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Fan Made Halo RTS, IloveBees Interview 26

By way of Evil Avatar, news of a Command and Conquer Generals mod to be set in the Halo universe. Entitled Halogen, the fan-made RTS appears to have much of the preliminary work completed already. Relatedly, TotalVideoGames is carrying an interview with ILoveBees actress Kristen Rutherford. She discusses her role as the schizoid AI in the Halo-Universe Alternate Reality Game. From the interview: "The characters in l love bees are all characters within the Haloverse. Melissa was the A.I. of the ship Apocalypso in the same way that Cortana was the A.I. for the Pillar of Autumn."
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Fan Made Halo RTS, IloveBees Interview

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  • Microsoft? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by AtariAmarok ( 451306 )
    I tried to read the site, but the desingers basically put up a "keep out" sign by having the text color be little different from the background color. I guess that should cut down on slashdotting.

    Was wondering what Microsoft thinks of such Halo-ish projects? Do they care? Can they whomp you for it?

  • .. because it would be overloaded and because she's gorgeous and would send many of you into your own personal overload.

    She claimed in phone chat at the end of ilovebees that she has Halo 2 and a Live account. If she's smart, though, she'll keep her gamertag a very closely guarded secret or else she'll be inundated with friend requests and probably have to deal with a lot of inappropriate online behavior.

    If you're reading this, thanks for the interview, Kristen, and thanks for your role in ILB.
  • halo (Score:3, Funny)

    by syrinx ( 106469 ) * on Tuesday January 18, 2005 @03:23PM (#11398678) Homepage
    So now will people who've never played games before think that Halo is the first RTS, too?
  • I find it kind of interesting because Halo started life out as a strategy game instead of a FPS. There's a video floating around somewhere (if somebody has a link, please post, I'd like to see it again), of Bungie employees commenting on video of earlier Halo concepts.
  • Why are we reporting a mod that isn't even near being out? It's just a mod for goodness sakes. It's not a cure for cancer next week. Couldn't we wait till it had a playable beta version?

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