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Japanese X68000 Game Disc Warnings Amuse 37

Thanks to for its new feature cataloging the amusing-looking floppy disc warnings featured on classic game sleeves from the Sharp X68000 Japanese computer. Highlights include the Capcom sleeve illustrations, where "the Street Fighter 2 characters exhorted you to take good care of your floppies", as well as some strange warnings from Japanese developer Zoom, including the suggestions that users "don't bathe with your floppy", and a cautionary tale about dropping your hardware.
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Japanese X68000 Game Disc Warnings Amuse

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  • Balrog? (Score:3, Funny)

    by forkazoo ( 138186 ) <> on Thursday January 29, 2004 @12:21AM (#8120608) Homepage
    Wait, why is the balrog in SF2? And, does the street fighter two balrog have wings? Oh, wait, now I get it... Balrogs have shiny wings!

    Amazingly, this *is* on topic! m

    Wow, I totally didn't realise how awesome the world was when I was a kid!
  • It runs under Human 68K, an operating system which looks like CP/M 68 or MSDOS and uses a graphic user interface called VS. Notice that the development is still active on that computer, several OSes have been ported on the X68000, the most famous are Minix and Unix NetBSD and all the GNU tools and there are some projects under development : XNeptune (a Ethernet card) or Ko-Windows (a 'NextStep-like' graphic environment). Sweet design too.
  • Balrog is the boxer, Vega is the guy with the metal claws.
    • In Japan, the names were different; M.Bison was the boxer (rhymes with Mike Tyson), Vega was the U.S. M.Bison, and Balrog was the guy with the claws/mask. The Japanese names make much more sense than the changed around English ones.
  • by mrseigen ( 518390 ) on Thursday January 29, 2004 @12:41AM (#8120745) Homepage Journal
    I have got to get into a marketing firm somewhere so I can put those directions on a game box.

    Shake til you puke!
  • What the... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Jorkapp ( 684095 )
    I don't get some of the ones from Zoom. Who would want to have sex with a floppy? (The Love is for Grown-Ups one)
  • Reminds me of the Beagle Bros. [], a fanatical cult of Apple II developers.

    I sense a patent suit! Who patented "silly disk care warning icons"? .... hmm... no one eh ... be right back ...

  • by shadowcabbit ( 466253 ) * < minus berry> on Thursday January 29, 2004 @08:25AM (#8122528) Journal
    Haven't read the article yet myself, but the "safety" warnings on products-- regardless of where you actually get them-- are usually pretty funny to me, particularly because in order to actually become a warning, ostensibly someone must have tried the offending act at least once.

    Anyway, I just wanted to chip in that on Sega Saturn and Dreamcast discs, there was usually a CD-audio track that had some warning to the effect of "take me out of the CD player, dumbass, and put me in the game machine". Sega's warnings were pretty standard, but a few third-party warnings were hilarious (Working Designs did a really good one for Magic Knight Rayearth) or downright creepy. Those kinds of warnings deserve mention, too.
    • SotN gave you a free music track on track 1 if you attempted to listen to the game disc on a CD player.

      Most TurboDuo games had a young woman's voice speaking the warning. "This disc contains..."
    • I saw one on an online jokes site about a brand of chainsaw manufactured in Sweden that has a warning on the blade that reads, "Keep hair and genitals clear" in English. I thought it was made up until the same site posted a picture of it actually STAMPED into the plastic blade guard.

      The thing that makes it scary is that if America is any sign, they only put those sort of obvious warnings nobody should need AFTER somebody goes and does it.
    • I have a printout of a web page from entitled "STORY FROM DR. AT PlayStation CLINIC".
      It starts like this:

      Story of Liquid
      You might play game as you drink pop, right? As you get excited, you might have spilled the pop. It would be sucked if you spill the pop over your PlayStation!.... If the cockroaches get into the console through tiny space, it makes inside dirty and does mischief. So be aware!

      I can't find the orignal page anymore, but someone posted some more excerpts here. []
    • Yeah, those Dreamcast warnings were pretty fun. In Shenmue, each of the 4 discs had the usual "don't use the disc in a music player" message, only instead of being the generic voice, it's the voice of a character from the game, and a different one on each one of the discs! Talk about nice little details.

      Also, the commercial homebrew game Feet of Fury has a funny parody of the warning, something like "running the disc in a music player can cause children of third world countries to spontaneously explode".
  • For a second I thought this particular Zoom warning was a moral exhortation to game enthusiasts who are minors, but looking at the fact that it's in silhouette showing off the giant hole in the middle of the floppy, it becomes suddenly, painfully, hilariously clear.
  • Did anyone notice the weirdly suggestive diction, "Love is for grownups"? That scares me.
  • This is somewhat offtopic, so apologies in advance.

    I rented some third party maracas for the Dreamcast's Samba De Amigo a few years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the company that made them, but they were covered with the most ludicrous "Engrish" warnings I'd ever seen. Can anybody point me to box shots of some third party controllers? I'd love to re-read some of them.

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