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Neglected Classic Games That Deserve Remakes? 191

Thanks to GameSpot for its feature discussing neglected videogames that nonetheless deserve remakes. The "games that may have been forgotten but were at least pretty well known in their day" include Roadwar 2000 ("[an] innovative adventure set in the ruins of American civilization"), Biomotor Unitron ("an exceptional game... [that] had the poor luck of being released on the profoundly underappreciated NeoGeo Pocket Color in 1999"), and Xenophobe ("a lighthearted and memorable arcade game... [that] takes itself less seriously than the average alien shoot-'em-up.")
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Neglected Classic Games That Deserve Remakes?

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  • Speedball 2 (Score:5, Insightful)

    by cjthompson ( 644047 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @08:31AM (#8080503)
    from the Amiga 'nough said
    • Re:Speedball 2 (Score:4, Interesting)

      by paulcammish ( 542971 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @10:01AM (#8080668)
      What, you mean like this []? Ok, its on the PSone, but it looks like its still the old game, but with updated graphics.

      The most worring thing, is that the Bitmap Brothers site [] hasnt been updated since May 1st, 2003. However they mention "Speedball Arena" there as being in production.

      After a quick look around, it looks like theyre converting the recent Namco title "Kill.Switch" for PC, so they dont appear to be totally dead... which is nice.

      Looks like I wont be seeing Gods or Magic Pockets on GBA for a while... damn.

  • Penguin Adventure []. Would be great as a Linux game, too.
    • by torpor ( 458 )
      but, but ... thats tuxracer [], no?

      close enough ... wouldn't be hard to finish the Penguin Adventure maps in Tuxracer format, anyway ...
      • Not really. It certainly looks like Tuxracer, but it plays rather differently. It is hard to describe: in part racing, shooting, gambling, and exploring, it is a unique blend of everything. And it is fun to play, too.

        Unlike many older games this could be remade in glorious 3D without losing any of its charm or unique character. Frankly I am stumped why Konami has never bothered doing just that. And since we are talking about them anyway, the same is true for S.D. Snatcher.

        Of course the their third great []

  • The Marathon Trilogy (Score:4, Informative)

    by Undefined Parameter ( 726857 ) <> on Sunday January 25, 2004 @08:38AM (#8080517)
    I suspect that only a minority of Slashdot-ers will recognize what I'm talking about, but any game in the trilogy deserves a remake on it's own; the whole trilogy deserves a remake, even more.

    Lucky for us, that's already in the works. In fact, it's being simultaneously ported for Linux and Windows as well as OS X, AND it's an Open Source project. If I had any programming skills (alas, I don't), I'd be in on the project. As it stands, I'll have to wait until Pfhorge (pronounced "forge," for the uninitiated) comes out to make any contribution.

    Anyhow, for those interested, the project is called Aleph One; the main site can be found here [], and the SourceForge site can be found here [].

    • I still have my marathon infinity CD here, long after that 5400 of mine outlived it's usefulness.

      I can't remember the name, but one of the mods for infinity is - to this day - the only game that made me jump. Forgot to check a stairway for badguys, turned around to go back and the prick was standing there behind me.

      Suffice to say, I emptied all my ammo into his carcass.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      If you like Marathon, and hell even if you didn't, the mod you MUST play is "Marathon Rubicon". The story is ASTOUNDING, the level design does things you never thought the marathon (nee aleph one) engine could do. It's right up there with the original Deus Ex. Marathon Rubicon [].
    • I'm curious...

      What made Marathon so special? I mean, was it just a cool-for-it's-time FPS, or did it have awesome features/puzzles that would merit a remake? I mean, Doom2 was awesome for it's time, but I wouldn't want an updated-graphics version of it, since it isn't anything special compared to today's standards...
      • Doom2 was awesome for it's time, but I wouldn't want an updated-graphics version of it, since it isn't anything special compared to today's standards

        Do you mean that the graphics for Doom II weren't amazing? Personally I absolutely love the game, and would put it up there with any of today's modern FPSes (admittedly with the openGL graphics of the ports but hey why not have them!) because it was fun. Sure it was simple, had no plot, but playing the actual game was more fun to me than any FPS I've played

        • I'm saying they WERE amazing, and they're still nice to watch, but to say they're even near Battlefield 1942 levels is naive. It's like saying that the movie The Last Starfighter had great effects for it's time, you still recognize that they were great for the mid-80's but that perhaps a remake with good effects today might improve on the original. Just sayin...

