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More Classic NES Titles For GBA Announced 100

Thanks to Nintendojo for its list of the latest NES titles to be re-released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan. Though "it remains to be seen if any of these particular games will make it to North America", highlights include "Super Mario Bros. 2 [Japanese version], Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Metroid, Kid Icarus, [and] Castlevania." We've previously covered earlier NES Classic iterations - in a similar vein to a recent GameSpy article, how many dollars would you actually spend on these NES re-releases for GBA?
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More Classic NES Titles For GBA Announced

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  • by Wyrmw00d ( 571980 ) <wyrmw00d@bocaj.org> on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:15AM (#9630542) Journal
    If they were bundled as a 5 game cart.
  • by (trb001) ( 224998 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:15AM (#9630545) Homepage
    in a similar vein to a recent GameSpy article, how many dollars would you actually spend on these NES re-releases for GBA?

    Around $100 USD...enough to buy a decent flash ROM and linker. I owned all these games, I'm not buying the exact same game again. I rebuy VHS on DVD because a) the quality is better, b) I always hated rewinding. I don't have that problem here.

    • by Kris_J ( 10111 ) *
      I bought an e-reader with the promise of cheap NES re-releases on cards. I'm a little annoyed that N has decided to release them in expensive carts instead. Perhaps now that the dot-code has been reverse engineered some 3rd-party NES IP owners could print their own cards...
  • by sporty ( 27564 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:22AM (#9630604) Homepage
    How I was so impressed with link then. for he was left AND right handed in that one.
    • The final boss was always such a pain in the ass until I read a tip on gamefaqs that allows you to finish him off relatively unharmed.

      I wonder if that bug's been fixed link Enix fixed some cheating bugs in their dragon warrior games that were re-released?
    • He was ambidextrous in the original LOZ too - the "facing left" and "facing right" sprites were the same sprite reflected.

      I wouldn't mind playing through Zelda II again, it's been a long time. That old gold-plated cartridge is probably still floating around my parents' garage, but I suppose it would be easier to just pick it up for my GBA.

  • I was poor and only owned a few games and rented the rest, as well as didnt get a NES untill SM3 came out, I would buy these games simply cause i didnt get them and would rather play them on my gameboy than my NES....
  • Why Metroid? (Score:5, Informative)

    by DragonPup ( 302885 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:30AM (#9630655)
    You unlock the classic Metroid when you beat Metroid Zero for the GBA already.
    • A graphically-updated version of Mario Bros. was included with every single GBA game with Mario in it(well, the Mario Advances and M&L Superstar Saga) and that didnt' stop Nintendo from re-releasing that.

      It's... basically going to be the same thing as the ZM port, I'm sure, only without the convenient save function and without the requirement of beating a drastically improved version of it.

      • A graphically-updated version of Mario Bros. was included with every single GBA game with Mario in it(well, the Mario Advances and M&L Superstar Saga) and that didnt' stop Nintendo from re-releasing that.

        i was under the same impression, until i actually got a gba, and bought a few of the mario advance games...in fact, the mario game included on all of those cartriges is "mario classic". it is not Super Mario Bros. from NES, but is (apparently) an old arcade game, more in the lines of the old Donkey

        • It's Mario Bros., like the parent poster said. Super Mario Bros. and Mario Bros. are two completely different games. Mario Bros. was an arcade game, that also was released for NES.
        • by Spleener12 ( 587422 ) * on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @10:22AM (#9631641)
          Yes, and the old arcade game that was in all the Mario Advance games was originally called Mario Bros. (no Super,) which was subsequently re-released as part of the NES classic series despite a superior version being availible for $10 more [1up.com].

          Super Mario Bros 1, on the other hand, has only seen four major releases on any system (NES, SNES(Mario All-Stars), GBC(Super Mario Bros. DX), and GBA(NES Classic).) They probably haven't been whoring it as much due to the fact that it doesn't really stand up as well in this day and age next to later games. Not that I'd be surprised if the next Mario Advance game was a port of the All-Stars version of SMB1.

