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New Year MMOG News 20

New developments this week in a few games, with Cryptic Studio's City of Heroes releasing the much anticipated Issue 3 expansion, which adds new archetypes and power sets to the game. Citing increasing costs for running the game Mythic Entertainment has raised the subscription price for Dark Age of Camelot to $14.95 a month, but with a significant discount for long-term subscriptions. Darniaq wrote in to mention that Sony Online Entertainment announced a new Massive title for the PSP at CES, Untold Legends, in what looks to be direct competition to Pocket Kingdoms. Finally, Tobold of Grimwell Online has a nice recap of MMORPGs in 2004, complete with predictions for this year.
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New Year MMOG News

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  • Reclamation (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Talrias ( 705583 )
    I'm personally looking forward to Reclamation [reclamationgame.com] (by the same guys who developed Underlight, one of the first MMORPGs) because of it's rather interesting-sounding ideas - it's based in a dream world so you won't be seeing your conventional goblins and orcs, it'll be scary monsters [reclamationgame.com] instead (charmingly called Nightmares).

    It also promises a decent PvP system which is notably lacking in both EverQuest II and World of Warcraft. The PvP system is based around various Houses which you can join and fight other houses
  • by Anonymous Coward
    you can't pirate it.
  • But the press release for Untold Legends never says it's an MMO. It says it's made by SOE, which has made MMO games.

    It describes it merely as multiplayer, not massively so.
  • Raising price (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Poseidon88 ( 791279 ) on Wednesday January 05, 2005 @03:41PM (#11266880)
    Citing increasing costs for running the game Mythic Entertainment has raised the subscription price for Dark Age of Camelot...

    Increasing costs for running the game? Or dwindling player base? I expect a large number of their players have recently migrated to World of Warcraft.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Everquest 2 is a worse grind than EQ1, it's on par with Lineage II and old EQ1 with class/race penalties and "hell" levels. All this time, the competition (WoW and CoH) is giving players more fun, caters the solo player too, extremely reduced downtime and did I say fun?

    2004 also proved that SOE has no problem in releasing half finished hurried expansions/games all in the name of profit. While the main competition releases a well polished game, SOE hurries out releases, be that for EQ, SWG or EQ2.

    2004 also
    • First off, downtime in EQ2 is very rare in groups. Soloing is much harder though and will have downtime. Second, WoW has had it fair share of problems. Actually, they have a ton. Login server outtage is nothing out of the norm. Four hours of maintenance once a week is scheduled but it usually runs to 6+ (during which time the forums are also down). The blizzard downloader is HORRID. Auction house, mail box, and server lag during peak times can also get really bad. Oh, and their is no point in changi
    • WoW can be a grind if you want it to. Instead of killing 300 rats to level, you have to grind out quests instead. People enjoy grinding tho, and you know these people by the fact that they hit lvl 60 two weeks after the servers started.

      Now, WoW offers a lot to those who want to have fun. Take fishing, for instance. Before Blizzard nerfed it, you could make a tidy dollar off of fishing. Now, you can just spend time idly chatting and fishing. It is relaxing and fun, in my opinion. I space out the que

  • SOE (Score:2, Funny)

    It's about time SOE announced a new MMO.. after all we are almost a week into the new year

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