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Farcry Patch Gets Nvidia Shader Engine Boost 21

An anonymous reader writes "Anandtech has posted a detailed article on good-looking PC FPS Farcry's forthcoming 1.2 patch which takes advantage of Nvidia's Shader Model 3.0 engine. The patch is supposed to boost Farcry performance for all video cards, but with Nvidia [supposedly] getting the biggest boost from SM3. (Further details on Nvidia's SM3 engine can be found via HardOCP) Benchmarks are included in the Anandtech article." The article also notes: "ATI assures us that they have also been working with CryTek on their efforts. Since we have seen a performance improvement with the latest driver and new 1.2 patch, we don't have any reason to think that anything extraordinarily fishy is going on behind the scenes between NVIDIA and CryTek."
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Farcry Patch Gets Nvidia Shader Engine Boost

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  • by stoneymonster ( 668767 ) on Friday July 02, 2004 @12:33PM (#9593001) Homepage
    The 15% speed boost is in "run" speed, i.e. the speed with which your character places one foot in front of another while fleeing drooling monsters, not a 15% FPS boost on your video card. The poster is confusicated.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    is that they moan and bitch like this:

    "If these are the only differences between the SM2.0 and SM3.0 paths, then all we heard about were the performance enhancing features. We do appreciate NVIDIA providing us with the patch and information before it went live on Ubisoft's website, but we would still rather have had some of this information directly from the source. Obviously, we want to present a fair and unbiased account of what's actually happening, and we should be fine as long as we take proper precau
  • by unassimilatible ( 225662 ) on Saturday July 03, 2004 @12:57PM (#9600436) Journal
    HardOCP also reports on dynamic branching by non-PS 3.0 cards [campus.luth.se]. Pic here [hardocp.com] and downloadable demo link here [campus.luth.se].

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