          (and yes, Doom2 IS still fun to play)
  • Commander Keen (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jonadab ( 583620 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @08:54AM (#8080554) Homepage Journal
    I was greatly disappointed when Duke Nukem got redone as 3D but Commander Keen
    didn't. Keen was a much better game than Nukem in almost every respect and
    had a lot more vertical action, which would have made for a lot of interesting
    possibilities in a 3D version -- platforms up above your head and all that
    would make the game play like more than just another Doom clone, as you'd
    have to be alert to things going on above (and below) you. Plus, the light,
    cartooney spirit of Keen is something the FPS world could really use; I mean,
    aren't you tired of seeing skulls and blood all the time? Wouldn't it be nice
    to see some weird slugs and neon green slime for a change?

    Plus, it would probably be the first FPS to include a pogo stick with
    exaggerated bounce. Bonus points if you also get to fly the Beans-with-Bacon

    I don't buy a lot of games, but I think I'd buy Keen3D, if it were done well.
    • I guess they were going towards the macho tough-guy with a gun thing. I think Keen3D, with his little watch and football helmet, would rule.

      Anybody remember the Keen level in Doom 2? That was disturbing.
    • There was a gameboy sequel, but it aparrently was a huge letdown - and I can understand why, too, I'd hate squinting at a screen that small, and not being able to use a keyboard :P
    • Keen would be good but I would really love Stunts (released under various names in various countries I believe) and Death Rally remade.

      Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe was a lot of fun too - I actually hired the XBox remake called Secret Weapons Over Normandy the other day, and then we were blacked out all night by a huge electrical storm... I decided it must be an air raid and went to bed. :)


  • Qix (Score:2, Interesting)

    by mistert2 ( 672789 )
    Qix [] When I played this on Atari (either 5400 or 7800), it was never the same game twice. You had to think and take risks.

    I loved the championship boxing in the article. Does that bring back memories. Xenophobe [] is a great game. I lost a lot of quarters to that one.

    Road Blaster [] should be on the list, too.

    • Re:Qix (Score:3, Interesting)

      by I Be Hatin' ( 718758 )
      Qix When I played this on Atari (either 5400 or 7800), it was never the same game twice. You had to think and take risks.

      Qix was indeed a great game. However, I wouldn't really call it neglected. It had a pretty good following back in the day. Moreover, I can't imagine how they could remake it without totally destroying it. I'd imagine that one of the requirements would be that it's 3D, and this would probably end up making it looking way cheesy. With games like Qix and Tempest -- where their simplic

  • by SamSim ( 630795 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @09:20AM (#8080591) Homepage Journal
    I'm still waiting for Spacewar! 2.
  • A simple arcade-like game I played on the Amiga. You had to float around on various levels of a spaceship, taking control of increasingly more powerful robots. It was one of those games that was really simple, but had excellent gameplay and you became addicted quickly...
  • Syndicate
    Syndicate Wars
    Fountain of Dreams
    Bionic Commando
    Elevator Action
  • "The Colony" (,3489/) for Dos, Amiga and Macintosh. One of the grandfather of all FPS with a "explore an aliens-invaded story (Together, of couse, with the original "Mercenary" and "Catch 23" for C64). A truly enjoiable game still today.
  • by polyp2000 ( 444682 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @10:09AM (#8080691) Homepage Journal
    As much as like the idea of remaking classic games. Why dont we try and concentrate on innovating new ones? The Article says that remakes are good because they excite consumers with "names" they already know.

    Thing with remakes, what we a really looking for is good gameplay back in the day it was far more important to have good gameplay than have great graphics. It was often the case that some games had great graphics but dire gameplay, other games had excellent gameplay but dodgy graphics. Those that got the balance just right were hits.

