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Vapor Trails - On Famously Unreleased Videogames 64

Thanks to GamePro for its article discussing formerly in-development videogames which never actually got released. Some of the more unconventional include Data East's Tattoo Assassins ("2D video-captured fighters, whose tattoos come to life and whack on other players. Characters included a Nancy Kerrigan clone and a giant running hot dog"), Sega's Virtua Hamster ("...[involving] polygonal rodents with rocket packs and skateboards swooshing through a huge hamster habitrail, collecting popcorn kernels to spit at enemies"), and Runandgun!'s partially resurrected Duelin' Firemen! ("...[an FMV] game about singing, dancing firemen [starring Rudy Ray Moore].")
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Vapor Trails - On Famously Unreleased Videogames

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  • Dueling Firemen (Score:3, Insightful)

    by hrieke ( 126185 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @09:54AM (#8200477) Homepage
    What sick twisted mind came up with this?
    Just watch the video...

  • Re:Dueling Firemen (Score:4, Insightful)

    by pezpunk ( 205653 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @10:37AM (#8200811) Homepage
    seriously! i watched the trailer for this and my jaw just went slack. timothy leary, mark mothersbaugh, steve albini, and the guy that created Dolemite are in it. the other actors, though, are kinda weird. it's really hard to discern any details from that website, but apparently this was going to be a 3DO title?!?! seriously wacked. the trailer opens (i THINK) with 2 airplanes crashing into downtown Chicago, and lots of high-rises bursting into flames ... oddly prescient for 1996. apparently the citizenry of chicago reacts by doing 500 hits of acid each and throwing a big party. aliens(?) arrive. firemen breakdance. timothy leary turns into Max Headroom. what the fuck?
  • by Clomer ( 644284 ) on Friday February 06, 2004 @12:12PM (#8201967)
    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned WarCraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans []. It was to be Blizzard's first adventure game, but was cancelled as a nearly complete game. Oh well, at least the story is now available as a novel. And it is part of WarCraft official cannon, as it plays into the setup of WarCraft III.

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