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EGM's Sushi-X - Unmasked At Last? 20

Thanks to CJ Johnston's weblog for its discussion on the true identity of U.S. videogame magazine EGM's secretive early/mid-'90s writer, Sushi-X. Johnston, a former EGM staffer, muses on the origins of the character: "The way I figure it (and I'm guessing here, since he appeared in EGM before my [1994-era] time), the Sushi-X persona was inspired by [Japanese videogame magazine] Famitsu's Taco-X, a reviewer often dressed as a ninja", and goes on to claim that the Lloyd Mangram-esque Sushi-X, "often the 'swing reviewer' who would pan something the other guys 'liked'", was originally writer Ken Williams. However, "soon everyone else on staff was taking turns playing Sushi-X", and, even post-EGM removal, the often composite character was resurrected for the now defunct GameNow magazine in 2003.
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EGM's Sushi-X - Unmasked At Last?

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  • by FlipmodePlaya ( 719010 ) on Sunday July 04, 2004 @01:15AM (#9604141) Journal
    Sushi's stuff was always fun to read, but it was fairly obvious it wasn't a 'real person'. I can't reference any specific clues, but you certainly got that feeling from reading the magazine. CJ's blog displays a guess no better than any of ours, so I'm not too sure this deserves a ./a article.

    What bothered me from the blog is that he thinks EGM created this character of SushiX, and then had him hate on certain games just to develop it. Does that mean games were given bad reviews just for that purpose? That makes me question the integrity of my favorite gaming rag...
  • by MachDelta ( 704883 ) on Sunday July 04, 2004 @03:05AM (#9604425)
    Damn, I remember being like 7 years old and drooling over the latest EGM with my buddies, and we ALL wanted to know who Sushi-X was. Hell, we all wanted to be Sushi-X too:
    "I call Spiderman!"
    "I call Wolverine!"
    "I call Sushi-X!"
    "Hey! I wanted to be the ninja! Sushi was mine!"
    "No he wasn't!"
    "Yes he was!"
    "I want Sushi! You can be Wonder Woman!"

    Ah, to be 7 years old again!
    ...excuse me while I go dig around in the basement for my NES.
  • by foidulus ( 743482 ) * on Sunday July 04, 2004 @11:28AM (#9605986)
    Taco(or Tako) in Japanese means octopus(which lots of people eat regularly)
    The mexican treat is Takosu
    I wonder if Taco-X was actually a play on words on Tako instead of Takosu.
  • A quote that has stuck around with me for a long time:

    "Sushi-X wishes he could just air-kajam the whole world into thinking straight again."

    I've had that feeling a lot more the older I get.

  • okay great, now ... who is RedEye that writes for Edge magazine, and while youre at it, who is Biffo, who writes for the same mag?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Who was the real Shen-Long? I could never get the code to work in Street Fighter!
  • of a game that wasn't a fighting game.

    I couldn't stand the guy and his Street Fighter obseesion/I'm more hardcore than you because I can play imports/I use the japanese words for fighting game attacks because I am more hardcore than you.

    Give me a break. He'd have fit right in at GameFan with their 2D/SNK worship/Fighting game worship/we liked anime before anyone else did attitude.

    And worse, all of EGM was a bit like that. They gave Samurai Showdown game of the year honors. A game for a system that no on
    • The whole 2D/SNK/Fighting game worship thing goes deeper than you know. A crowd of us used to go to "Shidoshi" the anime reviewers house ,play fighters, and watch anime all the time. Yes he had a shelf full of actual NeoGeo Carts. When somebody hangs around people that are die hard into 2d fighters, they will lean towards them in thier reviews. Nice to hear from the other end of the spectrum though.

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