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Battlefield Pirates Hoists Mod Mainbrace 28

Ant writes "The Battlefield: Pirates v0.31 modification for Battlefield 1942 is now available for download. You can be either be a pirate or a zombie pirate (skeleton), and this neat mod allows you to use various boats (e.g., galleons), various guns, cannons, balloons, kegs, grenades, stone throwing axes, muskets, cutlasses, etc - there are screenshots of the Beta on the official site." What other Battlefield 1942 mods are worth checking out?
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Battlefield Pirates Hoists Mod Mainbrace

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  • Desert Combat (Score:5, Informative)

    by HaloZero ( 610207 ) <> on Sunday July 25, 2004 @12:24AM (#9792513) Homepage
    Desert Combat [] is a really good Battlefield 1942 mod. We've had a lot of fun playing it at school, LAN parties and such.
  • On the question of supposed chickens [] abuse.
  • by Fennario ( 748680 ) on Sunday July 25, 2004 @01:49AM (#9792916)
    Haven't played the Pirates mod yet, but I assume that as with other BF mods, the real struggle will be building any type of regular server/player base for it. With the exception of an extremely limited group of "premier" mods, i.e. Desert Combat and Eve of Destruction (in the pre-BF:Vietnam days) most mods don't garner enough interest to achieve critical mass in terms of user and host support. The end result is a wide variety of interesting (and even well-designed and executed) mods with no real playability, precisely because not enough people regularly play them. (And we all know how much fun a solo game of BF is.) I suppose/assume these mods might be fun for LAN parties or the like, but for gamers like myself who have no local opponents and rely on the greater community of complete strangers for regular opponents, these mods invariably become momentarily intriguing but quickly discarded diversions.
  • GameSpy [] has a funny article [] about this neat mod. It even made fun of the poor chickens [] that was on the news earlier in the week. :)
  • Wow, I remember this mod from over a year ago at my old job at a LAN Center.

    We would play this game every so often, with just the right amount of people, like two teams of four, it is seriously one of the most fun games ever. Simply because it doesn't try to be something its not, doesn't try to overshoot anything, does what it does well.

    I can still remember we would ram the boats into each other, blasting the cannons at full, then someone would (most likely me doing it) jump from the Crow's Nest onto
  • before EA comes out with their OWN version of pirates for BF !
  • by Wolve ( 155734 ) * <> on Sunday July 25, 2004 @03:00AM (#9793160) Homepage [] Desert combat Extended

    DC_Extended is an extension of Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. It's purpose is to add certain weapons that I feel would make the game more fun to play, modify existing weapons to compensate for minor annoyances and to modify certain official maps to take advantage of the new weapons. [] Silent Heroes, its about the Invasion of Norway in 2007 [] Interstate 1982, Yeah interstate baby ;) [] Who Dares Wins
    This mod is about post-Vietnam special operations.
    Special Operations Forces to be included in release 0.1 are the US Delta Force and Task Force 160 helicopter unit (the Night Stalkers), the Green Berets, the British Special Air Service (SAS) and the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). Opposition forces will include Taliban, Iraqi (Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom) and Somali troops. In 0.2, we will add units such as the Rangers and Navy SEALS, and many more maps in places like Bosnia, Grenada, Panama and the Falkland Islands.
  • Great (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Lord_Dweomer ( 648696 ) on Sunday July 25, 2004 @03:36AM (#9793252) Homepage
    For all who might be dubious about this mod based upon the previous versions...NEVER FEAR!

    This update is practically an entire revamp. They've basically taken a beta version, and turned it into something nearly as polished as Desert Combat.

    The gameplay is also freshly addictive and greatly differs from what all other BF1942 mods currently offer. There's a lot of concentrated action on a lot of the maps, and there's a great feeling to see two galleons blasting each other side by side as pirates jump onto the other ship or hop in the water and climb up the ropes.

  • Forgotten Hope is extremely well-done. Its focus is on a mix of realism and fun. Tons of new maps, and kickass weaponry like the King Tiger, IS-2, and many, many more vehicles, each with distinct handling characteristics (unlike bf1942, where everything feels arcadey).

    I've never gone back to vanilla '42 since. It just seems so weak in comparison. Oh, it's a bit hefty at 1.2GB (!!), and 1GB of RAM is strongly recommended. []
  • Is anyone else having problems running this? Whenever I try to connect to a server the map loads but then I get dumped to the desktop. Any ideas?
    • Version mismatch? Maybe the server is running an older version. How does it work just running single player?
      • You were right - I tried some different (albiet higher ping) servers and it runs fine. That said it's a shame the BF engine doesn't fail more gracefully on version mismatch errors. Dumping to desktop is not exactly helpful.
  • I'm a bit thrown by the choice in enemies... Real pirates did not fight zombie pirates on the high seas. Everyone knows they fought ninjas.
    • That exactly what I thought.

      I had a brief look at the chicken article that several people linked, saw the "If I were a dog" comment, and thought: "What could possibly be cooler than pirates fighting zombie pirates? Pirates fighting ninjas!"

      Do I feel a poll coming on? I think I do.
  • Not quite sure how EA got BFV so wrong when one of the best mods for 1942 was EOD.

    EOD imho is the best mod for 1942 with DC and FH joint 2nd.

    EOD just had/has an amazing feel to it, the atmosphere was intense, the game play was better then the original... (could go on and on here but i wont). So what do EA do, they go lets make a vietnam based game wich i though was going to be awsome but no they got all the worest bits of the orginal and smashed them all togther and relased a game thats not worth of the

  • Here's a few of my favourite mods for BF 1942

    Galactic Conquest (GC) - star wars, due for 0.4 release before end July (adds 3-4 new maps, tanks and artillery), 9 basic maps, around 100-150 concurrent players, strong community, community AT-AT development project nearing completion.

    Galactic Conquest Xtended (GCX) - minimod for GC, main function is to provide bot support (some maps customised by this mod to better suit bots), authored by DNAMRO, currently working on increased release frequency to provide wor
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