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No More Players for World of Warcraft - For Now 544

Chris writes "FileFront has broke the news from Blizzard that they are no longer placing their highly popular MMORPG on store shelves, due to the recent server problems reported by Slashdot on Tuesday. Denying rumors that they had asked several stores to pull the game from shelves, Blizzard rep Gil Shrif is quoted as saying: 'We're just being careful not to release additional copies to be sold until we feel the game servers can support additional players.' The online store on Blizzard's website shows the game to be out of stock. No word on whether or not this will affect the Korean release."
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No More Players for World of Warcraft - For Now

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  • Too much Southpark? (Score:5, Informative)

    by SeanTobin ( 138474 ) * <.byrdhuntr. .at.> on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:43PM (#11415284)
    Does this strategy remind anyone of Cartman's "You can't come and play here" amusement park? I just wonder who is getting the hemorrhoid.

    As far as not affecting the Korean release, it won't. Korea will have its own servers. The MMO's in Korea are traditionally not released in boxes. They are downloaded for free and the players pay a greater fee per month. I believe the number was around USD$23/month in Korea compared to $15 in the US.
    • by FrYGuY101 ( 770432 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:47PM (#11415331) Journal
      I just wonder who is getting the hemorrhoid.
      You misunderstand.

      EA *IS* the hemorrhoid.
    • Naw. In Korea, only old people play video games.
    • Not at all (Score:5, Informative)

      by Sycraft-fu ( 314770 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:58PM (#11415399)
      I play WoW and I can say that the situation is/was unacceptable. The game was crashing all the time, like 4+ times per day, and the database would roll back to a much earlier state (meaning all progress since that point wsa lost). To fix that, they implemented server caps and a line that could take TWO HOURS to get in and play. Sorry, that shit doesn't fly, I am not going to pay to wait in line to play a game. I was ready to cancel my account.

      However, they've been making strides in fixing the problem. There are still lines, but they are much shorter (minutes long instead of hours) and the servers seem to have stabilised. Ok, that's good, but not good enough. There need to be NO lines and the servers need to BE stable.

      According to Bilzzard, it's all related to peak load on the servers, and is a fixable problem. So I agree with their decision: fix it, then resume sales. Don't sell more copies, make things worse, and lead to people leaving.

      They aren't saying "you can't come and play here". they are like ar estraunt saying "I'm sorry, we are full and completely booked, you'll have to wait until later to come eat here."

      I have no doubt they are eager to resume sales as soon as this problem is fixed. I'm betting it will be sooner rather than later. They claim it's a software bug on the DB servers causing them to freak when there are too many transactions, even though the hardware can handle it. I imagine if the hardware does turn out to be the limitation, they'll throw more hardware at it. Remember we are talking a $100 million revenue stream at the current subscriber level. It is in their intrests to spend money to maintain that, and allow it to grow even further.
      • Re:Not at all (Score:2, Informative)

        by zaffir ( 546764 )
        Exactly. I've been playing WoW since the beta, and have been following the community just as long. The game's sales have blown Blizzard's predictions away. They had to add new servers the day after release because there were so many people buying/playing it. And the holidays doubled that already enormous player base.

      • Re:Not at all (Score:3, Interesting)

        by RvLeshrac ( 67653 )
        Actually, the current monthly WoW take is ~$6 million.

        Releasing the game in Korea may improve that stream, but unless they have plans for cafe usage... not by much.

        Aside from all that, someone on Evil Avatar pointed out that WoW has ~85 servers, and FFXI has 33. WoW has all these problems, FFXI doesn't. Yet FFXI has 200,000 more subscribers, not limited to the US. The lag on FFXI is almost nonexistent, only rearing its ugly head when you enter an area with an obscene number of people.
      • I just have to wonder why they don't release the game, and only allow new character creations to be done on a lower population server.

        I bought WoW on release day, and had it running as soon as I got the game out of the box (having already had the beta client installed), and I've only had marginal issues due to picking lower population servers.

        If you really want low server load, switch over to an RP server. The crowd can be a little kooky at times, but the smoother gameplay is easily worth it.

