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History Of Doom Movie Debuts 147

Rogerpq3 writes "A G4/Tech TV feature on DOOM 3, offering a history of the DOOM franchise in the words of the folks at id Software. The clip can be found on the air on The DOOM Franchise, episode 310 of a series called 'Icons.' The piece offers clips from DOOM 3 and other games, interview footage, analysis and more, and for those without access to the program. You can download the movie at: 3DGamers, Doom3HQ, Doom3.de, Doom3maps.de, and FileShack. It's really worth the download for any Doom and id fans out there. (Thanks: BluesNews)"
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History Of Doom Movie Debuts

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    ...if this history is any guide. I had no idea early Doom was so simplistic with the blank textures and the white-on-white maps. How could you even see the monsters? The graphics must have really improved along with the ability to resolve the webserver name.
    • Believe it or not but when Doom first came out those same graphics were jaw-dropping. It's all a matter of perspective.
      • I wouldn't say jaw-dropping. It was great but there already was a few games with some kind of photo-realism inside. It also had a huge success because you could had hours of fun discovering the maps and shooting aliens. There wasn't a lot of FPS when it came out, and the previous game (Wolfenstein) had a relatively small success as a shareware (only in the geeks world).
        • Yeah but Doom knocked all the competition to pieces, in both graphics and gameplay. I mean, I think it was the first to go to texture mapping on every surface; the walls in Wolfenstein were mostly blank IIRC. And the AI for the creatures turned it to the point where it wasn't just -- open another door, shoot the thing that runs towards you, repeat ad infinitum, which is just about my only memory of Wolfenstein.
          • Nope, only the "floor" and "ceiling" were blank/unshaded -- walls and doors were all fully texture-mapped. Aside from texturing floors and ceilings, Doom primarily excelled over Wolfenstein in its geometry -- with Doom they went from Wolfenstein's 2-dimensional maps to a "2.5D" engine which allowed them to create floors and ceilings at arbitrary elevations, allowing much more flexibility in architecture, with features like stairs and vaulted ceilings, as well as walls at angles other than 90 degrees. It st
      • You are, of course, right - the graphics were state of the art. However, I believe you completely missed the point of the grandparent's post. But I understand it can happen to the best of us from time to time ^_^
    • Mod parent up Funny, idiots.
  • by secondsun ( 195377 ) <secondsun@gmail.com> on Saturday July 24, 2004 @08:35AM (#9788487) Journal
    Does this mena that there will now be another good thing to watch on G4TTV? (The first being the back of my eyelids of course).

    TechTV wasn't a GREAT network, but I never turned to it and felt like my brain was being removed from the back of my head. Now, post merger, the content is trite, the reviews are lame (but getting better at least), and the Screen Savers has passed into unwatchable. Maybe I am missing some show that comes on in my off time, but what is good on the network?
    • I remember when it was still ZDTV. It pretty much started going down hill when they became TechTV, or a bit before. I can only imagine how awful it is now, as I stopped watching soon after that.

      Ah, the good ol' days of "HI LEO && KATE WHY DOES MY WEBCAM NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS?!??/1" ..and the answer was more of less always "we don't know, ask the manufacturer!"

      Live tech support at it's finest. ;)
    • Watch Cinematech if nothing else. It has no annoying hosts and just plays a bunch of random game trailers or gameplay movies. Back before the merger, the only way for me to watch G4 without bashing my head into the wall was to watch that.
    • the show isn't for the computer genius or slashdotters in general. They try to generalize the audience, you're a bit cynical to think they would go into advanced stuff in screen savers or game reviews. And i think you are wrong, Tech Tv has some great shows, such as big thinkers, fresh gear etc. maybe you are just desensitised due to your advanced knowledge /sarcasm
      • so.. they make a NERD SHOW not aimed at NERDS?

        what's the point?
      • And on top of that several of the hosts on TSS are actively promoting Linux and OSS to "the masses" every day.

        I think its great when they are warning people about the latest MS bug, and note that the open source alternative is uneffected... then they cut to a microsoft commercial! Have to get some damage control in during the breaks I guess.
    • Icons is one of my favorite shows on the channel.

      It seems that the shows that feature interviews with people in the gaming industry are always my favorites - Filter and Icons being the two regular ones, as well as the "Road to G-Phoria."

      Invent This was one of my favorites from TechTV, and i'm glad it carried over. Too bad the same didn't happen for Big Thinkers.