    As far as remakes go though, a new Populous game would be much appreciated. And I also wish that David Braben would get the new Elite out the door. And has anyone ever done a Spy Vs Spy for the next generation ?

    • As much as like the idea of remaking classic games. Why dont we try and concentrate on innovating new ones? The Article says that remakes are good because they excite consumers with "names" they already know.

      The best games are universal and immortal. Chess, Go, etc. They do not deserve to be tied to obsolete hardware, etc. The process of remakes and reinvention and preservation is essential and creative, as no great game ever sprung up fully formed. Hopefully we'll get one great game out of the first hund

    • And has anyone ever done a Spy Vs Spy for the next generation

      Coming out this year. I saw a couple screenshots in some magazine a couple months ago.

      And it has the GREY spy.

  • Classic EA titles (Score:3, Informative)

    by jvmatthe ( 116058 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @10:11AM (#8080700) Homepage
    Mail Order Monsters - Keep the old idea: build monsters, add on parts with money earned through sparring with other monsters. (Sort of like Tecmo's Monster Rancher, but different.) Put this online with plenty of cool upgrades, tournaments, and other modern niceties and you'll make a mint.

    Racing Destruction Set - The old ideas: Design cars and race courses with traps, terrain hazards, and so forth, then race. Add same updates as above for MOM. Also make sure you can build a course and then race against computer-controlled opponents of real intelligence.

    Adventure Construction Set - Build a single-player RPG from the ground up, including graphics, items, scenery, and more. Update to modern standards for graphics, sound. Set up a site where users can upload their creations and then vote on them. Eventually, game buyers themselves become the real engine for driving more sales of the game.
    • Re:Classic EA titles (Score:2, Interesting)

      by BladesP9 ( 722608 )
      You can't think remake without thinking:

      Seven Cities Of Gold
      Heart Of Africa
      Legacy Of The Ancients
      Questron II
      Pirates! (which I think was remade once and may be remade again)
      Silent Service

      I could go on for days.

      I loved the old ACS. I still have the original for my Commodore 64 which is sitiing in storage......... WITH my commorode 64 until I find room in my house for everything :) There used to be a big club where people who made adventures could send them in and others could buy
  • HOTU Overview [] An absolute and addictive gem of a game.
  • by Rhinobird ( 151521 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @10:14AM (#8080712) Homepage
    I'd like to see Paradroid remade. I spent many hours playing that game. It would make a pretty FPS. Take over another robot and be able to use their weapons, be kinda neat to also use thier sensors.
  • Sundog (Score:3, Interesting)

    by wowbagger ( 69688 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @10:18AM (#8080735) Homepage Journal

    Synopsis - you are a slave, who's uncle was a free man. He died and left you his spaceship (good), and the obligation to forefill his contracts (bad), which could either free you or doom you and all your decendants to eternal slavery to pay off the forfiture clauses (ugly).

    So you have to fly around the galaxy, finding cargo to haul to make enough money to by the items needed by the colony to whom you are contractually bound, all the while fighting off pirates in space, muggers on the ground, and trying to keep your junk-heap spacecraft flying and maybe even improve it.

    I've always felt there needed to be a sequel, after you won your freedom, to try to incite revolt among the slaves and overthrow the system.

    (And for all those of you who remember Dungeon Master - remember Zed, Duke of Banville? Guess what game he came from.)
    • Hell yes. This is one of those games that I vaguely remember as being incredibly interesting, but not getting enough time to play - like the old Dune PC game.

      The world needs more games like that.

  • Zak McCracken was friggin brilliant.

    I had it going on an Amiga emu a few years back, but it was too crash prone to play. This game got me interested in computers, so i owe it a lot. Plus hundreds of fun hours working out the strange things about that game.

    Aliens taking over the telephone company, monorail on mars, two headed squirrels...sweet.

    A few german boys are doing Zak 2 [] as a fun project - very much looking forward to sinking myself into this game.
  • Things to Consider (Score:2, Interesting)

    by eyempack ( 239017 )
    I find most modern games don't have a sense of humor that is "funny" Games like Super Hero League of Hoboken were amusing not because they were racy but because they were hair brained. That is the kind of game i would love to see remade.
  • by WormholeFiend ( 674934 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @11:04AM (#8081030)
    Just kidding!