        • "If you really want low server load, switch over to an RP server. The crowd can be a little kooky at times, but the smoother gameplay is easily worth it."

          Please don't. If you don't want to actually Role Play your character (thus the RP server designation, the extended ruleset, the expectations of behavior, then please don't join an RP server.

          If you can't chat in complete sentences, please don't join an RP server. It's not an environment for d00dz looking for ph@t l3wt. kthxbye.
          • Re:Not at all (Score:3, Interesting)

            by Issue9mm ( 97360 )
            I absolutely respect the rules of RP, and even keep in character until the other person breaks out. I certainly don't want to step on anyone's fun, but I'm mostly just there to play, not to interact a great deal. I have friends and family playing on the same server as I, and we're content to party almost entirely with ourselves, and will keep in character (tho admittedly milder than some of the... more serious RPers) when we interact with others.

            That said, I wholly support the parent's statements, and th
      • All my foes are spelling or grammar Nazis.

        All your foes are belong to us.
      • Re:Not at all (Score:3, Insightful)

        I've only been playing the game off and on at my friend's house, but I've decided that I'm going to wait until at least midway through the semester, both for scholastic reasons and because I want it to be stable when I do decide to play.

        But, to Blizzard's credit, they are doing this smart. This is their first foray into the MMORPG world, and they don't want what has happened to the others to happen to them: a launch disaster, leading to public embarassment and thousands of angry subscribers. If I remember

      • All my foes are spelling or grammar Nazis.

        "all of my foes"
    • > You can't come and play here

      Try eBay. I have one copy, and my fiance wanted to play. (It's a good way to get her to not complain that I am playing the game).

      I read this post, went to eBay, and 15 minutes later I bid on and won a copy for $75.03. The guy emailed me the CD key, and I'm installing it now.

      Yes, there have been server problems especially on Tichondrius (where I was playing). Switching to another lower population server is working well so far.

      Seriously, if you want to play (and you should
  • bad idea (Score:5, Funny)

    by halcyon1234 ( 834388 ) <> on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:43PM (#11415287) Journal
    because I'm sure mentioning thier servers on Slashdot will fix the problem.


    • Yeah, you know, Slashdot is pretty advanced. I didn't know we can now Slashdot realm servers THAT HAVE NO WEBPAGE WHATSOEVER. *rolls eyes*
  • Remeber diablo 2? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Nova1313 ( 630547 ) * on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:43PM (#11415288)
    I guess no one remembers when Diablo 2 came out. The first few months it was released in the US the Realms were crowded. They crashed all the time, most people couldn't get on. They had to implement a queue much like WoW has. It's not the first time blizzard has had these problems and they always took care of the server problems in the past. at least they are trying. It's just amazing that they don't forsee the ammount of people. Especially right at launch and the months surrounding when you have most people logging on. But you live you learn..
    • Here's the big difference: we're paying for it this time.

      I love Wow. I actually have it alt-tabbed as I type this. I've also been fortunate to be on a server that rarely has any problems. However, I have friends who have experienced these issues, and they royally suck.

      Imagine buying a CD, for example, and not being able to play it AT ALL for 2 days. Or having to wait for 500 other people to play the CD before you get to play it. Or, when it does work, having it frequently skip (even though it's new)
    • by Cecil ( 37810 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:07PM (#11415472) Homepage
      It's just amazing that they don't forsee the ammount of people. Especially right at launch and the months surrounding when you have most people logging on.

      Dude, they have 88 servers. I mean, they were expecting success, sure. But they've sold more copies of the game in the last month than FFXI (as a random example I know the number for) has subscribers.

