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Christmas Cheer Entertainment Games

Dickens Ebook From the Dreamcast Scene 18

wraggster writes "The team at DC Evolution has put together a truly unique image in honour of the Christmas season. The newest DC Evo image is a brand new e-book, consisting of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The image includes the entire, unabridged text of the original novel, some unique illustrations, an mp3 jukebox, and a radio play from 1938. Be sure to check it out at the A Christmas Carol Ebook page."
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Dickens Ebook From the Dreamcast Scene

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  • Wake me up (Score:2, Funny)

    by krymsin01 ( 700838 )
    when they have an image for April 20th.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    This looks very nice, but only in Disc Juggler format? Is there a way to convert this to something that can be handled on Linux or OS X?
    • Re:Format? (Score:2, Informative)

      by skadus ( 821655 ) []

      Has a tool called CDI2Nero. And I'm sure there's a tool out there to convert Nero to ISO somewhere (Alcohol burns images just fine for me, and I don't use Linux). ::shrug::
      • Re:Format? (Score:3, Informative)

        by DLWormwood ( 154934 )
        An even better link...

        Mac Tools Page []

        Looks like they still require Toast, but at least I can do research based on this starting point...

        • Ah, this might do it []. It's a bit incoherent and complex, but unless the "cditonrg" and "nrgtoiso" scripts appear (I can't find them) it seems like the best option.

          The MacPack requires Classic, IIRC. Or at least some of the apps within it do.

    • search for "cditonrg" on google, it is a perl script. then serach for "nrgtoiso" and download that. it will hopefully work
    • I'll second this request. I can't seem to log onto their forums so ask myself, though I am able to download the image. (With some help from curl, clicking the link in a web browser is iffy.)

      DiscJuggler has a demo version, so I try and burn it where I find get a open PC machine.

    • I have had lots of trouble with disk juggler in the past. So thanks for the Nero Utility!
    • cdirip
      rips the iso/audio stuff right out.

      I used an older version (0.5a) because the newer version I could find (0.6.2) said "unsupported image version." Burning it right now, going to test it in a few hours (when I get home where my dreamcast is).

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