    How about a spinoff/remake of Moon Patrol:

    Mars Patrol: Avoid glitches! Grind rocks! Examine patches of mud!
  • Rocket Jockey. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Jeffool ( 675688 )
    Every time this topic is brought up (or every time I bring it up,) I have to mention Rocket Jockey. One day I'm going to get tired of complaining and program it myself. But until then, I'll keep complaining!

    With the main controls being 'left grappling hook', 'right grappling hook', and 'drop the lines', today's controllers with shoulder buttons are perfect. And with quick online play, the game would be unbeatable. Hm. Speaking of which, anyone know if theres a good way to play Win95 games on XP? The
  • None of them? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by molafson ( 716807 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @11:17AM (#8081087)
    In my opinion, modern remakes of classic games seldom capture the magic of the originals. Instead, they exploit our nostalgia for marketing/licensing purposes, and often piss on the legacy of the original game.

    Nintendo is one of the main offenders here, shoe-horning a Mario-themed game into every possible genre without regard for the gameplay of the original Super Mario. Personally, I can't stand any 3D Mario platformer (not to mention any Mario sports and puzzle games). Super Mario 64 may be a decent game in its own right -- but it's not really Super Mario as far as I'm concerned.

    I don't even think Super Mario World (considered by some to be the best Mario game) recaptured the awesomeness of the original Super Mario.

    The key to many classic games is simplicity. Adding tons of slick graphics, new moves and power-ups, and worst of all, 3D perspective doesn't improve game play, it ruins the perfect balance achieved by the original.

    On another note, a GTA 1/2/3 pack for the GBA would be super sweet (with GTA 3 made to play in the top-down 2D mode of the originals).
    • Maybe this "magic" is nothing but nostalgia, and the problem is not that the games are bad, it's just that you're seeing the past through rose-colored glasses.

      The original Mario was certainly a fine game, back in its day. But Super Mario World is much better. Not simply for looking better on a new machine, but because, for me, it is more fun - more polished, more complex, and less frustrating (gotta LOVE battery saving!).
  • Kickle's Cubicle (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Mmm coffee ( 679570 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @11:20AM (#8081105) Journal
    Anyone play the NES game "Kickle's Cubicle" by Irem? Not many have. It was this action/puzzle game that slightly resembled the Lolo series. It was made in a super-cute kiddy fashion (complete with hearts, etc), and was admittedly hella easy up until about the 3rd or 4th world. But after that it started getting more and more difficult and thus more fun. After you beat it you get to play more puzzles that become borderline impossible, and you get hooked hard.

    I would LOVE to see that game updated, especially with two player levels. The thought of a quasi-DM/CoOp game using the KC engine makes me laugh -- the thought of two people trying to complete a puzzle together while trying to kill each other at the same time is quite cool.

    Oh, and if you haven't played Kickle's Cuble then GET IT. The first few world will mildly entertain you, but as you progress you'll be cussing like a sailor at this kiddie game and loving every second of it.
  • when the best gaming console was an Atari. My favorite games were Joust, Qix, Adventure, Tapper... on PC Alley Cat was alot of fun as well. I remember when my dad bought a 286 I was all depressed because the 5"1/4 floppy wouldnt fit in the new computer and all my games were on those.
  • Paperboy, too! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Jeffool ( 675688 ) <> on Sunday January 25, 2004 @11:28AM (#8081144) Homepage
    Darn this no 'edit button' crap. But yeah, Paperboy. Sure, why not. With nifty Max Payne-ish 'bullet-time' so you can hit those front door steps without slowing down! And it doesn't even have to be Paperboy. Just call it Special Delivery and you've got a little more room to work around with. Start as a paper boy, go on to small parcel delivery, or if you choose the darker path, drugs, or even Mafia involvement! It's genius!

    You're a delivery boy in a decent sized consistent city, delivering parcels from place to place while doing other mini-adventures along the way. You can't miss with this! :D

    • Just call it Special Delivery and you've got a little more room to work around with. Start as a paper boy, go on to small parcel delivery, or if you choose the darker path, drugs, or even Mafia involvement! It's genius!

