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ReGenesis Extended Reality Takes TV Series Online 15

An Anonymous Reader writes "The new Canadian television series ReGenesis premiered on the Movie Network and Movie Central last Sunday night, but surprised viewers with a cryptic message at the end: 'Only you know the whole story. Be a part of it.' Players who registered on the website quickly discovered an Extended Reality of websites, telephone numbers and clues which reached out to them from the fiction of the series." More below.
Reviews from the Alternate Reality Gaming community have been good, complimenting both the series and the online experience as realistic and gripping. So far users have unearthed links to the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission, the anarchistic scientific forum and a mysterious weblog which seems to be written by a mole within NorBAC itself.

Project partners Xenophile Media and Shaftesbury Films have been guarded in describing how far the Extended Reality will go, but a recent anonymous interview goes much further to explain what viewers/players should expect.

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ReGenesis Extended Reality Takes TV Series Online

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  • Who's Gabo?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Does ReGenesis do what ReNintendon't?
  • by KenwoodTrueX ( 825304 ) on Monday October 25, 2004 @07:59PM (#10626689)
    Interesting idea, although I don't think the mainstream average joe will bother with sifting through clues on a website for hours. Of course it could work like video cards. The main purpose of high end ATI video cards for example, is to get high end computer users to buy them, then brag about the company to average joe's so they to will want an ATI card. The average joe will not buy a high end card though. This tie in with the show works the same way. The geeks will spend hours looking for clues and via word of mouth, will help make the show more popular.

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    • The geeks will spend hours looking for clues and via word of mouth, will help make the show more popular.

      Not this geek, bunky. I rolled my eyes at the old Perfect Dark web campaign, I'm reacting similarly to the current Metroid 2 campaigh, and for the record I H*A*T*E bees.

      I have a strict policy about getting involved in artificial pastimes. I refuse to do things just because they can be done; there has to be some other benefit. In the long run, these types of advertising will merely result in more pe
    • The radio station WIOG in mid-Michigan is doing something like this. Basically a state-wide game of Clue. The whole idea is that some guy stole and later ditched a 2005 Ford Focus, and whoever finds the guy and asks him, "Are you the 102.5 WIOG fugitive?" wins the car and a big wad of cash. It's been going for a good month now, and too damn many people are involved right now. I've been accosted on the street twice myself when I refused to acknowledge somebody asking me if I was the fugitive, both shortly af
  • Do they even TRY to hide the fact that they're ads anymore?

  • Interesting. I rather suspect Slashdot is in on the "Extended Reality."

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