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Andy Phelps Proposes 'B-Sides' For Games 40

Andy Phelps has once again begun blogging. A recent post of his to the Corante Tech site suggests an intriguing idea: B-Sides to major commercial games. "I think there is an interesting opportunity here: stick some "B-Side" experimental games on the DVD with the big title. Little Flash games, or student games, or Internet games that haven't taken off yet. Don't advertise them on the box, sell the "big game" just like always." Thanks to Hylton Jolliffe for the submission.
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Andy Phelps Proposes 'B-Sides' For Games

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  • by tktk ( 540564 ) on Saturday September 25, 2004 @04:51PM (#10350609)
    In music, B-sides are either incomplete tracks that the artist never finished or thought to be worth finishing. Or they're songs that they were just playing around with and had no real intention to release.

    it already sounds like a few games that I've played.

  • by darthtrevino ( 812116 ) on Saturday September 25, 2004 @06:03PM (#10351027) Homepage
    We can also have games released on vinyl, because it would "sound better" and make the vinyls like $150. Then we can release singles of games with different dj-mixes and club beats. Maybe we can make one bigass game, but split it up into two releases (each with its own b-sides) and release them both at the same time. One company..two games. One game can be called "Bullet" and one can be called "Stealth"

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