      You're a delivery boy in a decent sized consistent city, delivering parcels from place to place while doing other mini-adventures along the way. You can't miss with this! :D

      Sounds like a good game, but a little familiar. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Grand Theft Bicycle".
  • M.U.L.E. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ru-486 ( 73117 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @11:40AM (#8081213)
    What about M.U.L.E.. I can still hear the game music in my head on quiet nights. Mule Midi version here []
  • There could be a whole universe created on the concept of Joust. I'm not sure how you would joust in 3d, but riding ostriches into the air is just screaming for an action-rpg remake of the thing. It would only work though if they seriously endowed the story to flesh out the universe we only got a small glimps of in the original release.

    Also, what's with Zelda being on the remake list. Isn't that done once or twice with every Nintendo system that get's released. How can they remake it any more than th
  • The article is so right about StarTropics... I loved that game, and I think it was very near the last NES I bought before moving on other systems.
  • Robotwars (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Jim Hall ( 2985 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @12:43PM (#8081530) Homepage

    There was a game for the old Mac ... I think it was called Robotwars. It was turn-based. You had a small set of robots in a play field, and you'd play out a "script" for them: Go over there, hunker down, and scan that area for enemies (shoot if you see any). Last player with any robots standing wins.

    It was a great game, but simple in concept. Graphics were's too great (isometric view) but not any worse than, say, any GBA game. Your opponnents were only visible if one of your robots could see them.

    It would take some work to re-do Robotwars for anything other than a PC, but it would make for a great GBA game.

    • Did some googling ... the game was actually called "Robosport", from Maxis.

      Robosport [] - DOS and Win3x. There was also a port to Macintosh.

    • There was a game for the old Mac ... I think it was called Robotwars. It was turn-based. You had a small set of robots in a play field, and you'd play out a "script" for them: Go over there, hunker down, and scan that area for enemies (shoot if you see any). Last player with any robots standing wins.
      You are thinking of Omega.,2/gameId,163 4/
  • Kid Icarus (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Guppy06 ( 410832 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @12:46PM (#8081551)
    And they should make a Kid Icarus 3 while they're at it.
  • ... but I'd like to see a sequel to Gun Force 2, by Irem.

    I played through it with a friend on MAME-X, and all I could think about was how much better it was than Contra. It's a shame that I could never play through it in its original arcade form, but if they ever release another I would be incredibly happy.
  • by HerbieTMac ( 17830 ) <> on Sunday January 25, 2004 @01:15PM (#8081719)
    Star Control 1 was a good game. Ahead of its time, excellent gameplay and good graphics.

    Star Control 2 was, at the time, the greatest game ever written. Gameplay, depth, graphics, sound, in every part, the game was so far ahead of the competition that there could be no realistic challenger. Indeed, the ending left so many strings for a sequel that quite literally from the month it came out, there was anticipation for Star Control III.

    Then came Star Control III. Ugh. Accolade took the game to new developers and it was clumbsy, uninteresting and not fun to play. The sub-plots were meaningless and the story was unengaging. Gameplay took a step backwards.

    You can help!

    Sign the Petition [] Ask Accolade to re-make Star Control III with the original developers at Toys for Bob.

  • Totally fun adventure, good story, nice and creepy. You can find it here: ind.html []

    That site is great for remembering life with a GS, by the way...
  • 1. M.U.L.E.
    2. Archon
    3. Omega Race (the Vic-20 version was awesome)
  • by slaker ( 53818 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @02:05PM (#8081971)
    Master of Magic is a game that deserves an update. A lot of dedicated people still play it, even as it gets harder and harder to make it run. It's a DOS game, but I mostly play it in DOSemu on a Linux machine (I have gotten it to run on 2000 and XP, though).

    Mainly, it could use an update to make it more compatible with modern expectations of Windows games, like multitasking and perhaps some directX goodness for the otherwise simple, tile-based animations. Its AI was actually pretty good for its day, but I'm sure that modern standards could be well-applied there, too. I don't think it would take much to get zoomable views and support for higher resolutions, either.

    I still manage to play about 1 game a week. It's held up very well for a game that's eight years old.

