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Take Two Interactive Riding High 22

Take Two interactive is riding high this week, as Gamespot reports a sharp increase in their profits and reveals that GTA: San Andreas will be coming to the Xbox. During their profit earnings report, it was also revealed that they're purchasing the remains of Microsoft's sports studio, former makers of Amped and Links. From the article: "During today's call, Take-Two president Paul Eibeler confirmed that sometime during the August-September quarter, it purchased the Utah studio from Microsoft. He referred to the studio by its current name, Indie Built, and did not mention which of Take-Two's three subsidiaries--Rockstar Games, Gathering, or Global Star--would manage the studio."
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Take Two Interactive Riding High

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  • about time (Score:5, Funny)

    by Fr05t ( 69968 ) on Friday December 17, 2004 @12:33PM (#11116594)
    someone started buying Microsoft and not the other way around :P

  • Good (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Mr.Dippy ( 613292 )
    Hopefully now I can play GTA in HD. Seriously though I played that game on PS2 and it definitly shows the limited graphic capacity of the system. Good game though.
    • Probably not HD, but at least 420p. :)

      I totally agree with you, the graphics in GTA:SA on the PS2 leave something to be desired. I suppose that is a sign we are ready for the next-gen consoles, a few developers certainly are.

      I would also like to take a moment to thank whatever person(s) decided to drop DTS support for San Andreas. The only reason I have surround sound in the first place is to be able to tell where helicopters are coming from. In fact, let me just say the weapon sounds in San Andreas SUCK
  • Non Exclusivity?! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Dogers ( 446369 )
    I thought that Sony bought/paid Rockstar/whoever a while back to make the next X GTA games PSx only??
    • Re:Non Exclusivity?! (Score:2, Informative)

      by jobeus ( 639434 )
      I think it is just to be released on PSx first, by a matter of months. Then later, Xbox and PC.
    • Re:Non Exclusivity?! (Score:3, Informative)

      by Xentax ( 201517 )
      What I've heard (from a random employee at a random Gamestop, so YMMV) is that they were obligated to release on PS2 first, and if (yeah, right, WHEN) each game became a Platinum hit, they were then allowed to port to other platforms.

      I loved GTA3/Vice City but ditched my PS2 almost a year ago; so I'm really looking forward to the PC or XBox port of San Andreas.

  • by Ian_Bailey ( 469273 ) on Friday December 17, 2004 @12:51PM (#11116830) Homepage Journal
    Rockstar Games also announced that they would be changing their name to "Grand Theft Auto" Games (ticket symbol GTA). When Chairman and CEO Richard Roedel was asked about the name change, he said it was to capitalize on their strengths.

    "Seriously, what else do we make any more? By acknowledging our history, we can bring the elements we are known best for into our new franchices. I mean, if hookers and cops in the new Director's Cut of "Manhunt" don't finally sell off our remaining copies, what will?"

    When Richard Roedel was asked to comment on the next iterations of the ESPN series without an NFL franchice agreement, and what they were going to do about EA, he didn't hold back.

    "EA, look out! Your official teams are no match for the San Andreas Playaz, the Vice City Copz, and the Stuantun Island Slutz."
  • Comment on Rockstar more specifically..

    Not all of their releases(ie not made by them but they put it to market) are GTA-great. They had State of Emergency, which almost seemed to have the same marketing angle. A super-violent game by Rockstar, so it has to be good, right? It proved to be disappointing and shallow to me. For now, I'll stick with the GTA series, which 90% of my PS2 time has been devoted to.(other 10% being tony hawk games).
  • For anyone who doubts that sports games can't be excellent without licensed players in them, look no further than Links 2004. It's an excellent golf game that can be bought on the cheap nowadays. I hope Take Two continues the franchise with the same high production values.
    • I think you're wrong on this -- the appeal of team sports games is to be your favorite players and see what they do -- Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, etc. Nobody opens up a golf game saying 'I can't wait to tee off as Duffy Waldorf!'. You play golf games for the courses and the challenge, not for the individual players (aside from Woods and Mickelson). Any team sports game today without 'name' players isn't going to do even a fraction as good as the same game with real players.

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