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Manhunt Violence Story Sees Updates, Threats 115

Thanks to Blue's News for covering the latest developments in a UK videogame violence story, in which the Rockstar North-created game Manhunt was very allegedly implicated in "a grisly murder" - it's revealed: "The game was present in the victim's home, not the killer's... This may present a problem for those looking to turn this case to their own ends." Nonetheless, previously mentioned attorney Jack Thompson is jumping straight on the case, even from an continent away, according to GameDaily, as he rages: "We are going to destroy Rockstar, you can count on that... [ESA head] Doug Lowenstein makes Saddam Hussein look like a post-reformed Pinocchio." Finally, Gamesindustry.biz injects a thoughtful note into the mayhem, arguing: "Rockstar do not emerge from this affair smelling of roses... game makers could help the case a lot by trying to push the boundaries in terms of gameplay, rather than gore."
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Manhunt Violence Story Sees Updates, Threats

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  • by gabec ( 538140 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:09AM (#9875644)
    I don't know about you guys, but I for one consider GTA to have been revolutionary in its gameplay experience. That's all GTA is about! The gameplay! They immerse you in a wild world with, it so happens, moral ambiguity.

    Feel free to jump on the morality bandwagon (or create one if you can't find it). I for one will continue blithely on, cackling with glee at a world that lets me do everything I would never consider doing in my own.

    • Uh, I meant "Rockstar's games, such as GTA, Max Payne, Manhunt, etc." rather than "GTA", as, well, the article is specifically about Manhunt and I only managed to reference GTA. Tee hee.
    • First off, I never had a problem with gore in games and still don't, and I don't think it "hurt" me having seen it as a kid, either. I'm just not "into it" for the sake of it myself.

      I have however seen a fair amount of people who no doubt enjoy the violence first and foremost and to lengths that can get fucking creepy. PERIOD. I just had such an encounter a few days ago, a 25 year old who kept attacking corpses lying on the ground in gta3:vc, making noises with his mouth. (later on I realized he does the
      • Hey! What were you doing looking in my window, you wierdo!

        I mean, not that I do anything wierd like that... really.. umm.. I'll just be over THERE! *runs*

      • I just had such an encounter a few days ago, a 25 year old who kept attacking corpses lying on the ground in gta3:vc, making noises with his mouth. (later on I realized he does the same with movies heh!)

        He makes movies in his mouth?
        • No haha! It was some action flick, and he made noises with his mouth then just like he did while playing SoulBlade or GTA. Something I remember from my own youth (who doesn't... "BANZAAAAAAAAI"), and which totally shocked me coming from a "grown up" heh :P
          • I knew what you meant. I was just being silly.

            Just as silly, and on topic, is what I do sometimes, when the mood hits. When I'm pushing a cart at the grocery store I make engine sounds. At the corners, I make squealing brake noises. If the supermarket is uncrowded late at night and I'm with a friend, I'll challenge them to a race down the aisle.

            So, I'm probably as retarded as your friend. =)
            • Nah, I do that too =D That guy wasn't as much retarded as, uhm, I think he had a kinda harsh life from the snippets I gathered.. growing up in hospitals, being slapped around by his father who said he'd never amount to anything and who died recently.. I think he's just living out violent fantasies, and I can't blame him for those fantasies. And I think it's better he beats up hookers in GTA than hurting himself. I just feel that when it comes to violent games or movies, this side of it is totally swept und
    • manhunt though is an average stealthpuzzle game, nothing to be proud of.

      not really that violent either on what it shows, the violence part is pretty boring after a while and you just kill a bunch of criminals anyways in the game(that beg you to kill 'em).

      it's a trendy excuse though("it's all due to damn videogames"), and people need excuses(they could just as well be books or movies.. ).. but blaming something that was found at victims home??? that's just fucking lame.
      • t's a trendy excuse though("it's all due to damn videogames"), and people need excuses(they could just as well be books or movies.. ).. but blaming something that was found at victims home??? that's just fucking lame.

        We have a complicated world with complicated problems. Much of the problems are due to the way the system has worked itself out, with business interests in control of the government.