          • Don't forget that Super Mario Bros. appears in Animal Crossing on the Gamecube along with a few other NES games [gamefaqs.com]. Note that the game can be downloaded onto a GBA using the link cable.
            • Don't forget you can't access that game in AC, and a couple others, like LoZ, without using an action replay or similar cheating device. If you have one already, great, but who's going to buy that just to get the games in AC when you could just buy the games?
              • Well in this case I allready had the Action Replay, and we're talking $25 to unlock the games (plus other usability) vs $20 for each game.

                Don't get me wrong - I've already bought Legend of Zelda and would have purchased Super Mario Bros. except that I've already got the SMB DX on the GBC (which has a wonky small view, but has so much more content...)
    • I just finished Metroid Zero a while back, and I gotta say that it's an awesome game. To anybody who enjoys the 2D Metroid games, I highly recommend it - especially if you played the original Metroid on the NES. Easily rivals Super Metroid, and the nostalgia factor really kicks in sometimes (remember the Kraid theme?).

    • It's also included as an unlockable in Metroid Prime on the Gamecube (complete Metroid Fusion and link the GBA and Cube). It probably uses the same emulator that's used in the Zelda collection and Animal Crossing.
  • they're compatible (Score:4, Interesting)

    by truffle ( 37924 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:30AM (#9630656) Homepage
    Worth mentioning that the GBA is not region restricted, you can play Japanese cartridges on a US gameboy.

    Also it's legal (I am not a lawyer) to play NES roms on a GBA through a flash card and emulator if you own the original title.
    • by AndyBusch ( 160585 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @09:16AM (#9631034)
      It's probably not legal. It may be if you dump the ROM from your own NES cart, but downloading it from elsewhere isn't.

      However, it is ethical, in many many eyes.

      The Nintendo produced carts do have some sprite work done on them, so they look a touch better, but it's not major.
    • Also it's legal (I am not a lawyer) to play NES roms on a GBA through a flash card and emulator if you own the original title.

      Under fair use it should probably be legal, but fair use has been sabotaged as of late.

  • Overpriced (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Bastian ( 66383 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:52AM (#9630823)
    With Phantasy Star Collection, they crammed the first three Phantasy Star games onto one GBA cart, and had to write two emulators (Sega Master System for I, Sega Genesis for II and III.) For three great games, I spent 20 bucks.

    Nintendo, on the other hand, wants me to spend 30 bucks apiece for these games. I find that hard to swallow considering that, even if some of these are amazing games, this series is still just shovelware.
    • Given the difficulty even the Dreamcast has emulating the Genesis, I don't think the GBA has the horsepower to emulate one for the PS Collection - the games are probably ports.

      Your point remains, though. And it's a good one.

      • The collections credits definitely mention emulator programmers, so some of it is emulated. Some of it might've been tweaked though (the graphics etc. have been changed so they fit on the GBA's lower res screen). The sound's lousy though.

        The Dreamcast should be able to emulate a Megadrive pretty well (the Saturn does pretty well with Sonic Jam, apart from odd sound sometimes), although I guess it depends on the coders.
    • Re:Overpriced (Score:5, Informative)

      by cbirdsong64 ( 410584 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @10:31AM (#9631727)
      The NES Classic series is only $20 each. Still too much, though.
    • Really? They 30 bucks in the states? I get mine for 2000 yen. About 16-17 bucks. They're not a great deal, but they're a pretty good deal. I just wish they'd being back 3rd party games like some old school mega-man action.
  • by RegalBegal ( 742288 ) <regalbegal@[ ]il.com ['gma' in gap]> on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @08:55AM (#9630850) Homepage
    I can't swing my GBA around on it's cord like I did my NES controller when I get frustrated for not making any more ground in Metroid.
    • Re:I'm all set.... (Score:3, Insightful)

      by YaRness ( 237159 )
      more importantly, a GBA SP is costlier to replace when you hurl it across the room.

      i already have a feeling i'm going to mess up the hinge from shaking it in frustration trying to beat that damn spider boss in metroid fusion.
  • All set (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Rethcir ( 680121 )
    Since I own a copy of Mario All Stars, FF Origins, and Megaman Anniversary Collection, I'm tempted to say i'm all set with NES games for a while. Truthfully though, I'd love to see new releases of Castlevania/Castlevania 3, Contra, and/or Ducktales 1. I wouldn't be willing to pay $30 though. Plus there's the fact that I don't own a GBA yet, but that's my own fault. I think if I did, I'd either buy a flash card and emulate, or I'd be playing something along the lines of pokemon or golden sun. I think if they
    • Duck Tales for NES! Yeah! That game kicked ass! Duck Tales 2 was also good.