      XPlay is a show that hasn't changed its basic form, and is still pretty good. The reviews are solid, the hosts know what they're talking about an
  • DooM (Score:2, Redundant)

    by Kleedrac2 ( 257408 )
    You know this is one of those games I can never seem to get out of my system. I've bought the game at least 7 times and I still bought that "Collector's Edition" they did a couple years back. I play DooM Legacy (best linux port I've seen.) And I think I still have DooM95 installed on my wife's XP box. What is it that keeps me coming back for more of this game over and over again? Why can't I let this game go? Anywho I'm torrenting this file from 3DGamers and appreciate whoever brought this up as I los
  • More Mirrors (Score:5, Informative)

    by scifience ( 674659 ) * <webmaster@scifience.net> on Saturday July 24, 2004 @08:38AM (#9788498) Homepage
    I've put up a mirror of this, here:
    http://www.scifience.com/g4_icons_doom3-hi.zip [scifience.com]
    My mirror will be live at about 9:40AM EDT; I am uploading the file now at 1000KB/s.

    FilePlanet also has this:
    http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/143505.shtm l [fileplanet.com]

    So does FileFront:
    http://files.filefront.com/3469815;/pub2/Doom%203/ Media/Videos%20and%20Trailers/ [filefront.com]
  • firs time bittorrent worked fast for me.
  • You also get to see the revamped Cacodaemon a.k.a. The Tomato, which now looks like the aliens in Invaders from Mars [imdb.com]
  • by Anonymous Coward
    g4_icons_doom3-hi.zip [gamershell.com] on 1Gbit/s Server :) Get it while its hot!
  • history of dooom (Score:5, Insightful)

    by spacerodent ( 790183 ) on Saturday July 24, 2004 @08:39AM (#9788505)
    Doom is such an integral part of gaming history. How many of you played it as your first game? How many of you remember the first modding tools? Or the joys of downloading your first TC? Anyone remember Aliens TC by Justin Fisher? That mod had better atmosphere and gameplay than most comercial games I've played. Fourty or fifty years down the line I bet our kids look back on doom as the Model T of PC gaming.
    • Bah! You young'uns no nothing about gaming! In my day Id software was synonymous with Commander Keen and we liked it that way! No fancy, shmancy three-dee thingymabobs! No siree! We had 2D platform scrollers about toddlers who saved the galaxy after bedtime! That was a *real* in-game storyline! No B.S. about a "Space Marine" saving the moons of Mars. What the heck is a "Space Marine" anyway? Bah, you kids. No imagination, none at all.

    • Personally, I always felt Quake was much more influental. This was the game that brought us true 3d, play-over-internet, a good mouse-look, later on hardware-accelerated smooth graphics, ...
      • Yeah, but Quake wouldn't have been what it was without Doom being written first. Quake was intentionally written as the successor to Doom, and practically all the new features in it were ways around limitations that people felt were the worst problems with Doom.
      • I thought Descent was the first game to have true 3D?
        • Technically there have been other games with "true" 3D before of course (Flight Sims and the likes). I guess Descent came a tiny bit before Quake, but I'm not too sure. While Descent was really cool, it had not quite the effect as Quake on how game engines were to be written for many years following. IIRC it used a special portal render algorithm. Quake introduced lightmaps and rather detailed geometry. Descent was a fantastic game of course, only the fondest memories...
    • How many of you played it as your first game?

      Alright, who feels old?
      • Alright, who feels old?

        Yeah, that'll be me. My first game was a Defender clone called 'Parsec' which ran on the TI-99/4A.

        Doom wasn't released for another - what? 10 years?
        • oh, hell yes, Parsec! Also, I remember competing with my old school crew for the top score in TI Invaders, a shameless space invaders copy. If you go back that far, you probably already know that the TI-99/4A is emulated on numerous platforms [harmlesslion.com] anyone for a round of hunt the wumpus?
        • Hah!
          My first computer game was a version of Star Trek, written in some form of BASIC on a PDP-10, played on an ASR-33 teletype.
          That's right, every time you wanted a map of the sector, it was printed out on a piece of paper at ten characters/second.

