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Two-Headed Ogres Added To World Of Warcraft 48

An anonymous reader writes "It's official: Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce that two-headed ogres, each head controlled by a different player, are now a playable race in World of Warcraft, their upcoming PC massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Giving two separate players simultaneous control of a single body, this new race introduces a unique cooperative gaming experience never before attempted. Current beta testers should expect to see these innovative new game mechanics added in the coming weeks."
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Two-Headed Ogres Added To World Of Warcraft

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  • ugh. (Score:1, Insightful)

    Enough already.
  • by spooky_nerd ( 646914 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @12:11PM (#8737344)
    I'm holding out for the 3-headed Knight option.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      "Halt! Who art thou?"
      "He is brave Sir Robin, brave Sir Robin, who ..."
      "Shut up. Oh, nobody really. just passing through."
      "What do you want?"
      "To fight and ..."
      "Shut up. Nothing really. just to pass through, good Sir knight."
      "I'm afraid not. This is my bit of the forest. Find your own bit."
      "I am a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table. I seek the Holy Grail - Stand aside and let me pass."
      "You are a Knight of the Round Table?
      "I am."
      "In that case I shall have to kill you."
      "Shall I?"
      "Oh, I don't think
    • I hope they come out with some sort of half-panda/half-man character that typically enjoys a good drink.
    • Perhaps with a shield bearing elderberry insignia.
  • King Ghidrah (Score:4, Insightful)

    by AtariAmarok ( 451306 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @12:14PM (#8737372)
    How about King Ghidrah, with different player for each head ?
  • I still can't believe that they lost all of their source code for Starcraft and had to start from scratch!
  • so when do we see a larry MMORPG?

    one player could operate larry's head and one... well, you know. ;-)
  • by *weasel ( 174362 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @12:26PM (#8737570)

    It's less annoying than April Fools.
  • someone didn't bother to mention the fact it's an April Fool's joke in the story blurb?
  • (house explodes)
    • Noooo! That means we'll have to be subjected to a Slashdot clip show!
      • Re:April Foo--!! (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Baikala ( 564096 )

        It may be an April Fool's yoke, but a really good one. Why? because it's believable

        No one would pay a subscription for using a character that is permanently attached to another randomly chosen user, of course, but it doesn't sound completely impossible to sell.

        Wouldn't it be a good idea if two "ogre" players could perform some kind of ritual to merge together into a Double Headed Ogre? If there are some stats or strategic gains why not. The added HP alone could worth the inconveniences.

        • Re:April Foo--!! (Score:4, Insightful)

          by Hot Soup LD ( 324328 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:44PM (#8741487) Homepage
          All joking aside, I think it's a very clever and zany idea. If in the odd chance you got two friendly power-gamers in the same Ogre body, they could be a real force to be reckoned with. A huge tank-mage that is almost always the last 'man' standing.

          It's not much different than most games where two people pilot a vehicle (like a PlanetSide tank, one in the drivers seat, one in the gunner), except you'd be bound for the whole existence of the character.

          Some people would love the challenge. Much like back when EverQuest had evil races who were hated by most NPC's. They adapted, and focused on their advantages.

          If this ever were to be in the game, I guarantee you would see them in play, sometimes quite successfully. I would have a lot of respect for the duo that got a high level Two-Headed Ogre. ;)

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with innovative game thinking. I didn't buy Warcraft III because jack had changed between it and its half-decade earlier predecessor. But I would almost guarantee I'd buy WoW if it had this class (much like I bought Horizons for the dragons).
          • There is absolutely nothing wrong with innovative game thinking. I didn't buy Warcraft III because jack had changed between it and its half-decade earlier predecessor. But I would almost guarantee I'd buy WoW if it had this class (much like I bought Horizons for the dragons).

            I'll second that, i've sort of been watching WoW with about a 25% interest level, after seeing the 2-headed Ogre my interest is at about a 90% and i will definately be purchasing this game (not to mention the monthly subscription).