      Besides, even if they believed WoW would be very successful, they can't just assume "Woohoo, my MMORPG entry into the already saturated market will be a wild success! I'm gonna take out a loan and buy $50 million worth of datacenter equipment to host 20,000 servers!" and many MMORPG businesses have been nearly if not entirely bankrupted in the recent past for taking that line of thinking. Blizzard was perhaps a little pessimistic in their expectations for World of Warcraft, I don't think I can blame them.
      • Re:Remeber diablo 2? (Score:2, Interesting)

        by Nova1313 ( 630547 ) *
        they saw the applications for the beta though.. lots and lots. Now granted I know not everyone goes out and purchases it that wants to try it. But with the positive response you have from that you would just think wow. I applaud them for doing as well as they did no doubt there... I'm not saying they screwed up either.. But it might be a little better planned... I'm not sure how it works in the videogame industry but I know when our companies software is preordered we get a number. We have a ratio of preor
      • Coming from a FPS playing world I can't understand why people would ever pay to play multiplayer games. Why doesn't Blizzard just release the server code for Linux and Windows servers and let people run their own servers? They could have hundreds or thousands of them at zero cost to them and still make a killing selling the game. I played City of Heroes for a few months but began to realize that 3 months of subscription was ending up costing more than I paid for the damn game! It's just not worth it.
        • What one second. If a game is going to keep me playing it and it only costs me 15 bucks a month to do so, i will take it in a heartbeat. It sure beats spending 200 bucks a month on 4 games alone(having all 3 current generation consoles). WOW has done that for me. I thought the same thing before i started playing MMORPG's, but the simple fact is that if you are actually going to play it, and continue to do so, it costs less in the long run.
    • they always took care of the server problems in the past.

      Yeah, by suing people who provide alternative, better server software, for starters. Oh, but we're supposed to give them a free pass because WoW is the next EverCrack. Can't let things like ethics interfere with the drug supply!

    • Remember Starcraft? The instability of the servers at Starcraft's release prompted the development of bnetd. Yet, there are now thousands of fanboys saying that bnetd was only for stealing. Maybe now some of them actually see the pain. I spent hours just trying to connect with Diablo.

      At the time these games came out, the only way blizzard offered a way to play on the internet with these games was Kind of defeated the point of buying the game for multiplayer. Of course there was modem, whi
  • by ZiZ ( 564727 ) * on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:44PM (#11415293) Homepage
    Perhaps Final Fantasy had it right - if they had implemented manditory load balancing on the servers, they probably wouldn't be having these problems. Yes, it sucks in some ways, but if the alternatives are "not being able to play the game" or "being able to play, but you have to wait a week before you can join up with your friends", give me a week late.
    • Why don't we give Blizzard a chance to come up with their own solutions? I would be willing to bet it will be better than any sort of forced load-balancing garbage. Blizzard far.
    • by FerakIII ( 555087 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:46PM (#11415814)
      Just got a reply from blizzard support regarding my query about not being able to register for a little while. In their scripted reply this little bit caught my eye

      "Also, we are currently analyzing the possibility of allowing users to move their character(s) to less populated servers. We do not have an estimated time of when we will be able to provide such a solution, but we would like to emphasize that we will try to provide this solution as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this, and we will be doing everything we can to ensure that your game experience in Azeroth is enjoyable, reliable, and fair."

      This sounds like a step in the right direction to me, as since I finally made it through registration, have been having no problems playing on a low pop server.
  • Better than AC... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by chris09876 ( 643289 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:44PM (#11415294)
    Good for them for taking some initiative to limit the damage. I used to play asherons call back when Microsoft was calling the shots. Practically every update they needed to reset the server, do a rollback, etc. At least blizzard is acknowledging the server issues and doing what they can to limit the number of people inconvenienced.
  • I gave up (Score:2, Insightful)

    by zhevek ( 147623 )
    I gave up less than a week ago. I have all this free time now, I don't think I will go back even if they get the servers fixed.
    • Bah! Free time is overrated. I'm going to take a brief break and power through a pile of books, then I'm going to jump back on and work towards a mount for my druid.

      That's as long as the increase in stability seen over the last 36 hours continues.

    • It's silly, I couldn't believe they had the balls to charge me for a product that wasn't stable at all. I spent more time looking at my character screen than the game itself because the server kept bombing out on everyone. I honestly have no idea why they were charging people, if there is ever a class action lawsuit to regain money for stuff like they i'd gladly join it. I'm pretty pissed that I spent $70 on the collectors edition and then they charged me 6 months of play right around Christmas while the se
  • More Demand? Less (Score:5, Insightful)

    by CrankyFool ( 680025 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:45PM (#11415306)
    I wonder how this will affect the demand for WoW.