      Me, I'm waiting for the Nintendo DS and someone to make a SNES emu for that. Shouldn't be impossible.

      • Lol, i remember playing Ducktales, and while humming along on the chorus / Ducktales song, i remember switching to Phil Collin's 'You can't hurry love' - If you still remember how the Ducktales song goes ; give it a try :D
        • Ohhh you just have to wait.. love don't come eeeasy.. etc. Also, have you noticed that Elec Man's music from Megaman 1 has a melody very similar to some old song by Journey or something like that? I can hear the singer singing like the exact same four notes, and then busting into a electric guitar solo. I'm glad that they preserved it in the Anniversary Collection remix, and also it's cool how they used elements of that theme in Ring Man's stage's remix too.
    • Didn't Ducktales come out for the GBC?
      • I'm pretty sure there was one for old-school monochrome gameboy, at pretty much the same time as the NES one. I seem to remember an old strategy guide with black and white pixely pictures of Scrooge McDuck.
  • Maybe it was more popular in the states, but I'm suprised that Mega Man (Rock Man in Japan) wasn't listed at all. Good to see Castlevania in the mix, but this collection really needs more Konami/Ultra titles like Contra, Jackal, TMNT and Metal Gear.

    Kid Icarus? I'm sorry, but that game has the most obnoxious music in *any* NES title ever created. Why anyone would subject themselves to reliving that I'll never know. :)
    • Re:Huh? (Score:2, Informative)

      by Eggman27 ( 587963 )
      The reason it's not in there is cuz it's already being rereleased for the GameCube in the Mega Man 15th Anniversary Collection.
    • I remember Konami having some of the best games for the NES--usually superior to the ones actually made by Nintendo.

      The ones I would really like to see is the Double Dragon series. These would work really well on the GBA because of the link cable capability. Starting with DD2, they were simultaneous multiplayer, so that would be perfect for linking together.

      Oh, and one of my favorites, although not very well known, is Bionic Commando. For those of you not familiar with it, he was a soldier who had basi
      • Re:Huh? (Score:2, Informative)

        by KDR_11k ( 778916 )
        The NES rereleases support the wireless adapter. Hold L+R before choosing multiplayer to open the "conection method" dialogue, IIRC.
      • There was a Bionic Commando game released for the Gameboy Color, you could try finding that one.
        • "There was a Bionic Commando game released for the Gameboy Color, you could try finding that one."

          That is really cool, but then I would also have to find a Gameboy Color. You see, I've never bought any version of Gameboy. I love the NES, but never could tolerate the small screen of the Gameboys.
          • Then you need a GB Player, they're good and cheap. If you don't have a Gamecube they're good and cheap as well. Surely that is a small price to pay for a game of Bionic Commando?
            • I've got Bionic Commando on my computer NES emulator, so I do get to play it if I want, and getting to save state any time is great. I was able to beat the game that way. (There's a really gross animation of Hitler's head blowing up at the end.)
              But perhaps you missed the part where I said I didn't like the small screen of Gameboys so I wouldn't want to get one.
      • Oh, and one of my favorites, although not very well known, is Bionic Commando.

        Clearly one of the unsung heroes of the good 'ol NES. That is one of my all time favorites as well.

        I've been waiting for a sequel/reprisal/whatever now for 14 years. Hell, I'd even settle for a quake mod based on it.
  • Ahem....

    Game Boy Advance....$100

    Ports of really old games for a system you haven't played for 10 years....$25 ea.

