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Your Halo 2 Stats Via RSS 34

An interesting feature of Halo 2 was mentioned in a post on personal site - Multiplayer Stat RSS Feeds. His post (quoted with permission): "Really cool thing I discovered today about's stat tracking: RSS feeds. Not only do they track every single kill in every single multiplayer game (along with who did it, how it was done, and where it was done), but they put all this data into a feed you can subscribe to and never miss out on post-game scrutiny. Of course, to get to all of it you have to go through a really obnoxious sign-up process (which involves -- shudder -- getting a Microsoft Passport account), but once you've finally gotten signed in, associated your gamertag with your Passport, and found the stats page, there should be an orange XML button. Pop that into your favorite newsreader, and you're ready to obsessively review every single frag."
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Your Halo 2 Stats Via RSS

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  • Is it!? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by over_exposed ( 623791 ) on Tuesday November 16, 2004 @02:47PM (#10833251) Homepage
    Is this getting gaming one step closer to competing w/ the popularity of football, soccer, or any other competitive, publisized sport? Could this evolve into (way down the road) the possibility of televising tournaments? Maybe G4Tech TV could redeem themselves by televising QuakeCon, or whatever the H2 equivalent will be. I'm all for it! It would make LAN parties that much cooler, yet so much geekier...
    • Re:Is it!? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Ayaress ( 662020 )
      From what they were saying about "XBox TV" a few weeks back, combined with these RSS feeds and integrated into the Xbox Live system, it could very well amount to the equivalent of the amateur leagues in sports at the very least. If it were segregated in some level by region, it would be even moreso. For example, in the amateur sports leagues, there are often a lot more players than the big leagues, but tend to have a few stand-outs overall, and many local areas will have a few outstanding players or teams.
  • Borken for me (Score:5, Interesting)

    by octover ( 22078 ) on Tuesday November 16, 2004 @03:19PM (#10833639) Homepage
    I had heard that had a way for you to check your stats online. I also had heard about the RSS feed. I thought I would check it out. It worked great at first, but then I started getting other people's games. It happened when I wasn't even home, and there wasn't really a consistent gamer tag where it seemed a wire had been crossed, but I was just getting a bunch of garbage. Anyways after over 200+ games I did not play in I deleted the subscription out of my news reader and relegated it back to "huh, thats nice, but I don't really care."
  • by L7_ ( 645377 ) on Tuesday November 16, 2004 @04:18PM (#10834525)
    Dark Age of Camelot had something similiar to this RSS feed two years ago. They kept track of guild and member pvp statistics (in the form of things called "Realm Points" and kill/death ratio and stuff) for each server and published the results to an XML file []. Every DAoC "Pvp Guild" (I use the term loosely), had a php extension that showed real-time statistics of thier members and thier top-status on thier web page. So you could tell how good or bad a DAoC guild was by just browsing thier webpage!

    I assume things will be done similar to this. Real time published statistics to guild web pages, showing those viewing them how active they are, how "good" they are, and which members are the better players in the guild. And since they will be updated in real-time, it should be obvious if the information they are publishing is valid (cause a witty programmer could just change all thier published statistics to "win", but then that wouldnt match up with the central server).
  • Is it possible to publish your stats to the community as a whole or only subscribe to your own stats?
  • Crap (Score:2, Insightful)

    This just makes it really easy for those hugeass php script forum sig images with everybodies l33t stats in them. *Sigh*
  • check out my game stats.
    although it shows the latest game at the bottom, it worked out pretty good. []
  • Not really news (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Osty ( 16825 ) on Wednesday November 17, 2004 @01:20AM (#10839555)

    The game itself tells you about this (in tips while waiting in the multiplayer hopper, and in the manual). The RSS feed is neat, but it's pretty useless since you can only get to your own feed unless a feed link is given to you by someone else. I don't need to watch my own feeds via RSS, but it would be nice to watch friends and rivals without having to always go to

    However, the most impressive feature in my opinion is not the RSS feed, but the Game Viewer. A full list [] of features available on is available (Game Viewer is section 6.5), as is a list of medals [] you can earn during multiplayer and a description [] of how rankings are determined.

    This data is stored on XBox Live!'s stat servers, so sometimes can be out of sync (I've seen it think I hadn't played any games on the overview page, though the games themselves showed up in the game list).

  • At last we'll have Hard data on Halo 2.
    Hopefully this will help clear the smog of positive Hype and negative FUD surrounding the game and potential buyers will actually be able to buy a game based on cold facts for once in the history of gaming.
    There should be more of this kind of thing.

    This of course doesn't take into account the fact that most potential buyers have already gotten/ordered Halo 2 anyway.
  • A fantasy Halo 2 league?
  • I created a page to parse the XML for my stats on my site with a little help from my friend Kick the Donkey []. The stats, for some reason, come oldest first, so we had to switch it to be reversed, showing the most recent game at the top. It's a lot cooler than having to check all the time, and has links that will take me straight to each specific game. Also, and more importantly, I can't check from work, where most of the guys I play with are, so this helps a lot with bragging-in-your-fa

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