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Sega On Western Games, Samurai Jack, Astro Boy 14

Thanks to GameSpy for its interview with Makoto Osaki of Sega-AM2, in which the Japanese director of projects discusses Western videogames he's been trying out ("I enjoyed Max Payne a lot. I've only played the PS2 version, though. I also enjoyed Ghost Recon and SOCOM a lot"), before noting the uncertain possibility of the arcade-based Out Run 2 making a U.S. Xbox appearance ("You could probably just rent the games, play them a bit until you're done, say 'That was fun,' and take them back'), and mentioning the inevitable Virtua Fighter 5 ("It will be what fans expect - a one-on-one fighting game.") Elsewhere, GameSpot has a preview of the Sega-published Samurai Jack, as this GC/PS2/Xbox title, "reminiscent of Capcom's Maximo games, albeit with a more over-the-top feel", is officially announced, and 1UP confirm that a Sega-made Astro Boy game is coming to the West, in PS2 and GameBoy Advance flavors.
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Sega On Western Games, Samurai Jack, Astro Boy

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  • I ended up playing the Tetsuwan Atom game for the GBA. It's pretty good and I'm glad both versions are coming to the U.S.
    • Atom Boy was made by Treasure, the same company that brought us the classic and action-packed "Gunstar Heroes."

      There's a review [] over here if you want to read more about it. I've played it, and it's quite fun.
  • Is anyone else having trouble with the Samurai Jack page rendering properly in Firebird 0.7? I've had this same problem off and on with Sharky Extreme [] as well.

    That's one of my favorite cartoons of all time. I hope they keep it true to the cartoon. "Samurai Jack! Watchout!"

    All of the screen shots seem a little washed out, even more so than the cartoon. That's a little disappointing, even if it's for some bright dramatic light effects when you whack something with your sword. Would an iris effect help out w
  • I'm glad those are the graphics for the PS2 version. Hopefully the GC/Xbox versions will look a lot better. The characters are way too blocky. The show's animation is very smooth, without lots of sharp angles.

    It looks like the game is rendered normally, only with cheesy looking textures on the characters, instead of a good cel-shaded look like Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, or Viewtiful Joe.

    These screenshots are very disappointing. Hopefully the gameplay will make up for it.

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