        Many people know there is much that is wrong in America and in the world, but aren't willing to look at the co
    • The amazingly revolutionary thing about GTA was that it was just as violent as you were. If you wanted to hop in a car and drive around, completely obeying all traffic laws, and not participate in any violence, it was possible. Granted, there were some missions that required violence, but the missions themselves weren't required to actually play the game. Sure, you have the freedom to grab a baseball bat and beat a hooker to death, but you also had the freedon not to. The game is only as violent and deprave
  • Bah to idiots (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:09AM (#9875645) Journal
    If someone wants to play a game about killing Hell spawn demons (Doom 3 refrence : check), eating babies (Dunno :check) or stabbing old ladies then they should be able to. It's not their fault if some nutter goes off the rails and ends up killing someone.

    I'm sick of hearing "GAMES DID IT!" because it's a cheap excuse for a fucked up society. You can't blame the car makers for a drunk driver so lets not blame the Playstation for the fucked up little kid.

    Mod me troll if you wish, I don't overly care for karma compared to my opinions on this topic. I think the world is fucked up and blaming my hobby, I can earn Karma back but I can't earn back ignoring my opinions and staying silent in a discussion I feel important.
    • The parents of the kid who committed murder really screwed up. They should be blaming themselves rather than the game.

      I do think, however, a better system of not allowing minors to purchase these highly violent games in order. These games should be sold at the counter with photo id checks.
      • The parents of the kid? How about the kid?

        "Save the whales? What about 'save the tuna'?"

        If the kid were to drop a piano on someones head, would Warner Brothers be to blame?

        Punish the guilty. If you were this kid's parent, and this hit you out of the blue, how would you feel? "I'm at fault because I'm not as in touch with my kid as I should have been?" Join the club.
    • First, to clear up a few things -- apparently the fact that the victim owned the game isn't really meaningful, because they (killer and victim) played the game together (so where they played doesn't really make a difference). Second, the police investigating the crime *are* saying the reason for the killing was "robbery", not "videogame induced psychosis" or some such nonsense -- it seems like mostly this lawyer who's demonizing the game.

      Okay, now onto the interesting part of the discussion. It's nuts to
    • You know I'm starting to believe that these people are right. Maybe videos games are the cause of all violence in society. I mean it has to be right. And I have a perfect example. I heard that billy the kid had a bootleg copy of GTA III and thats why he killed all those people. It's time for America to wake the f*&K up and realize that we are responsible for our actions. We have to stop blaming everyone and everything else. The day the happens, the entire world will be a better place.
    • eating babies (Dunno :check)

      Is there a video game version of A Modest Proposal ?
  • by CMiYC ( 6473 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:11AM (#9875663) Homepage
    I read the Gamebiz interview and I'm pretty surprised that Thompson is a lawyer. Any decently competent lawyer knows better than to say "we are going to destory the other side" and throw out name calling. Until the last half of the interview, I thought the article was a joke... At least he'll make this whole affair entertaining to follow.
  • Well... (Score:5, Funny)

    by DAldredge ( 2353 ) <SlashdotEmail@GMail.Com> on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:14AM (#9875682) Journal
    At least they didn't show a breast! Now THAT would have been evil and would have corrupted the minds of everyone that saw it.
  • by DAldredge ( 2353 ) <SlashdotEmail@GMail.Com> on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:17AM (#9875701) Journal
    "Thompson: There have been dozens of murders that have been tied to their products throughout the world, so it's just a matter of piling on, and we will do that. "

    IF their have been over 24 murders that can be linked to rockstar why doesn't he name ONE?

    THis is just like the crap people like this pulled concerning D&D and Heavy Metal.
    • Should Playboy be sued for creating rapists? Discuss.

      The game in question was M18 or R or whatever. Neither of the boys should have had access to it, and any parent noticing that they did should have been able to make an informed decision to remove it from their possession.

    • "IF their have been over 24 murders that can be linked to rockstar why doesn't he name ONE?"

      Remember when those kids blamed GTA3 for sniping a car that drove by? That just stank of "Uh oh, how can we get out of trouble? I know, my mom is afraid of me playing violent games, so..."

      Why do I have the feeling that most if not all of those 24 cases fall into that category? I mean, seriously, if games could control peeps like that, then why not more serious in-game advertising?
      • What do the societies afraid of? Mind Control from an alternate universe? This has been said multiple times (Too many in my opinion) but it still needs to be said. "Video Games Do NOT cause these problems."

        Everyone before me has said that it's is the parent's decision to choose whether or not it should be in the possession of thier child. I am not of legal age, but I know that I should not blame a Video Game for my screwed up life. What screwes it up is high-school and Junior High...

        I play a game like Tru
    • IF their have been over 24 murders that can be linked to rockstar why doesn't he name ONE?