  • by tbmaddux ( 145207 ) * on Thursday April 01, 2004 @01:04PM (#8737967) Homepage Journal
    From original article:
    Thus, it is important to discuss these external communications internally first to avoid appearing schizophrenic.
  • pvp (Score:5, Funny)

    by Tobias Luetke ( 707936 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @01:08PM (#8738000)
    Do i get to pk my better half ?

    no i'm talking about wow, im serious !

    • no, you can't :~(

      As you both have the same HP, or rather you have two HPs merged into 1, making you hard to butcher, but alas still if one die both die.

  • Here are some early screenshots [] of the new monster.
  • Well hey, what the hell? This is still a great idea. Just because it's hilariously strange, it's doable. I think it would work tremendously.
  • I can't wait to play a giant robot Goblin Tinker hero in the next Frozen Throne patch.

  • God forbid. Blizzard would never go out on a limb like that.
  • That, surprisingly, sounds like a wonderful idea. The only problem I see is what would happen when you're online and the other person isn't? Would half of you be asleep?
  • Blizzard History (Score:1, Redundant)

    by Creepy ( 93888 )
    I don't trust Blizzard - they probably _WILL_ put them in as a playable race.

    Diablo's Secret Cow Level started as an April Fools joke too :)
  • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

    by jimmyl930 ( 707185 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @02:44PM (#8739406)
    It would be awesome if you could request another character to be with and/or have AI control if the other player isn't available.
  • I think this would be very cool in terms of fighting. And I suppose if your second half was offline they would be gone.
    This could be potentially more dangerous for players because of griefers. They could Really mess up someone's game play. Another problem I see is if one half is never online, then the two headed experience someone wants may not be worth while.
  • That'd make head shots a bitch.
  • by PlatyPaul ( 690601 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @03:09PM (#8739708) Homepage Journal

    Arguably, this might be just what MMORPGs need... something that enforces sociability and cooperation with a person who they don't get to choose. It's possible that two people creating an ogre character end up with personalities that mesh well, but in any other case the users would be forced to come up with a system of compromises and rules for how things will be done.

    One particular book, Forever Peace [] by Joe Haldeman proposes the idea that humans which are forced into interacting with each other continuously will ultimately gain an empathy with humanity as a whole that will result in peacefulness and civility.

    Yes, the book I mentioned is Sci-Fi, though the idea isn't too far off from reality. At a recent meeting of PUMUG [], we had a demo of a recently released group-programming tool that was essentially just a text editor for more than 1 person. Most of the folks at the meeting had the program up and running, so we shared a common text file for editing. The chaos of ~10 people was incredible, though a sense of order was eventually established with the understand that each person got a particular line or set of lines to write on (with no outside interference) and that people would refrain from huge text pastes or deletes. There were the occasional annoyances, but most people that stuck it through were civil about it and managed quite an interesting conversation that entirely distracted from the meeting.

    So yes, it is April 1st, but this is one story that I would hope might be real. If it were, I might very well play an ogre myself. Feel free to look for me... the name'll probably be something like Grantor\/\/1zzz3|2D, and I'll be going insane. Cheers.

  • I would play this. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 01, 2004 @03:33PM (#8740031)
    Has anyone seen any other online game where you have to cooperate this much? I think it is feasible, and not only that, I also think it is balanceable. Basically, it would simply be a matter of balancing when only one player plays, to make sure that noones try to be this only to have more hit points. For the movement, it could be "surimposed" If both press foward, it goes foward, if one presses forward, it goes foward. If one press foward the other left, it does both. If both press opposite direction, it cancel out.

    It could be a mess to tie the control thogeter on the devs. side. But it would really create a new experience! Diverse experiences is what these games need to keep old players who want to try new things. I would hope it would be possible to choose who you will play with or go random. Maybe have rituals to transplant your spirit into another body too(changing partner). Etc.
  • Awesome idea, hope i'll get a notorious powergamer, for the better half.
  • w00t w00t, april fool..........
  • Up until about last October, I had successfully avoided being dragged into any MMORPGS. Unfortunately, being a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, FFXI just couldn't be passed up. Now I know that this was probably just a joke, but if it was real, it might be enough to drag me into picking up a SECOND online rpg. Maybe if enough people express interest in the joke race, it might become more than a joke?

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