          My first real-time interactive game was called Orbit.
          It was written by a friend of mine and myself in FORTRAN for a PDP-11 with a Tektronix 4010 display.
          It used the front-panel switches of the computer to control the spaceships.
          It was similar to Asteroids without
      • Hear, hear. My first game, as far as I can remember, was either Asteroids at the airport my dad worked at, or PacMan at Pizza Hut. And of course there was Chuck E. Cheese.
      • No doubt. Pong here, with 10 exciting variations!
    • Pffft! I remember ASCII golf on some ancient machine at a friend's place. Mono ASCII video!
    • by back_pages ( 600753 ) <back_pages@c[ ]net ['ox.' in gap]> on Saturday July 24, 2004 @10:40AM (#9788950) Journal
      First game? Are you old enough to drive? I was born in 1980 and my first computer game was on a Vic-20. DooM as the Model-T of PC gaming? Are you watching Nickelodeon as you type? Over Christmas my much younger brother asked me what "Atari" was and couldn't believe that there were video games before the Playstation. Maybe you two could hang out.
      • I remember feeling the same way when my ex-girlfriend's brother asked me if the GTA games prior to GTA3 really were in 2D. Sheesh. I remember playing some games which didn't even have specialized pixels and instead used ASCII characters to represent your "tank" or "adventurer". (Albeit still well after some of you old-timers who remember when text-based games were "teh hottness".)

        More on topic, I also remember getting grossed out by the blood when watching my dad play wolfenstein 3d (specifically how you
        • Oh yeah, I remember playing a castle adventure game on my friend's dad's 286 with ASCII characters for all the monsters, stairs, keys, etc. Couldn't tell you the name, though.

          I remember playing Othello on the Vic-20 when I was like 4. I didn't really understand the strategy but I knew you had to have the most pieces to win and I sure tried to win. I also had one of these [m.nu] hot numbers, but it never wrote the data to the casette tape properly so I couldn't actually save & load anything. The good old d

    • Doom was not my first PC game nor was it the first game I played. The first PC game I played was Wolfenstein 3D. As cool as it was, I couldn't play it for that long because it gave me motion sickness. However, I don't doubt you saying that Doom is an integral part of gaming history. Currently, I'm playing the following FPS games...
      • Enemy Territory
      • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
      • Call of Duty
      • All the various Medal of Honor releases

      I also still play Rainbow Six among other FPS that probably had its root

    • "Fourty or fifty years down the line I bet our kids look back on doom as the Model T of PC gaming."

      If you read some of the comments in this thread, I wonder how much people will remember of it :
      For myself, I will always remember Doom, but even more, Quake 1.

      As much as Doom rocked my socks off, Quake did a ten times better job at it and I'm still playing that game weekly.
      Damn, I'm looking forward to Doom3 :)

  • .torrent available (Score:5, Informative)

    by zaphod.nu ( 100500 ) <peterNO@SPAMzaphod.nu> on Saturday July 24, 2004 @08:39AM (#9788506) Homepage
    There is a torrent available here [].
  • My Doom History (Score:5, Interesting)

    by mfh ( 56 ) on Saturday July 24, 2004 @08:39AM (#9788507) Homepage Journal
    - First played doom on a 486 at my buddy's place
    - His mother had to kick me out after playing on the family computer for 8 hours at a time
    - Could not afford a system that could run Doom
    - Finally got a p100 and bought Quake
    - Headfirst into the mod community
    - Made levels for Quake, Q2, Q3
    - Mods include Thunderwalker 2, Allstar2 CTF, Painkeep Arena
    - Invented Doom for Columbine that will likely never see the light of day (for obvious reasons)
    - Decided to design Doom 3 mod tenatively called "Doom 3 Bloopers" where we have some fun modding the orginal game
    - Still can't afford a computer that can play latest Doom Game
    • More details on those mods please! Especially Doom for Columbine and Doom 3 Bloopers. Just curious.
      • Re:My Doom History (Score:4, Interesting)

        by mfh ( 56 ) on Saturday July 24, 2004 @11:17AM (#9789105) Homepage Journal
        > More details on those mods please! Especially Doom for Columbine and Doom 3 Bloopers. Just curious.

        Doom for Columbine was in pre design for some time over at Sourceforge. We were going to try and do something to show that violent video games were not the cause of violent actions, but it was stupid to think that this would mean anything to anyone, and it was going to be far too difficult to do it in a tasteful way so that the victims families of the Columbine tragedy would not be hurt.

        We tried several different designs out in concepts and none of them panned out. We looked at doing a mod where the main character was an undercover FBI agent trying to crack down on school gangs, and while it sounded good on paper, the display of extreme school violence still would have upset the families of the victims.

        The other approach was to do a kind of nonviolent game where your goal was to obtain reputation by pranking different people in the school, but it seemed off-topic to do that, when the results of Columbine were so clear. Two students decided to wage war on their peers as a way of getting even for years of abuse. It was a tragedy that I think isn't too far in the history to warrant a mod using the game blamed for the violence in the first place.