      He doesn't even include all of the suicide bombings in Israel. Those are all obviously inspired by Rockstar North's earlier game, Lemmings. ("Oh no!")

    • There have been milions of deaths caused by cars, why doesn't this monky of a lawer do somthing about that!
    • First it was science fiction.

      Then it was comic books.

      Followed by Dungeons and Dragons.

      Next was heavy metal and rap.

      Now it's video games.

      And those are just the ones we care about as nerds/geeks. Don't forget mini-skirts, hula-hoops, the Twist, the Beatles, birth control...

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's all about control and subservience; anything that might allow or encourage others to think for themselves is feared and belittled by the overly conservative & powerful.
  • by BortQ ( 468164 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:31AM (#9875782) Homepage Journal
    Guns don't kill people, videogames kill people.
  • SKOOOORE! (Score:5, Funny)

    by gnovos ( 447128 ) <gnovos.chipped@net> on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @12:48AM (#9875876) Homepage Journal
    Aw MAN he disses Rock Star HARD! I mean like, some guy who murders tens of thousands of people with nerve gas and, like tortured ethnic minorities for fun is, like, way less evil than those fucker trying to make a game. DUUUUuuudDDe!
  • I'd like to make fun of this guy, really I would...but how? He already sounds like a stereotypical villain from an Ayn Rand novel.
  • by Phleg ( 523632 ) <stephen@ t o uset.org> on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @01:10AM (#9875989)
    With that guy representing the other side, I don't think we have anything to worry about. Insinuating that Doug Lowenstein is even lower on the moral scale than Saddam Hussein is all but a dead giveaway that the man possesses no faculties for logic, reasoning, or intelligent discourse.
    • After reading the article 50 times in one sitting I decided to take up arms against all video game developers and publishers. As Jack Thompson says: "We don't need luck. The vectors are locked in, these people are dead meat."

      I remember I first saw Jack Thompson in Breaker Morant [imdb.com]... although I can't remember if he won the case or not...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @01:17AM (#9876013)
    I look at it this way: Jack Thompson further proved himself to be an opportunistic scumbag. I'm surprised he didn't take the first flight to London as soon as he heard about it. But then again, we are talking about a total loon who would slit his mother's throat and/or sell his soul to the devil just to prove his asinine theories. Not to mention that he originated hearse-chasing(just like ambulance-chasing, except the destination's the funeral home) and he may be a necrophilliac. Let's analyze this scumbag, shall we?:

    1) Thompson may be considered a racist since he helped lead censorship attacks against 2 Live Crew and Ice-T.

    2) Thompson was ordered to take a psychological evaluation as part of a restraining order filed by Miami DJ Neil Rogers(IIRC, The Florida State Bar Association called Jack Thompson's sanity into question TWICE). In fact, Thompson can't even mention Rogers by name as part of that order, which came about when Thompson tried to have Rogers arrested over something he said on his radio show that Thompson didn't like.

    3) Thompson has lost every case he started up involving the video game industry(the Paducah school shootings come to mind). When he tried to become Dustin Lynch's attorney last year(the case in Ohio where Thompson tried to blame(GTA3 for the murder), Lynch refused his services, so the judge banned him from being involved in the case, saying that Thompson had no right to defend a client that didn't even want him as his attorney; Lynch would later plead guilty anyway and in blood-stained letters sent to his victim's family members, he claimed he did it for "his own personal enjoyment" and that the game didn't make him do it. The prosecution even scoffed at Thompson's claims, saying that they had an open and shut case.

    4) Thompson even enjoys calling HIMSELF a wacko(If you remember, he called himself "Wacky Jack" in a newspaper article about him joining the Haitians' lawsuit aginst Vice City).

    Now about this particular case, Police officials don't even believe Thompson, the victim's parents or the British tabloid media. Officials have stated that robbery was the motive(The 17 year-old murderer killed the 14 year-old to rob him to pay off drug debts), and that the game was found in the VICTIM'S OWN BEDROOM!! Sounds to me like somebody has some explaining to do.

    Jack Thompson has no credibility left, whether because of his own actions or because the federal courts continue to reject his claims. Yet the only reasons he's still around is 'cause of an apathetic news media(i.e. Anderson Cooper 360) and because he's an psychotic attention whore who's in need of mental help. And until a modern-day Edward R. Murrow questions the tactics of Thompson and his ilk, he'll continue this crap.

