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GameCube (Games)

Nintendo Gamer's Summit 2004 15

SamusFan writes "Nintendo Gamer Summit is currently underway in Seattle, where Nintendo is showing off its lineup of DS launch games as well as its big holiday releases on GameCube."
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Nintendo Gamer's Summit 2004

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Are they going to mention something about the new non cel-shaded Zelda game (which is the only reason I bought my gamecube 2 months ago)
    • I don't understand why you would buy a system specifically for one game, when there's not even an announced release date for that game.

      I want a ps2 for gran turismo 4. Back in march, a few weeks before it was supposed to come out, I made this comment to a gamestop employee, who of course immediately tried to convince me to buy a ps2 then rather than waiting for the game. I said, no thanks, I'll wait until the game is actually out.

      The release date passes, there's no game, and the game still isn't out. AF
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Dude, this is not GT4... this is Zelda. The greatest game ever made.. as soon as I saw the video at E3, I bought a Gamecube. The Gamecube is still unopened in my closet.. I am patiently waiting for the day when the Gods of the Triforce smile and bless this earth with the release of Zelda so that I can go back to the days of playing my Ocarnia, riding on Epona travelling the vast land of Hyrule, meeting the fairy boys, and of couse, saving the beautiful princess zelda from the evil Ganon. I can't wait to get
        • Hyrule has been beleagured with evil, my friend, and I for one will not let this evil spread.
          Except for when that evil is cell shaded .. then u cant be arsed? .. dont try and sound like a zelda fan.
        • You know, you can play no less than seven Zelda titles on the GameCube as is. And if you get the Game Boy Player peripheral, you can play every Zelda game ever made on a single console. Not to mention all the great 'Cube titles that aren't Zelda.
        • I understand your exuberance for a new Zelda game, but if you only bought a gamecube for that game, why didn't you wait until the game was out to buy the cube? It's not like there's going to be a shortage of gamecubes when the new Zelda comes out. As an added bonus, it's quite possible the cube will drop in price by then, if it hasn't dropped in price since you bought it already.
      • It's kind of like upgrading your video card for Doom 3. Consoles cost about the same a new one, but for some reason seem a lot more. I'd buy a console for one game for the same reason I'd buy a video card for one game.

        I agree with you about the game store thing, it's impossible to walk in the store without being asked to put 5 bucks down on some game.
  • P-A was there... (Score:4, Informative)

    by zenintrude ( 462825 ) on Friday October 08, 2004 @11:40AM (#10470090)
    scroll down on the main page [] for their take on the Summit and specifically the DS's lineup...

    seems to be a severe lack of RPGs. hopefully squenix has the sense to bring over FFIII.
  • In one article it says the DS wont be compatible with the GBA to GBA link cable.
    I hope they have something that will connect to the GameCube so I could finally play FF:CC or Zelda:Four Swords multiplayer....
    • Um.. What? The DS won't link up with Gamecube games unless the Gamecube game has been programmed to do so. FF:CC and Zelda: Four Swords were released WAY before the DS's release date, so how do you expect it to work? A simple hardware device is not enough. The DS is not a GC and would require different software on both parts for a link-up game to function properly.
      • Of course the GC wouldnt be aware of a new interface, but it does have a set interface that it works with the GBA and one that works with controllers or whatever. If the DS followed one of the known interfaces, a connection could still be made.

        I wouldn't expect the game designers or the gamecube designers to take in account of the DS...I just thought the DS designers would provide the connectivity to promote their link capabilites.

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