    There's probably ample discussion of this in economics, but it seems pretty clear that some shortage scenarios result in people 'panicking' (perhaps too strong of a term) and really really trying to get whatever it is that's in shortage; I'm guessing there are people out there now who are thinking "OMG, WoW is closed! I've got to see if I can find a copy somewhere near me because I might not be able to get it later!"

    And then, at some point, at significant enough shortages, people just sort of give up and don't care anymore. I'm guessing vendors would love to optimize their shortages to fit between these two points.

    (Case in point: I wanted an iPod Shuffle, and called the Apple store a bunch of times, waiting for a shipment; they finally got one, but all of the Shuffles went to people who had pre-ordered; they were no longer accepting pre-orders, and told me to check in Friday. At that point, I got tired of the whole ordeal and decided not to get a Shuffle, at least any time in the near future. Not that Apple's hurting).
    • Yes, but i do expect that they will continue selling it within a couple months.

      A couple of stores were charging $150 for the collectors edtion.

      Im planning on starting WOW in april, since i dont have time at the moment, that should give them enough time to get everything working well.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:45PM (#11415308)
    Let players kill each other off... and make it permanent. A little population reduction.
  • bandwidth or bugs? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Suburbanpride ( 755823 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:46PM (#11415310)
    Blizard is not a small company. you would think that they would have the resources to buy the appropriate bandwidth/server capacity. I wonder if this is more of a problem with how the software itself is written. A rewrite in order to scale better is the only I reason I could see for a major delay.
    • by Sycraft-fu ( 314770 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:06PM (#11415460)
      On their site they claim it's a software bug in their backend DB server. The hardware is fine but when too many transactions happen at once the software freaks and it all goes to hell. Now regardless of if it is software, or if the hardware is at it's limits, I have a feeling it'll take a bit to scale up.

      They don't specify, but I suspect by "backed DB server" they mean "IBM zSeries running Oracle" not "Dell Poweredge running MySQL". From the amount of data that goes on, and the fact that multiple actual game servers talk to one backend DB, I'm betting it's big iron from IBM, Sun or the like.

      Well, if it does turn out they need more of that, you don't just get it overnight. Even with commodity PCs it still takes a couple days, usually a week, to get a system to you. For mini-mainframe class hardware, it's a lot longer. Then once you have it you have to get it configured and migrate over the parts of the DB it'll be handling and so on.

      If all that happened in a week, I'd be amazed.

      Personally I'm incluned to believe them that it's a software problem not a hardware one. Assuming they are using a major DB provider, and it would be almost unthinkable that they aren't, they'll get a fix. Again, however, you have to test and work on it. The last thing they want to do is roll out another fix that makes things worse.

      That's what started this whole mess. They were upgrading their servers, hardware probably, to deal with lag. They had a big 16 hour downtime for this. They promised it'd fix all the lag. Well it didn't, and on top of that the game started bombing all the time.

      They don't want a repeat so whatever the fix, I'm sure a little more testing will go in to it this time.
      • well (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Stu Charlton ( 1311 )
        They don't specify, but I suspect by "backed DB server" they mean "IBM zSeries running Oracle" not "Dell Poweredge running MySQL". From the amount of data that goes on, and the fact that multiple actual game servers talk to one backend DB, I'm betting it's big iron from IBM, Sun or the like.

        There's a good chance it's Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), which is what EA uses for their backend gaming database. Oracle is a big pusher of Linux/Intel/AMD blades or 1U racks attached to shared storage.

  • by Datamonstar ( 845886 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:47PM (#11415323)
    It's gotta feel damn good to actually pull your product because too many people want it. Seriously, this problem has gotta be the "best" problem Blizzard could have had with this game.
    • by nuclear305 ( 674185 ) * on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:05PM (#11415447)
      " It's gotta feel damn good to actually pull your product because too many people want it. Seriously, this problem has gotta be the "best" problem Blizzard could have had with this game."

