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More From Spector On Deus Ex, Thief Sequels 37

Thanks to GameSpy for its interview with Ion Storm's studio director Warren Spector, discussing "design, his excitement over the new Thief title, and past mistakes." He comments on the optional third-person mode in the forthcoming Thief: Deadly Shadows, suggesting: "It really does provide a kind of tactical awareness you don't get in a first-person mode", and goes on to further discuss the controversial fan reaction to Deus Ex: Invisible War, admitting: "We made a really bad, bad decision... by not supporting drag and drop in the interface on the PC version of Invisible War, and that was unforgivable." However, he doesn't comment on recent rumors that have him "aiding in the design of the next Tomb Raider game", currently in development at fellow Eidos-owned studio Crystal Dynamics.
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More From Spector On Deus Ex, Thief Sequels

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    This is why I only trust the aggregates from - If you take a look through them they're pretty representative of the overall quality and production value of a game. For instance, top of the list is Vice City for the PC platform, and nowhere on the top ten can I see Enter the Matrix or DX2. Although Gametab does take ratings from the big reviewers, they also grab ratings from as many smaller indy review sites as they can. This gives a much better sample of real reviewers and journalists.

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