    == BearDogg-X ==
    • See, I find this amusing:
      Thompson: ... I warned them [Rockstar] almost two years ago that if they didn't do more to keep these games out of the hands of minors, then there would be a push to ban the games all together.
      Followed by:
      GD: Is there anyway to find out how Warren Leblanc acquired the game? Or is that not the point here?
      Thompson: It doesn't matter.

      It doesn't matter how he got it? What if he nicked it from the high street (I mean someone who mugs to support a drug habit could do this).
      • On that same quote, how is it Rockstar's responsibility to ``do more to keep these games out of the hands of minors''? They just develop the games. The ESRB rates them. The stores sell them. Should Xerox be sued for people forging money?
    • I found this response great.. so much in fact that I e-mailed Mr. Thompson at his jackpeace@comcast.net account.

      Found it on some website asking people to Join Jack in attacking the gaming industry.. anyways.. I sent your post in full to Mr. Thompson.. He actually responded..

      His Response:

      Jack Thompson <jackpeace@comcast.net> Wed, Aug 4, 2004 at 12:07PM
      To: Mojo Fraggle <mojofraggle@gmail.com>

      wow, do you have any neurons left since gaming? apparently not.


      Funny stuff eh?

  • Another good quote (Score:5, Informative)

    by ScarletEmerald ( 717076 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @01:43AM (#9876111)
    And of course, another nice quote from the story [mcvuk.com] posted on Blues News [bluesnews.com]:

    As for the link between Manhunt and the crime, the police are clear. Pooni said: "We haven't connected the game with the murder and we've already made that statement, but some sections of the media chose to ignore it...the motive was robbery."
  • ..that he played Manhunt enough to become violently affected... it sucks.

    Boring, repetitive and repetitive.

    This from a guy that loved GTA3 and Vice City.
  • Well, I dont know about you guys, but I think its about time for video games to reach the high moral standards only lawyers have attained!
  • We are going to destroy Rockstar, you can count on that...

    He sure seems rabid enough. Hopefully some judge will shut him up soon.

  • If Rockstar has a ball in their pants they will be suing this motherfucker for libel before the week is out, and asking for his disbarrment as well. It is quite obvious he has a personal problem with them, and can not be trusted to act professionally. When you say shit like "We're going to destroy them" before there even IS a fucking WE, you have no claim whatsoever to being a lawyer. You do NOT say shit like that and expect to keep your job for long.
  • It seems people have a hard time coping with singular labels.

    Gamers aren't violent. Gamers aren't pacifists either. Gamers are (drumroll) gamers. Anything more is a premature conclusion and a gross generalazation.

    It is probably true that some people can be influenced to commit violent acts through exposure to violent media. It is also probably true that some people can be influenced to commit violent acts through exposure to calm, tranquil media, or through media deprivation. Even so, "influenced" do
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @03:54AM (#9876670)
    The game has an 18 certificate... the kids weren't 18.. And the parents don't want to accept any small portion of responsibility? WTF?

    "Oh, he's in his room on his computer" .... once again, the computer is seen as a modern replacement for proper parenting...
    • This "where are the parents" comment always comes up. But really lets think about it a bit.
      There is more and more media made available in the average household which may be labeled as being for 18 and over. This doesn't mean that younger kids can't get a hold of it. It's the same situation as kids stealing their parents copy of Playboy or sneaking access to HBO. Sure, you could not have any R rated movies or M rated games in the house. You could not allow computers/consoles/dvd players in kids rooms. This s
  • by Prowl ( 554277 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @04:18AM (#9876739)
    if you do destroy rockstar, please do it *after* the release of GTA: San Andreas, and preferably GTA 4 if there is one.

    thank you
  • Rockstar (Score:2, Interesting)

    by RogueyWon ( 735973 )
    I do have a good bit of sympathy with the main point of the gamesindustry.biz article. I don't believe in outright censorship or banning of games (although I don't object to an age-based classification system), but I do recognise that there is an argument over this which needs to be won and that games like Manhunt really aren't helping the case.

    The Grand Theft Auto games were at least innovative in terms of gameplay (or at least, GTA3 was... Vice City perhaps less so). With Manhunt, by all account, the onl
    • The Grand Theft Auto games were at least innovative in terms of gameplay (or at least, GTA3 was... Vice City perhaps less so). With Manhunt, by all account, the only selling point are the buckets of gore and the explicitely sadistic objectives.