    Another game that could use some updating is "Scorched Earth". I've played countless 3D versions that attempt to capture the fun of the original. None have quite given me the same simple joy I have when I napalm just right through an opponent's shield. I'm not asking for gameplay changes, just something that'll run on a more modern platform. Wendell Hicken, are you listening?

    Syndicate was fun and different when it was released. Its graphics STILL look good, but a rotatable view would be nice. I haven't been able to make it run on NTish Windows, but if it could, I would. Wishlist here would be for a mission designer, decent 3D (I've played Syndicate II...) and perhaps adding a level of play at the business management level (e.g. investments, media management). Syndicate would be fun in a persistent world setting, too, with multiple corps, maybe some indy media types, criminal elements, government crusaders... sigh.
    There was nothing so fun as Persuadertron-ing an entire map of people to do your bidding, arming them, then destroying all your enemies with a horde of peons.

    • While it's not exactly the same, Worms essentially takes the basic concepts of Scorched Earth. You have an assortment of weapons and, accounting for trajectory and speed, fire them at your opponents. The terrain even deforms accordingly.
      • Worms is a different experience, especially with the ninja ropes and goodie boxes. I enjoy it, too, but Scorch is still in a class all its own.
    • Master of Magic is a game that deserves an update.

      I agree totally. What I'd like to see from an updated MOM is, first, modern OS support. Also, borders to make it clear where AI players consider their territory to be (I can never manage to keep the AIs happy with me), and perhaps other better diplomacy options. Oh, and a good system for having cities build automatically. (I think Civ3's governor system works well)

      There is a MOM remake project over at Age of Magic [], but the project seems to be stalled.

    • Scorched Earth and Syndicate...ah the hours I wasted on those. Remakes simply to run on newer systems would rule. Ditto for X-Com: UFO Defense. Awesome game that cannot run on any of my currently working hardware. Anyone got a spare mobo for a Celeron 266?

      Oh, remember the Atlantic Accelerator mission from Syndicate? That one was great :)
  • I really loved the original NES title. It had a nice mix of side scrolling, first person perspective, mini-sniper battles, and cool anime intermissions. (He even got laid to boost his energy! - How cool was that in a game from that time.)

    I wanted XIII to be the new Golgo, but it just isn't as good as it could have been. A new Golgo could be really, really cool.
  • After reading all four lists, I wondered why a few were left out. At least Panzer Dragoon Saga made the list but they did leave some important few out.

    NiGHTS (Sega) - Ask anyone if this game should be remade and they'll either say "yes" or shrug and say they haven't heard of it. For being a "flying on rails" game that was timed, it gave you a very relaxing sense of freedom. Come on Sonic Team, release this as part of the new Sega Ages PS2 lineup.

    Akumajo Dracula: Chi no Rondo (Konami) - This great gam
    • Yeah, Blast Corps bombed ( pun intended) pretty damn bad, but I don't see why. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the destruction wasn't mindless enough? Nobody wants PLANNED demolition, they want pure mayhem.

      Plus I hated the dump truck.

      Then again, that flying one really, really made up for it...

      (Note that it seems nobody's ever even made a ROM of this that I would use a ROM of a game I don't own...
  • By Chuckles and Lord British. Best game ever. Deathlord was cool too.
  • -- Simply one of the best, creative, and fun games ever made. This game was WAY ahead of its time, and was WONDERFUL.

    If they had been able to expand upon the guild structure that evolved, it could have been even better.
  • ..the days of really simple game concepts. I miss the game 'Haunting' for the Sega Genesis. There were people in your house, you were poltergeists, and you were constantly setting little traps to spook them. Imagine playing the Sims where you can make the oven try to bite the occupants.

