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USA, Korea, and Netherlands Winners at Cyber Games 13

An anonymous reader writes "CNN is carrying a story about Team USA's win at the World Cyber Games. Amid fanfare fit for actual world-class athletes, five Americans with really quick fingers took home the gold medal in the popular "Counter Strike" competition of the World Cyber Games championships, capping five days of intense gaming by the world's elite." The US team came away with two golds and a bronze, third overall. Congrats also to South Korea, second overall, and the Netherlands who came in first in the medal tally. The BBC also has coverage of the event's results.
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USA, Korea, and Netherlands Winners at Cyber Games

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  • ...when the South Koreans file their protest demanding that the Dutch medals be overturned...
  • by Twylite ( 234238 ) < minus painter> on Monday October 11, 2004 @11:14AM (#10493303) Homepage

    CNN: USA wins World Cyber Games.

    BBC: UK did great, but our best players actually represented their home countries so the Netherlands won. All of our other players did great, but got knocked out early.

    Slashdot: USA wins
    ... uh ... some medals that is. They came third, really.

    First place: The Netherlands
    Second place: South Korea
    Third place: USA

  • It's facinating to me that, despite its age, Brood Wars is still heavily played. Just goes to show you that a game doesn't have to have the absolute Best Graphics Ever(tm) to be good. In fact, I'm off to go play load-runner on my apple 2e as soon as I'm done posting this...but I digress

    Does anyone know where I can download some quicktime files of the wcg gameplay? I noticed they had a wcgtv section on the website but it looks like that was for live broadcasts.

    I'm looking forward to the day when gam
    • by Anonymous Coward
      For HLTV demos of the CS:CZ competition (probably either the top or 2nd to Starcraft competition, in terms of popularity). USA's team, Team 3D won. Nobody expected them to, and they really showed the world that they are back :)

      You need to register a free account I think to download them...

      I don't know where you can get movie files of the event sorry :(
    • I agree. I think that games these days are getting to the point where pretty graphics are trying to make up for horrible gameplay. Like movies and special effects. I remember playing Starcraft and Diablo back in the day, and before that, as far back as Dragon Warrior and the first Final Fantasy. I'd much rather buy a game with mediocre graphics and escellent play than the other way around.
    • Don't think there are any videos, but your best bet would be to grab the replay files [] (weird "seems to only work in IE" registration required) and load it into the games.

      I attended the Starcraft, Warcraft and CS finals and they were pretty exciting to watch. Although, with only one screen on the starcraft and warcraft, the observers sometimes missed some action. Even on the CS finals, they had one screen devoted to the overhead map and one screen rotating between players, but they missed some really awe

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