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World of Warcraft Trial Period Extended 59

EvilAvatar has details on the recent World of Warcraft server issues. This despite the addition of over 88 servers in the last week. Total game population is already in the 200,000 subscriber neighborhood and rising. As a result of the lag, the free month included in the box is being extended for an indetermined amount of time. From the article: "We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and are dedicated to providing World of Warcraft players with the best play experience possible. Therefore we'll be adding a small trial-period extension for players who created accounts before or during the downtime. In the days ahead, we'll provide additional details on how the trial-period extension will be determined."
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World of Warcraft Trial Period Extended

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  • by sgant ( 178166 ) on Saturday November 27, 2004 @04:53PM (#10932907) Homepage Journal
    Got this the day it came out, and I must have been one of the lucky ones because I've yet to sit in a que.

    I have experienced the loot lag though, but I'm cutting Blizzard some slack as they would have had a totally smooth launch if they didn't have so many fans of the game coming out in droves to play it. 200,000 plus accounts made within the first two days? That tends to slow things down.

    By contrast, EQ2 had a flawless launch by all accounts I've read, but when you have what, 5 people buy the game it tends to run smoothly. Ok, that's not fair, they had many more people than that. At least over 20 or so.

    But WoW is running smooth now on my server. No lag now, never a que still...for me at least. So far it's been a great game. And no, it's not a "MMORPG for newbies" either. No more than any other MMORPG out there.
    • Almost every MMORPG has launch problems. Star Wars Galaxies was even worse then this one. Im surprised that they added new servers so quickly though. Anyone remember Diablo II on launch week? Random disconnects, timeouts, etc. Blizzard underestimated their popularity again.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I have been wavering on WOW. I haven't followed its development and was never a massive Warcraft fan (though I do like it). I couldn't figure out how you could make an MMORPG out of a freaking hunt/gather/build strategy game.

      I almost bought it the other day, but $15/mo seemed a little expensive to me, too.

      However, after this article, I have decided I'm going to go out and buy it today. This action by Blizzard has made the decision for me. I've played so many MMORPGs that were boring level treadmills *and*
      • That BLizzard woudl do what most MMORPG publishers won't, and flat out say "we'll extend the free play until we set things right" is a strong showing. I appreciate a company that communicates with its players and *CUSTOMERS* rather than leaving them in the dark.

        Everquest had its extended by 2 weeks in 1999. Since then, nearly all MMO companies with bad launches have been extending the trial period. It is the default behavior to expect. Traditionally, if a MMO had an awful launch and *didn't* extend i

        • by Anonymous Coward
          Well, I'm back. I just got the game and am installing it right this moment.

          I've had bad experiences with MMORPGs in the past. Aside from them simply being incredibly boring, I've found that they always fail to plan ahead to handle the sheer scale of players. Not to mention massive glitches. Sometimes major ones like only getting 3fps and not being able to login got the first few weeks to smaller but annoying things.

          I've had good experiences with Rubies of Eventide and A Tale In The Desert - but everything
    • EQ2 did launch with server problems as well, as one got so overcrowded, Sony manually moved people off of it to other servers.

      I do highly doubt though that EQ2 has hit even a total of 200k subscribers at this point.
  • That's cool of them. However it just depresses me when I think of the mess that the Star Wars Galaxies launch was and the mess that game has degraded into (or has always been depending on who you ask).

    I will probably try WoW, but I really wish that SWG had been the Space/Sci-Fi MMO I was looking for.
  • With the most MMO sales ever in it's fist day, WWO was bound to experience lag and sever crashes.
  • by Chasuk ( 62477 ) <> on Saturday November 27, 2004 @05:51PM (#10933255)
    This despite the addition of over 88 servers in the last week.

    Why do none of the /. submitters apparently RTFA?

    From the *LINKED* article:

    To keep up with the demand from our players, 47 new servers were made available, increasing the total number of servers to 88.

    Is the above sentence really that difficult to comprehend?

    I've thought about becoming a paid subscriber many times, but goofs like this always prevent me.

  • Europe (Score:3, Funny)

    by KBV ( 732207 ) on Saturday November 27, 2004 @06:27PM (#10933431) Homepage
    For the first time in my life, I'm actually happy that I have to wait for the european version. This means that when I get online next year, all these "bugs" will be gone. Which isn't that bad. Thanks for "beta" testing for me america!
    • I do not see why this is moderated as Funny, since I see it exactly the same way. While it sucks that I have to wait, I have the feeiling that the servers will be even smoother for the european launch. I have to admit, though, that I found the open beta with 500.000 accounts to be very smooth already...
  • by MrBigInThePants ( 624986 ) on Saturday November 27, 2004 @06:48PM (#10933557)
    Free Trial? Free Month? Gotta love marketing.

    How about: Month included and paid for as part of the $50? $50 for a game engine (no source) and no right to play would be silly.

    Guess that doesn't roll off the tongue however...
  • 88 servers, couldn't that, like, punch a hole into another dimension?
  • Has anyone gotten an email from Blizzard stating this?
    I haven't...

    Also, Blizzard forum accts have been hacked before iirc.

    I'll believe it when the announcment is sitting in my inbox...

  • Wow i really love this game but was pissed when i had to wait in line for an hour to play. I dont understand how they did not see this coming. They Boxed X number of games and have X number of slots/servers it seems like they over sold their capacity. That makes me mad!
    • Grunk not happy! Grunk smash stupid human Paladin to itsy little bits with Grunk's great warhammer!
    • The reason they are having so many problems is that despite having so many servers at launch, people were flocking to 5 or 10 of the most popular. I think the queues were not because the servers couldn't handle the load, but if you played the first night there was a lot of lag on the busiest servers. So instead of having laggy servers and people complaining about that, they chose to cap the busiest ones, nudging some of the players to less populated servers. I think it was the best case in a situation ba
  • 88 servers for 200,000 accounts. Thats 2272 accounts per server. Must be awfully lonley in Wow, unless the world is much much smaller than ever Everquest 1 before all of the expansions.
    • by Jord ( 547813 )
      Not lonely at all when you consider that everyone is in the newbie areas right now. That has been the problem. The servers can handle the load, they just can't handle everyone being in the low level zones all at once. They have stated on their forums that once everyone starts to spread out into the higher zones that they will remove or reduce the queues and allow more people per server.

      Still, even with everyone in the newbie zones, it is not as bad as say the bazar from EQ 1. The trick right now it se

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