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Visual Novel Translated For Free Trial 17

gp32 writes "Our translation group has just wrapped up work on an English translation of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night. If you are at all interested in this genre of games, this one isn't a bad place to start."
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Visual Novel Translated For Free Trial

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  • This group didn't translate the whole game, they only translated the web demo.
    • Re:web demo only (Score:2, Informative)

      by DaggerWare ( 112027 )

      That's correct, this is just the demo, containing a modified (spoiler-free) version of the game's prologue. Still a hefty bit of text, though.

      Newlife Anime [newlifeanime.com] is working on translating the full game.

  • What is it? I look at the website & don't see a description of what it really is or any screenshots - just a torrent of an EXE. There's some mention of a 'genre of game' - perhaps a little blurb on what this is might be useful...

    Call me paranoid, but I'm not about to run random EXE files from people I don't know without even being given a simple explaination of what they're supposed to be.
    • Re:What is it? (Score:3, Informative)

      by DaggerWare ( 112027 )

      This game is a Japanese "visual novel" game demo, i.e. a lot of minimally-animated pictures, some sound effects, and a lot of text. If you're an anime fan you might appreciate the art style.

      You can see some screenshots at Type Moon's Fate page [typemoon.com], as they're the original publisher.

  • Project Objectives
    • To translate and localize the Fate/stay night web demo
    • ...
    • To release a finished, bug-free product to the masses
    Known Issues

    There have been several reports of the installer not working with AppLocale. For now, please set your default ANSI codepage to Japanese instead for the duration of the install. If you wish, you can revert to English after the install is finished and play the game through AppLocale.


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