        Looking back, I would have liked to do a realistic Doom/Columbine mod that enabled people to go on shooting rampages in a school setting. This may sound outrageous, but we believed that the mod might enable students to get out some of their daily frustrations in a fairly realistic setting, before actually going as far as really killing students. The problem we faced was that of liability; if a student played our mod and decided they it was a good idea to start really killing students (you know, used free will) then there existed the possibility that we could be held responsible -- not that we should legally be held responsible for someone else's actions, but it would be a messy situation.

        I guess our rights to do a mod using the Columbine theme exist, but we're not sure how to proceed with that. Suggestions are welcome if you want to see this mod made.

        Meanwhile, because we're nerds, we've been looking at doing a bloopers mod for Doom 3, to make fun of the serious and scary theme Id Software spent millions putting together. Why? Because I think it will be easy enough to pull off without having any models people onboard. We can use existing models to create the mod, and as you may know it takes quite a bit of time to do even one Doom 3 model, let alone animate the damn thing. Plus, my experience tells me that models people are the least reliable type of team member because they generally get snapped up for big bucks when they are any good, thus leaving free projects desolate of talent above the age of 15.

        The bloopers could be a total rewrite of the Doom 3 game, but by fouling up the script and making the levels dysfunctional. I think it would be funny as hell if chainsaw weilding enemies dropped their weapons during a crucial cutscene, or someone turned on the lights when a really scary part of the game came up. Or if the guys forgot or messed up their lines in the game...

        The greatest need on that kind of project would be for voice talent. I could easily program all the events by simply changing and rearranging the scripted events. The dialog would be pretty damn funny and I could write most of it myself. Level alterations, I could do too.

        Since I've been in the mod community, I've noticed that you just can't rely on people to work hard at something, unless they've got a good reason to.

        The negative press we received for Doom for Columbine overshadowed what we were trying to do with it. It made it so it wasn't going to be fun to make that kind of mod. The negative press stole away any desire I might have had to do something with Columbine. But I really think a bloopers mod would be fun as hell to do, and it would be played by everyone if it was hilarious enough. Plus I wouldn't have to rel
        • While I liked the goals you guys wanted to set forth in the Doom for Columbine mod, your guy's greatest mistake was the name : The name is unforgivable , imo : But then again, I was looking forward to what you guys we're able to pull off.

          Now I read that the project has come to a halt, I think the second mistake (but i think that would be clear by now) is that you guys made a public statement about something you clearly did not put too much thought in (yet).
          I'm in no way trying to flame you, and as I said,

          • > While I liked the goals you guys wanted to set forth in the Doom for Columbine mod, your guy's greatest mistake was the name : The name is unforgivable , imo : But then again, I was looking forward to what you guys we're able to pull off.

            We were taking ourselves way too seriously with Doom for Columbine, and that was the biggest mistake. Games aren't meant to be taken seriously. They are supposed to be fun, and that's where we're going with Doom 3 Bloopers.

            The name Doom for Columbine is just as unfo
            • "The name Doom for Columbine is just as unforgivable as Bowling for Columbine."

              I agree.

              "I think we were trying to make a statement, and it really failed. People got the wrong idea about what we were trying to do, and they only listened to their own misled conceptions about where we were going with the project. No matter how hard we tried to explain ourselves we were flamed everywhere for it. We got the hint and dropped the project."

              I can see how misled conceptions would lead to a scarcity of designer

              • > I can see how misled conceptions would lead to a scarcity of designers

                And even after the New York Times interview with me, the art and models guys couldn't commit to Doom for Columbine. It was a horrible nightmare for me, after so many near misses with modding.

                Thunderwalker 2, Allstar2 CTF, WireTap...etc. Just a shitload of coulda-beens/never-wuz vapourware... it's just annoying to have so many great ideas without the manpower to pull it off.

                And I think Doom 3 will spell a whole new era for game de
        • The other approach was to do a kind of nonviolent game where your goal was to obtain reputation by pranking different people in the school, but it seemed off-topic to do that, when the results of Columbine were so clear. Two students decided to wage war on their peers as a way of getting even for years of abuse. It was a tragedy that I think isn't too far in the history to warrant a mod using the game blamed for the violence in the first place.

          Here's a concept for you. Feel free to use it as you will.