      No, it better be the WORST feeling for them. They can't even keep the servers up for the existing players to play.

      Many will tell you that the servers were "down" from Thursday through Sunday regardless of whether or not the official status was "up." That's in addition to the 16 hours of scheduled downtime on Thursday.

      The kicker? The 16 hour downtime to fix the problem actually made it even worse. That's when they introduced even more population caps without first informing the customers. Now players can sit in queues for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours...and if they're lucky enough to wait that long and log in, they may get 10 minutes of actual playtime before they get booted out of the game or lag out and forced to sit in the queue yet again.

      This isn't just a problem for the high population servers, it's affecting even the low population servers. What does this mean? Nobody but Blizzard themselves can say with any certainty...but I'm willing to bet this has nothing to do with the popularity of the game and how many copies were sold. My guess is they have a poorly designed backend/database system that is simply broken and cannot be fixed even by throwing more hardware at the issue.
      • Seriously, what realms are you folks seeing all these problems on? My one ( a high pop RP server ) occasionally lags, particularly around Ironforge, but I'm not seeing any of the queue bullcrap ( except once, before the recalibration of the caps... I was fifth in the queue and was in in under a minute ) or other teeth-gnashing difficulties everyone else is complaining about.
      • Gamer FUD (Score:3, Funny)

        by StikyPad ( 445176 )
        My guess is they have a poorly designed backend/database system that is simply broken and cannot be fixed even by throwing more hardware at the issue.

        I'll show you a poorly designed backend. Ever heard of Rosie O'Donnell?

        It's funny how much of an interest so-called customers suddenly take in the business interest of a MMORPG deale^H^H^H^H^Hprovider when they can't get their fi^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hplay their game. The world won't end just because servers go offline, nor will the company go belly-up, be
    • by SamNmaX ( 613567 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @11:47PM (#11416241)
      It's gotta feel damn good to actually pull your product because too many people want it. Seriously, this problem has gotta be the "best" problem Blizzard could have had with this game.

      It was a catastrophic success!

  • B.Net (Score:3, Insightful)

    by FiReaNGeL ( 312636 ) <> on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:47PM (#11415325) Homepage
    I would have thought that Blizzard had more experience handling a massive amount of players. If I remember they had the same exact kind of problem with Warcraft III on, underestimating demand, creating endless queues to join a game. The fact that they have to pull the game from the shelves is surprising; it shows that they don't have the control of the situation, and that they don't plan to in the near future. Of course, it could be a marketing ploy, to create demand by rarity, but I doubt it. It's producing a very bad image for Blizzard.

    Meanwhile, players are still beta testing, but for 15$/month.
    • Meanwhile, players are still beta testing, but for 15$/month.

      Name one computer software product that did not require some form of patch or update within one year of being released due to the discovery of bugs by users?
  • We could just set up our own servers...
  • by IchBinEinPenguin ( 589252 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:51PM (#11415356)
    Maybe MS will stop selling Windows until its problems are fixed :-)
  • by ScentCone ( 795499 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @09:54PM (#11415377)
    What they need is a more scalable enterprise solution.
  • I'm sure the Korean WOW players will take the server problems in good humour, now if the Starcraft servers went down it'd be a diferent story. Kekeke!!
  • Dear Blizzard,

    I work at an EA Games in Manhattan. We were told by management this morning to pull our copies of WoW from the shelves. Guess this is the reason.

    Sad, really, that your system isn't scalable enough. Your loss!


  • by dancingmad ( 128588 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:10PM (#11415504)
    This actually seems responsible to me. Rather than sell the promise of server space along with the game or selling a game that has no value without the ability to long onto the server, they are holding copies back until they can fix the issues properly. If this is what they are actually doing, kudos to Blizzard; certainly the backlash they've been getting has something to do with it, but this is more responsibility than many game companies will take (and I say that as someone who isn't really a fan of WoW or the company's RTSes). To a large degree, WoW is like a forum or chat service and I've known forums to freeze new accounts to fix mySQL problems.