      Manhunt, in my opinion, was a great open ended stealth action game. Very tense and nerve wrecking. I almost didn't care about the gore (though I was grossed out by some of the higher level execution, some of them were just plain sick). You're right, it wasn't re

  • by prentiz ( 565940 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @04:41AM (#9876799)
    Not to flame the US judicial system, but thank god Jack Thompson will find it a lot harder to peddle his nonsense in this country! Firstly British law does not allow a lawyer to take a share of damages recieved, which removes the profit motivation for this sort of ambulance chasing.

    Secondly our judges are appointed, not elected, which reduces the chance that a judge will play this for the crowd, and support this boneheaded action to garner favour with the tabloid press.

    What it does show is how poor the lobbying strength is of the videogames industry in the UK. Given that videogames make more money in this country than the music industry and the film industry times 2, Members of Parliament are still prepared to take cheap shots at it because this hasn't been made clear to them. If videogames don't put more money into schmoozing our policymakers they will continue to be seen as an unimportant minority interest, vulnerable to the vaguries of the tabloid press.
  • What annoys me is that these anti-violent-game lobbyists want everyone to understand that violence in games is not real. Yet at the same time they belive that playing them creates real world effects. So which is it?

    Anyway, I liked "Postal 2" because of the moral ambiguity of that game. The fact remains.... you can actually win that game by not having to kill anyone.(stealing and doing drugs to avoid death from the game's assailants is a different matter though)
  • Hopefully there arent' any Haitians working for Rockstar, Jack Thompson might have to sue himself.
  • stats.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by joper90 ( 669321 )
    Now i read somewhere the other day that the average number of children killed every year in the uk is about 7 (even though people polled thought it was anywhere from 5 to 400) and this has been stable since the 50's. So what does that tell us? Soz for no link.. will have a look.
  • As i understand it the victims parent blamed the game - not exactly a qualified opinoun especially when you consider the fact that they were aware they played the game together - its an "18" game, any parent letting two 13year olds play such a game, especially if they take the time to look at it themselves are, in my eyes, negligent. All i can see here is media hype as a result of a parent trying to blame someone other than herself. I cant see how the two kids could be quite "right" either..
    • Beyond negligence. This isn't like your kid doing drugs when you're not around to suprvise. This is like buying drugs for your kid because the dealers won't sell to them.
  • by paulcammish ( 542971 ) on Wednesday August 04, 2004 @08:32AM (#9877747)
    (Id already moderated here, but it looks like nobody has pointed this out, so ill post and burn the mod points - sorry modded people)

    What seems to have been overlooked here, and something far more important than the game itself, is the BBFC Clasification of the game in question.

    Over here in the UK, its Illegal (and pinishable by a big fine at least) to sell a BBFC rathed game to someone under the rated age. In this case, the game has an '18' certificate, which meants it is illegal to sell it to anyone under the age of 18 - something with retailers are typically very careful about.

    Its the same system as used by the video/dvd retail industry, and not a requirement for games. if i remember correctly, only games which contain live action footage (which Manhunt does not) must be rated, but titles can be submitted for classification, which is something Rockstar do with all their titles.

    The GTAs are 18 certificate, as is Manhunt, and if I recall correctly, MGS2 has a 15 certificate, while Eyetoy and Singstar have U (universal) and PG (Parental Guidance) certificates.

    What is comes down to, is if the game DID have anything to do with the murder, then what were under-age children doing with a game that they cant buy, which is clearly labelled for adults?

    In fact, to make matters worse, I remember hearing a quote somewhere that the favourite movie of the kid who comitted the murder is Scarface - something else that is 18 rated.

    Its not like the rating system is new (its been in place for the last 20 years or so), or can be missed (distinctive red circle, which you see all over) - this is simply the case of the parents not paying attention at all.

    Someone over 18 must have purchased the game, and someone was letting them play it, even though one of the first screens you see is a warning that it contains scenes of violence, and should not be viewed by minors!

    This is fairly irrelevent now, but wither way, theres no excuse at all for it to be the game alone that is the cause here - its clearly lack of parenting.

  • "We are going to destroy Rockstar, you can count on that..."

    Sounds like he's been playing a little too much Manhunt.


    maybe he got reaaally frustrated at their game?
  • So let me get this straight. The argument is that the game gives the killers ideas on how to murder their victems and should be banned. Otherwise, they would have killed the victem in a more traditional way?