    • Could not afford a system that could run Doom

      When I was at this stage, we solved it by playing on the school's computers. I fondly remember all long... *cough* school days. :-)

      Of course we were thrown out a couple of times and soon got a bad reputation (our class happened to be the worst abusers of school resources), so was it really worth it...?

      Hell yes!
    • This is the lowest slashdot ID I've ever seen actually posting in public.
  • ...makes it sound like they're talking about the long-forgotten Hollywood deal that would have made Doom into a blockbuster movie. Of course, like many game related movies, it went nowhere. In fact, the plans were changed to a "Quake Movie" after several years of negotiations. That also went nowhere.

    My guess is that the only reason why Tomb Raider was made into a (bad) movie, was because the opportunity for *cough* "eye candy" was so much higher. Not that it mattered in the end. Jolie was nothing like the
  • The new website is SO bad. Doom III [g4techtv.com]
  • When is it going to be on TV?
  • Damnit (Score:2, Funny)

    by Lisandro ( 799651 )
    I think i'll just bash my head to the wall until i fall in a coma. That will help me get through these two weeks.

    The wait is killing me!
  • Books (Score:2, Funny)

    by bcwizard ( 590746 )
    Let's not forget those great Doom books [amazon.com]!
  • Alright, I will probably be modded down for this, but I still find it interesting as it validates something that I said about 2-3 years ago. Carmack stated on Icons:Doom that Doom was being developed with the Xbox in mind. They commented about having known before hand what the specifications and capabilities of the machine would be. We've seen the poor ports, and simpler interfaces, and now there is proof that even the best developers are curtailing themselves in order to keep things in line with the lowes
  • I checked out the videos this morning. Anyone else notice the weird frame advance problem that causes the video to go back one frame every few frames? It gets into sync every once in a while for about a second, then goes back out. That was on Windows Media Player 9, the one most likely to play it back properly.
  • I gave G4 TechTV a few eeks before deciding to take it completely off my dial. Both networks were already lacking, but at at least TechTV had shows I cared to see.

    The G4 content is a bore. It's a fill of porn stars and games and how the two relate.

    I ended my extended cable tier three weeks ago and wrote Charter a letter about my thoughts.

    Anybody know of a way to get this - other than G4 - because I'm mildly interested if I run out of Tivo content.
  • I notice on the clip that they call the company "Id softare" rather than "eye-dee". I have never heard anyone actually say it the first way before...which is correct?
  • Same old * 2? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by DThorne ( 21879 )
    I'll probably buy the game, yadda yadda, but *man* I find these games built around technology instead of story reek. So they hired a scifi writer? Big whoops - in the quickie excerpts I saw sad ripoffs of Alien(1-4), Blade 2, and they're even *obviously* ripping off the feel of Half Life. Yup, ID has always been about blowing things up, but it holds my interest for about a week. Instead of getting all worked up about poly counts(what made their jaws drop in 2002 are now common technology displays nowada
    • I expect the problem to be that they are doing something like Doom 1 here. I have the feeling that a sequel of doom would not be a sequel at all if it didn't conform to the same gaming standards.

      That, and I suspect that Id hasn't been into making games for a long time - roughly since Quake came out, I imagine. Why do I say this? Because they can make a LOT more money by licensing their game engine than they can by selling games. This is how they made so much money on Quake.
    • Big whoops - in the quickie excerpts I saw sad ripoffs of Alien(1-4),

      Well then the tradition is continuing. Watch Alien, especially the part where Brett has to go and find the cat. There's a slow zoom of a pair of double doors which looked suddenly very familiar to me after I'd been playing Doom for a while. There are quite a few textures in the game which seem very similar if not actual copies from shots in the film.
  • Every gamer? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Peter Cooper ( 660482 ) on Saturday July 24, 2004 @11:44AM (#9789272) Homepage Journal
    In the video some guy says 'every gamer' is desperate to get their hands on Doom 3. This may generally be true of PC gamers, but I have some pretty savvy non-PC friends who get all the latest Xbox and PS2 games who've never heard of Doom (or, at least, may have screwed with Doom on the PCs back at school, but have no idea there's a number 3 due out). I think we tend to overrate ourselves here in the PC sphere..
    • or, at least, may have screwed with Doom on the PCs back at school, but have no idea there's a number 3 due out

      Believe me, after it comes out, they'll know about it.
  • OK, so this is a 142MB zip file. What's inside of it? QuickTime? WMV? I don't wanna spend 1/2 hour downloading it on my G5 to find that it's a WMV.

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