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GTA San Andreas Dripfeeds More Info To Eager Public 57

Thanks to GameSpot for its updated preview of Rockstar's ravenously awaited Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The article first gets down to basics, explaining: "The state of San Andreas will feature three main cities, each inspired by real-life locales. The city of Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, San Fierro is derived from San Francisco, and Las Venturas will mirror the glitz of Las Vegas", before delving into new mechanics like character strength ("You'll be able to visit one of several gyms spread throughout San Andreas so that you work out to stay in peak physical health"), and comments on audio that lend credence to a rumored partial tracklisting of recent ("Despite San Andreas' superficially hip-hop trappings, the game's soundtrack will feature a full range of early '90s music".) IGN PS2 also has a new hands-on preview, including fresh info on customizable in-game tattoos ("[designed by] Mister Cartoon... [featuring] gang names, guns, and women.")
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GTA San Andreas Dripfeeds More Info To Eager Public

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  • Too Violent For Me (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Blakey Rat ( 99501 ) on Saturday July 31, 2004 @03:07AM (#9850990)
    I really don't enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto games because they're too violent... because of this, I kept wondering what made the games so compelling that they were these huge uber-best-sellers.

    Then I got a copy of Simpsons: Hit and Run, which is basically the exact same play-style as GTA games, but without any violence. Now I get it, it's pretty damned fun, very forgiving if you fail a mission, and really easy to just pick up and play even if you only have a few minutes.
    • No violence in Simpsons: Hit and Run? I kick little Ralph Wiggum all over the place in that game. Watching him roll into traffic cracks me up....Wow, I need help, and fast.
    • Too bad that makes almost all the missions in the game race missions which make the game lack the defining mutability of the GTA games.
    • Violence in games is great, it prevents me from getting out my aggressions on other people, instead i can enter a little game world where the inhabitants are life-less and face-less and i can slaughter to my hearts content, then when i'm done i can go outside and hug a stanger.

      the problem isn't the violence, the problem is the fact that most parents don't take the time to properly explain to their child the difference between games, movies and reality

    • Then I got a copy of Simpsons: Hit and Run, which is basically the exact same play-style as GTA games, but without any violence

      Well, I do kind of get a kick out of the violence, but it's not the violence alone that makes Simpsons fall flat for me...the game just doesn't have the depths of things to do. GTA really hit a sweet spot between cartoony and realistic in terms of its driving and what not, and S H+R just lacks that.
    • I really don't enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto games because they're too violent... because of this, I kept wondering what made the games so compelling that they were these huge uber-best-sellers.

      Maybe is just that. Violence sells, in videogames and every other form of enterteinment.
      • There are a lot of violent computer games, and they don't all sell as well as GTA.

        Why then is GTA successful? It's related to the violence, but it's more about freedom. Violence is a potential side effect of freedom. In many games, you won't be allowed to just go this way, shoot that person, steal this car, run over that pedestrian.

        If players were prevented from acting and viewing the consequences of their actions, the game would lose its appeal. But because the computer lets you get away with whateve
  • by xtacyhonx ( 801796 ) on Saturday July 31, 2004 @05:00AM (#9851283) Journal
    As a company, Rockstar is smart to release San Andreas on the same graphics engine and gameplay style. Going along with the "If it aint broken, dont fix it" theroy has proven successful in the past/present (Tony Hawk anyone)? The game play in that game has been virtually identical, with some added tricks. I expect San Andreas to be no different. I own both GTA3 and GTA:VC, and aside for some different moves and cars, the gameplay and graphics are exactly the same. And seeing how again, PS2 will be the flagship base for release, this wont change much (although expect it to be ported to PC and possibly XBox in the near future). If you liked the original GTA3/VC games, you'll probably play this too, just don't expect any changes to graphics or gameplay. Of course, if you didnt like the gameplay, you wouldn't be aquiring this game now would you :)
    • I'm hoping you're right friend, but I'm really worried Rockstar might be blowing it: While completing missions and visiting the different locales in a city will all work toward helping you to become the man in GTA: San Andreas, your actions will also help build CJ up via an RPG-like system in the game. For example, shooting guns will gradually increase CJ's weapon skills, thus making him more and more accurate

      One of the coolest things about 3 and VC were how your character wasn't different at the end as h
      • That's a pretty sudden and ill informed decision - in Vice City and GTA3, your ability to sprint is entirely dependant on the amount of time you spend sprinting. The more you sprint, the fitter you become, and the longer you can sprint for.

        You're assuming that this will be a complete RPG conversion - I doubt that. I think the differences will be barely noticeable, every bit as subtle as the "training" in GTA3 and VC.

        Likewise, at the end of Vice City, when you own every property, and sit at 200 health an
        • Which decision?

          I hope it's that subtle, but when they talk about the learning new combat moves and what not, keeping buff in the gym and eatin' right...I dunno. Even if it's far short of a complete RPG conversion it could be annoying.

          For most people, the end of Vice City might be owning every property, playing every mission, and getting the health-150 and armor-150. Run w/o tiring, being fireproof, all those other things are very hard to get. An armoury at each house speeds things up, but you could stil
  • by Chemisor ( 97276 ) on Saturday July 31, 2004 @07:56AM (#9851690)
    So when will GTA get realistic events like parking tickets, license revocation for reckless driving, and hordes of lawyers that would descend upon you should you as much as scratch the paint on another car?
  • First, the BMX bike. I like how Rockstar lets you do stunts with the bike and lets you go fast--making cars less relevant and thus making gameplay more varied. And damn--three different CITIES? with highways conneting them? San Andreas is going to be a boatload of depth.

    The new carjacking scheme probably will piss off some people, but I think it's a case of realism building on, not detracting from, gameplay. When I played Vice City it was always too easy to get a really nice car, and it took out the sens
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You have to eat to keep up energy levels, workout to keep fit, what's the point of all this? What else will they add, pets to keep your character happy? Maybe add jobs and marriages, decorations for your house.

    Oh ya! And maybe you can steal cars and stuff if they still have time before christmas to add it in...

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