    Knowing Nintendo will never see another dime from this kid with an emulator....priceless.
  • Those with an e-Reader (not many) and those with Animal Crossing for GameCube (probably a few more), can already get many of these games onto their GBAs rather easily - same quality as well, if I'm not mistaken. I know Balloon Fight and Donkey Kong are available as well as a couple others that have been rereleased - they should have marketed the e-Reader/AC connections better. And anyone with Metroid Fusion/ZeroMission/Prime can get the original Metroid on either GBA or GameCube.
    • I hope this does not signify the end of the e-reader. I mean I know that DK on e-reader is not as full featured as the classic NES reissue, but still. I love the e-reader. I wish more people adopted it. I see them in the clearance bin at game stores for the low, low price of $5 in the near future.
    • With the demise of the eReader goes the Game-N-Watch series of cards, which I had really been looking foward to, even if they were released in the silly collectable format like the Animal Crossing eCards.
      • I actually hadn't heard about the Game & Watch cards until a couple days ago. My big beef is that we in the US will probably never see Series 3/4 of the SMA4:SMB3 e-Reader cards - new levels that will most likely never see the light of day on this side of the Pacific.

        As for the Animal Crossing cards, I like the collectable format - given how many characters, items, and patterns you could get from them, it made sense. Although it would be nice for them to release a full package or box set of the entir
    • except for the fact that games like balloon fight and ice climber on NES had multiplayer, yet they left them off for the e-reader cards.... however, multiplayer has been retained for the nes classics series, even with single-pak linkup (and while I don't know about other games, in Super Mario Bros., if you link up for multiplayer, and then disconnect the cable, the other player can still play through the whole game single-player for as long as the gameboy is turned on!)
  • You can play these games in emulators, of course, but my real interest is playing them on a TV- with the GameCube GBP, you can do that. The GameCube essentially becomes a proxy for all your Nintendo platforms that way, which is a bit easier to handle in terms of video switches :-)

    • You should pick up a Dreamcast, then. There are well written emulators that you burn to a disc with a few hundred megs of roms to play right on your tv. No need to mess with the GameBoy Player disc and a bunch of cartriges. If you're really insistent you could put each rom on a different disc.
    • my real interest is playing them on a TV- with the GameCube GBP, you can do that.

      Though the Classic NES series will probably work on the Game Boy Player accessory, there exist several titles for Game Boy systems that won't work on the Game Boy Player:

      • Workboy, and any other title that requires a device that plugs only into the original Game Boy's larger link port. (The current Game Boy link port shape and size was introduced with the Game Boy Pocket.)
      • Kirby Tilt n Tumble, and any other title with a ti
  • by Clomer ( 644284 )
    I would be willing to pay $50 if the whole series were on one cartridge, or at the very least 5 games per cartridge. But I feel like I'm being ripped off in them charging $20 a game for games that in many cases I already own a copy of.

    That's my disappointment in this whole thing. Really what I'd like to see is a GameCube disc with every NES game on it. They could get away with charging $100 for it, too, and I would probably get it.
    • by DaveCBio ( 659840 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @12:09PM (#9632799)
      Agreed, it's way too much for an old game. Nintendo is cashing in on nostalgia. Can't believe they have the balls to chastise the industry for the state of games when they live on remakes and re-releases.
      • IMHO, I think that by doing this - Nintendo's also relying on their past originality (in terms of unique games) to carry them- but there's only so many Mario remakes you can throw at the public before they become bitter... Sure wish I'd see something new from NIN instead of remakes... I wonder how many of these they'll release again once the NIN DS comes out?!
    • Better yet, they could do what Atari's been doing- sell something that's basically an NES controller that hooks directly into a TV with a bunch of old NES games stored on it.

      Also, the problem with the "GC disc with every NES game on it" idea is that Nintendo doesn't have the rights to do that with most of the NES' library and it would be a massive pain in the ass for them to do so.

  • I work at a used video game store, and the price on these classic NES games is nothing but a joke!
    It is quite funny to see a new copy of Pac-Man World (or whatever they call the collection of six or seven pac-man games) sitting next to "Classic NES Pac-Man" for the exact same price!

    Also, someone also pointed out Metroid Zero contains itself AND Metroid, what would compel someone to buy JUST Metroid? I cannot believe that Nintendo can sell these games, the only one worth buying is the Legend of Zelda one.

    • The screen proportion feels a bit off

      You're correct. The NES's pixel aspect ratio was 40:33, or 1.212:1, or roughly 6:5. I computed this given the official ITU pixel aspect ratio for digitized NTSC signals (10:11, defined in CCIR 601) and the fact that each screen pixel takes up 2/3 of a color clock. The GBA's pixel aspect ratio, on the other hand, is square; NES screens in both PocketNES [pocketnes.org] (the unofficial emulator) and acNES (the official emulator, used in Animal Crossing and the e-reader) are scaled dow

  • Take a look at Nintendojo's source. The-Magicbox clearly states:

    - UNCONFIRMED: Nintendo will release the next batch of Famicom Mini titles for GameBoy Advance in Japan on August 10, for 2000 yen each. The 3rd volume will contain 10 classic Famicom Disk System games...