    Wanna know what bugs me? This article suggested that everything be a '3d remake'. I must say, no, 3D does not make everything better. I just can't see Xenophobe being better for it. Part of the appeal of that game was
  • Off the top of my head i can think of 3 games

    What do these games have in common? They were once classic games, that were re-released in a format that had nothing to do with the gameplay of it's original. Unlike, for example, the super mario franchise, a franchise that has evolved game by game over the past 20 years, these games have been completely abandoned, then basically repackaged with new fangled technology, creating a brand new game (one that sucks). Instead of lett

  • I was kind of disappointed when I heard that the rereleases of classic Famicom (NES) games for the GBA in Japan was going to be unalter versions instead of graphically updated versions. I mean, just updates of Ice Climber and/or Legend of Zelda would have been enough to make me extremely pleased.
  • Some ideas.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by rhetoric ( 735114 )
    1) Pirates! []


    this review [] of the CD-32 version: "You are a pirate (of course). The object of this game is to retire with high social standing, having amassed a large fortune. How do you do this? To acquire wealth, you sack towns and other ships, and search for buried treasure. To acquire social standing, you play the game of politics with the governments in the game (England, France, Holland, and Spain). This might involve getting married to a governor's daughter, doing missions for the government,

    • Re:Some ideas.. (Score:3, Interesting)

      by August_zero ( 654282 )
      Blaster Master

      The original is still one of my all time favorite games, and while there were a handful of sequels none of them were even close to as good. Tough as nails too, granted I was only like 10 when I got the game, but it took me off and on over a year to get good enough to beat it.

      I fire it up on my emulator every once and awhile and its odd, but I still know the correct path through all of the stages, its imprinted that hard on my brain. That is the mark of a great game.

      And I agree with your Str
    • Pirates! eleasenum=42
  • I still await the day someone does a proper remake of this game.

    Key requirements to be considered a remake:
    • Ability to takeoff from the surface of a planet and gradually enter space (or vice-versa) all in one continuious unbroken scene
    • A fractally-generated universe that seems infinitely large with fractally generated star systems, planets, local governments, etc.
    • Realistically sized orbiting + rotating planets with cities on the surface, from where you can see the stars move across the sky, sunrise, sunse
  • BallBlazer (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Dr. Wu ( 309239 )
    Or for that matter, any classic LucasFilm game (Rescue on Fractalus, Koronis Rift, Eidolon?).

    But I would kill for an Xbox-Live enabled version of BallBlazer, maybe even adding 3 or 4 player options.

    Dr. Wu
    If you want to win, you have to go for the 3 points over-the-horizon shot
  • So we've got the technology to make a hyper-realistic looking FPS version of Tron, but we can't have a modern version of Space Paranoids, the game Flynn programmed? I mean, just look at the original movie, for goodness sake. We've got better graphics than that now.
  • As another fellow said [], Sundog was awesome. Also, Autoduel [].

    I'd also love to see someone remake Ikari Warriors [] with the Crimsonland [] engine.
  • by GoRK ( 10018 ) on Sunday January 25, 2004 @08:57PM (#8084205) Homepage Journal
    The site Retro Remakes [] catalogs remakes of classic games and games inspired by classic games that you probably never knew about. Most of them are free. Granted, most often it's not the original game company doing a full-blown 3d version of some classic 80's space shooter, but there's enough stuff on the site to keep anyone entertained for hours.
  • we've assembled the Games That Should Be Remade feature

    Don't REMAKE the games, RE-RELEASE the original games.

    Games like Asteroids and Pac-Man have a zen-like balance between controls and playability. The so-called "low tech" graphics actually reduce the game to its essential play-and-feel.

    Has anyone seen those awful remakes of Pac-Man in 3D? Geez! Re-release the original and let people play.
  • Easily the best on the list for me. Truth is, though, that I'm not sure I'd want to see a remake. I'd have so many huge expectations of would potentially never meet them.

  • On the Apple II and (I believe) Commodore, and probably others.

    That game kicked ass; I think I actually cried in frustration (shut up, I was 6 or so) when I accidentally overwrote Side 2 of the floppy.
  • Lunatic Fringe (Score:2, Informative)

    by KnarfO ( 320113 )
    Anyone who owned a copy of Berkely Systems "After Dark" screen saver for Mac in the early 90's will remember this.... loved that one!

  • by zephc ( 225327 )
    on the TG16/PCEngine: Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, Bonk 3

    on SNES: Super Bonk, Super Bonk 2 (aka Super Genjin 2, only released in Japan AFAIK)

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