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Industry Analysts, Jokers Predict E3 Shenanigans 12

Thanks to GameSpot for its 'Spot On' column discussing game industry financial analysts' predictions for the E3 Expo being held in Los Angeles next week. Among the predictions from various analysts are plans for Xbox ("I'm virtually certain that Microsoft will announce that Xbox Next is coming in 2005. Not clear whether they want to do so at E3"), Sony's possible announcements ("Probably a price cut to $149, and reemphasizing the point that PS2 is still going strong"), and discussion of Nintendo's DS (" now appears the system is generating a more positive response, particularly among game publishers.") But if you're fed up with 'expert' opinions, then try some completely fake predictions from Jason 'Loonyboi' Bergman, including: "Midway will announce a pre-order campaign for NARC, in which the first 1,000 orders will receive 1/8th of an ounce of hashish... Nintendo's press conference will consist entirely of awkward silence, interrupted only by a single person making farting noises with his armpit."
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Industry Analysts, Jokers Predict E3 Shenanigans

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday May 09, 2004 @06:34AM (#9099064)
    Every shitty fansite on the web ends up "sending" about seven "journalists" to E3.

    Ban them all! and E3 would be much better.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Is the announcement of Nico (Ico 2) at E3. god damn they're taking their time with this game. Ico was sooooo good it makes my gf pale in comparison. She loves the game a lot too.

  • by Apreche ( 239272 ) on Sunday May 09, 2004 @10:30AM (#9099701) Homepage Journal
    Here is why the DS will be great for Nintendo. As long as it doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money, I will buy it. I think $200 would be the absolute maximum I would even consider paying based on what we know so far. But $150 is more realistic. Given that I'm not losing a fortune there are only a few possibilities.

    Possibility one is that it is a great success and has tons of great games, I win. Another possibility is that it is another Virtual Boy. I win again because I'm that guy who has the virtual boy. Another possibility is that it does sort of well, but not great, like the Dreamcast. I consider that a win as well as long as I get my moneys worth.

    I'm really looking forward to the full scoop on the ds so that I can know for sure, but right now it seems like there is no reason not to buy it.
  • by MMaestro ( 585010 )
    Who knows, some of these joke predictions may come true. I donno if anyone here listens to the webcast 'GamingNoise' but last year a few weeks before E3 they decided to make predictions regarding the next E3..

    By rolling a dice.

    One of the predictions was that all three consoles would announce a price-cut during E3. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • Whee. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by mrseigen ( 518390 ) on Sunday May 09, 2004 @04:41PM (#9101710) Homepage Journal
    I think the joke post makes more sense than the non-joke posts, honestly. Good ol' E3, especially this year. I know I'm looking forward to the countless games based on movies based on comic books. And then there's the sequels. Hopefully the DS and PSP going head-to-head will cause something interesting to appear.
  • ...DNF.

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