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Rare Witch Project Cracks Goldeneye Faces 15

Lochlan writes "The fan site The Rare Witch Project has created a face mapper for classic N64 title Goldeneye 007, meaning it's now possible to map your own custom faces onto the characters in Goldeneye! However, you will need an N64 Action Replay or Gameshark connected to your PC through the parallel port." We've previously covered the Rare Witch Project's exploration of other Rareware games.
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Rare Witch Project Cracks Goldeneye Faces

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  • Other game (Score:4, Interesting)

    by poppen_fresh ( 65995 ) on Tuesday March 23, 2004 @10:48PM (#8652168)
    I seem to remember another game that Rare was going to include this functionality with via the Game Boy camera attachment. I think it might have been Perfect Dark? But anyway, Colombine happened, and they decided against letting kids put their friends' faces in a video game and then proceed to blow them apart.
    • Re:Other game (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Yes, it was Pefect Dark. The official reason Rare cited was "They couldn't make it work properly", but the reasons you said were also contributing factors.

      While it sounded like a good idea, mapping a black and white image of your face onto a colour body would look kinda funny.
      • Good point. My recollection is they were also going to add a coloring option, so you could change your face to one of the shades of skin color in the game as well as do hair color and eye color. I remember seeing this previewed and their was a tiny face program with coloring capability.
    • I heard it was because certain testers were putting non-face anatomical bits for the faces, at least, I thought that was the official unofficial answer
  • by Recoil_42 ( 665710 ) on Tuesday March 23, 2004 @10:48PM (#8652172) Homepage Journal
    Hordes of Bill Gates clones! With rifles! [] in all seriousness though, that is really, really awesome. *Massive* kudos to the Rare Witch Project, that is a really fantastic piece of work and must have taken some serious effort.
  • Sounds like a good idea to me. Now I can go blast my (virtual) enemies instead of my (not-so virtual) ones.

    At least I know I can blast the virtual ones over and over. The not-so virtual ones are only really good for one fatal beating. After that, they aren't as much fun.
  • Though I suppose it would be cool to be able to kill Lazenby []...

  • Heh (Score:2, Funny)

    Now we can make it personal.....
  • continue playing the game. I mean come on.. look at how long it's been out and how many people still play it. Also, look at how many people don't play newer James Bond games. I think even without mods for this game, it's just something sweet. With mods though, it'll only add to the (large enough) replay value.
  • I get tired of playing him in Unreal Tournament []

  • by robson ( 60067 ) on Wednesday March 24, 2004 @03:01AM (#8653639)
    "I know those words, but that sign doesn't make sense."
    -Lisa Simpson
  • I'd love to see PC based modding of console games to become mainstream as it has for Quake, UT, Half-Life, etc.

    Imagine opening up an IDE, coding a new level for Champions of Norrath, and then sitting down with your girlie and playing it for a night.

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