    While I'm sure it's a plausible rumour, it's still a rumour.

    I personally hope it's true, I've always wanted to try the 8 bit version of the Lost Levels. It's a shame they didn't re-release Super Mario DX on GBA with its bigger screen and
  • by blueZhift ( 652272 ) on Wednesday July 07, 2004 @02:48PM (#9634323) Homepage Journal
    I think's it's somewhat ironic, that emulation and piracy probably had a big hand in Nintendo's current love affair with NES rereleases. Few have fought harder to fight piracy and emulation than Nintendo, but one can argue that emulation and piracy proved the existence of the market they are now happily mining. I don't think they'd have been as willing to risk this without that proof.

    This is no endorsement of piracy, but I suspect that piracy rates are just another tick on the marketing meter for measuring a game's popularity. As for the price of these classics, well $20 isn't too bad, but they should IMHO be more like $9.99 unless they come with some decent extras.
  • I have about 50 old nes games sitting in my attic. Most or all don't work anymore, and the NES certainly doesn't work.

    What did I do? By one of those Flash memory GBA cartridges with a USB link.

    I can fit about 35 NES games on one GBA sized cartridge and be able to save at any point during the game. I wouldn't even think of buying these games for $20 a pop.

    They have the technology. Release like 20 games a cartridge and charge $50 for them.
    • There is a way to bring your grey flashing screen NES back from the dead: get a new 72 pin connector! They should run you about $10. I used to refurbish NES systems for a local used game place just by replacing the 72 pin connector, it's not that hard... it's just a bunch of screws. The games will work every time (unless it's got bad dirt on it). No more blowing out the cartridges. The real culprit was the worn out pins not making good contact.

      My NES works so well now, I don't even have to press cartr
    • I don't really have a problem with the emulation, but can you really enjoy NES games using save states all the time? I mean they are usually very short but written so that you have to replay challenges over and "master" the game in order to beat it. With save states it seems you'd finish most NES games in like an hour.
      • I've actually used save states to challenge myself. I always played Contra with "the code" as a child... I wanted to play it now without dying constantly.... So, every time I died, I'd load a save state from the beginning of the level. This way, I learned how to play the game without dying so much. I'm working on being able to play the entire game without dying. So far, I'm doing pretty well. The next challenge will be to play the game without getting weapon upgrades. ;)
  • 20 Dollars (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    How many dollars would you actually spend on these NES re-releases for GBA?

    $20 for 20 Games per cart
  • While it's certainly nice to have a portable format for the games, some of the games just aren't suited to playing a few minutes here, few minutes there like I do with my GBA.

    I've played many of the old NES and SNES favorites, and own many as well. These still work with my NES or SNES, which are still going strong. There is zero chance I will repurchase and games I currently have for either of these systems.

    On the other hand, if Nintendo starts releasing the rehashes for the GBA at the cost I can find worki

  • looking at the japanese page there's serveral releases that are japanese specific (I've forgotten all my kanji, but one of them looks like a dating sim or something). This might explain crap like Pacman and bomberman being released in the states. Nintendo was trying to quickly pad out the US line up with easy to port titles. At least, I can't think of another explanation for yet another release of Pacman and bomberman.
    • looking at the japanese page there's serveral releases that are japanese specific (I've forgotten all my kanji, but one of them looks like a dating sim or something).

      You're probably looking at one of the Famicom Tantei Kurabu [nintendo.co.jp] titles there. They're not dating sims, they're high-school detective adventure games, and pretty good ones too.

      ...okay, there is a romantic subplot between the protagonist and Ayumi, but she's not the main point of the games.

      I do wish they were rereleasing the Nintendo Power rema [nintendo.co.jp]
  • 5 per game would be good, 10 would be marginally acceptable, $15 would be the maximum. Now, if only I could take the train to work instead of driving, I might have some time to play them.

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