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Produce Panic Takes Penny Arcade Characters Gaming 35

Thanks to EvilAvatar for pointing to the official Produce Panic webpage, which now has a free PC download (23mb, 5 maps) of "the first Penny Arcade [themed] game for the PC", based on the Garage Games Torque engine, in which the player can "run (or fly) around as your favorite juicer in an all out death match, or play cooperatively with friends and compete against other teams of Fruit F@*kers to capture their receipt so they can be taken back to the store." The guys at Penny Arcade seem to approve, noting "There is even a movie theater in hell which, in addition to Tomb Raider and the Tetris Movie, also shows the latest strip up on the screen", and mentioning: "It is free, as I mentioned, but the guys at Plan B Games are accepting donations for their work - if you enjoyed it, please let them know."
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Produce Panic Takes Penny Arcade Characters Gaming

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