    Why don't we ban the news, everyday I turn it on and I see how someone kidnapped some 16 year old and raped and killed her, or how some people left their kid in a dumpster, or how some woman drove all her kids off a bridge in the family car. I never thought of that, I can mass kill my family by telling
  • Parents who can't take the time out of their very important and busy schedule to find out what it is that their own kids are doing. Hey, let the TV and the PC be mom and dad, meanwhile we can have a life. And when they don't know real life from a video game, because they have had images of goatse implanted in their brains from the age of 5 and because every time you die you hit Continue, we'll go and blame someone else because we fucked up in bringing our kids up to be decent people. Of course those kids we
  • Thompson: Right. The Daily Mail explains that even with this story on the front page of the newspapers in the U.K., they took a kid and were able to walk into retail outlets and buy the game. So everybody knows that the restrictions are a joke.

    Okay, right there, you've named the appropriate target for any and all lawsuits. Video games, just because they USED to be aimed at children, aren't necessariliy in the domain of the 12 and under group. It's like periodicals, nobody is going to say (anymore!) that
  • I for one belive that it is acceptable to blame the games industry for the death of their son while they grieve. But as happens everytime, it will blow over and sales of manhunt will continue. What I do not belive is acceptable is a report in yestardays Metro [metro.co.uk]. Their article says that the parents are going to sue rockstart games as well as sony.
  • "The game was present in the victim's home, not the killer's... This may present a problem for those looking to turn this case to their own ends."

    I've trawled through most of the links but I can't find where this quote was taken from. I've seen contradicting quotes stating that a copy of the game was removed from the killer's home by police. So which is it? Have I just gone blind?
  • I think rockstar has added a lot of creativity to all their games including manhunt, theres a ton of games about stealth but manhunt (and mgs) allows you to attract your pursuers by using "sound" (not a stupid sound system in which you lose if you are too loud!) you can even use your mic if you have one. GTA was a complete revolution in gameplay and they are extending it in every volume, they invented "free roaming" for crying out loud they deserve awards not lawsuits! Society is completely hipocrite in t
  • Doug Lowenstein makes Saddam Hussein look like a post-reformed Pinocchio.

    That's almost as ridiculous as when that NYT writer said that GTA3 was worse than child molestation. Here's hoping that this guy gets disbarred.

  • If your going to ban violent video games you better ban those peskey books.... Lets see Running Man comes to mind as the same theme as the game. I think books are actualy worse for you because you have to visualize the violence yourself! Books are even unrated any kid can go and pickup a book about violence and sex, oh wait they are made to read those books by school. Anyway everyone thinks its dumb to ban books its also dumb to ban video games.... if you cant tell reality from fantasy youll be dropping
  • this is hilarious :
    "Rockstar do not emerge from this affair smelling of roses... game makers could help the case a lot by trying to push the boundaries in terms of gameplay, rather than gore."

    As we all know that GTA3 wasn't revolutionary at all, and didn't break -any- boundaries in terms of gameplay.[/sarcasm]

    Mod me redundant if the obvious has been said allready ;)

    Btw, Manhunt sucked donkeypooh.

  • This lawyer cat (and any bastard who blames video games, movies, books, tv, or any other media for problems with youth and other people) is a complete idiot.

    Similar to the assholes that think that just because these rave kids dress in colourful outfits, wear candy bracelets and suck on pacifiers, they are doing so to attract children to the Ketamine and Ecstacy laden nights of drugged out psycodelic dance parties. completely not true. It's part of the spirit of the event. Depictions of donald duck, pokemon
  • He better hope that I don't roll a 14 after entering the plains of Azkar: a +1 Gelatonous Cube!

    Oh my god! I've become one of them!
  • First of all, I'm not considered crazy by people around me(at least they haven't told me so or called the mental hospital).

    A few years back when I was about 22-23, I had the expereince of seeing crossairs on people's head after playing too much Half Life and RtCW. When I was bored in a meeting, all I could think of is if I launch a grenade, how would it bounce from wall to wall like in Quake3. And sometimes I just do strafe turns at street corners. I mean really, games were conditioning me to see the wor

  • I'd be the last to blame a developer for anyone's behavior. But come on, is this really the best that game developers can do? Sinking to the lowest common denominator to sell games?

    You can blame the parents all you want, but if the parents truly WERE effective, the sales of games of this nature would plummet. Indeed, developers are taking advantage of parental failure.

    If I want to see grisly stuff on TV, I can turn on the news, or RealTV, or shows like that. Games are great because they be an escape f

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