and the resulting game seems often buggy. The trigger for multiplay involved some sort of insane action sequence like getting into and out of a car or something. Until they improve their interface immensely, I recommend you don't bother.
    • I agree the mod still needs some work, but this is still only version 0.3. I think they're doing pretty well when you consider where they started from.

      My main problem with MTA is that there just isn't that much to do. The map is huge, and it seems like I spend most of my time just driving aimlessly, looking for someone to ram or kill or whatever. I'm hoping that once the netcode is stable, we'll see them introduce some team games. A version of CTF could be a lot of fun if it's implemented right. Some
  • They're actually showing that GTA3 still exists. The last time /. published a GTA:VC:MTA update, the site was devoid of GTA3:MTA content.

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