    Of course, this could be a ploy just to drive up sales with rumors of a new player "blackout." But Blizzard is really well known for taking drastic actions to make sure their games are as good as possible. Is there any reason Blizzard should be bashed for this?

    This will create a huge blackmarket for people selling their characters and accounts, though...

      They had one of the longest-running and largest beta-tests in MMORPG history. They have no excuse for not finding a scalability bug of this kind.

      And their handling of the bug, in terms of how they've communicated with their userbase (including the typical 'overpromise/underachieve' statements) has been terrible.

      For a company the size of Blizzard, it's a major screwup. They, of all people, should know better.
      • i don't know. it sounds to me like the way they've been running for years. overpromise, underachieve, and they might have a fix in place six months from now. which will cause new problems they may or may not get around to fixing another six months later...
  • World of Warcraft uses TCP ONLY for its client to server communications and this seems to have been a big mistake for Blizzard. In South Korea, their network infrastructure is first class. They have fiber everywhere and virtually everyone has MEGA bandwidth broadband. That is why WoW and other mmogs in South Korea like Lineage I and II can get away with using TCP only.

    However here in the U.S, our network infrastructure is not so homogenous nor cutting edge in all places. There is a reason so many mmogs
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @10:18PM (#11415566) ow-general&t=902431&p=1&tmp=1#post902431 []

    The overwhelming success of World of Warcraft has brought hundreds of thousands of people together to adventure in Azeroth, and concurrency numbers are well beyond what we expected or even hoped for. Unfortunately, this high concurrency, especially when concentrated on a small number of realms, initially caused issues with our hardware infrastructure. We were able to streamline our code to increase performance in the weeks following launch. However, the holiday season nearly doubled our player base, and it quickly became apparent that in order to handle not only the current player base, but all future players as well, we needed to make some upgrades to our infrastructure.

    Last Thursday we made our first such upgrade. 20 of our 88 realms were moved off of the original hardware and placed on a new hardware configuration. These 20 servers initially performed very well, up until we reached our maximum concurrency Friday evening. The high population numbers uncovered an issue in the new backend shared infrastructure. This issue caused some players to experience severe lag and disconnects on a few of the realms, making them virtually unplayable.

    In order to stabilize the affected realms and allow as many players as possible the ability to continue playing, we lowered the population caps by 30%. This stabilized the realms to the point where 70% of the players on the realms in question could play, but it also resulted in large queues.

    The problems were attributed to high concurrency numbers on individual realms putting extreme stress on the backend infrastructure. We were able to address this problem by implementing additional hardware into the infrastructure this afternoon. This additional hardware has allowed us to stabilize the affected realms, and thus increase the server caps. We will continue to monitor the performance throughout the evening. If we notice any of the performance issues starting up again we will lower the population cap level enough to stabilize performance.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused our players this weekend. This process coincides with our constant efforts to improve the current performance of World of Warcraft, and sometimes issues can arise when implementing these improvements. We will do our best to prevent similar situations from happening in the future, and we once again thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • "No word on whether or not this will affect the Korean release."

    We don't need no steenking Korean release, we got bittorrent release!

  • You can't find WoW in retail stores anymore. They've been sold out since after Christmas and haven't been getting shipments. What's more, they have no idea when they're getting new ones. Clerks just spit out the ol' "try again next week" with no guarantees whatsoever.

    Supply and demand? WoW is going for almost double its retail cost on Ebay.
  • I cancelled my account after the first month. It's a fine game but I find MMORPG's with their whack-a-mole style fighting to be really boring.

    I much prefer real-time shooters. I used to be very good at Jedi Academy online but I had to make myself quit because I played too much. I can't get that "addicted" feeling with MMORPG's, they're just not compelling enough to me.
  • Now that a ton of the userbase bailed to WoW - City of Heroes is virtually lag free!
  • I had finally decided I wanted to try out World of Warcraft, 'cause I like MMORPGs but have become disenchanted with them in the past (AO, DAoC), so I tried to find one to buy... Not a single store in my area had one. Best buy, circuit city, EB, you name it, they were out. I found one store on gamestop's site listing that said it had 4+ copies of WoW there, and I Was like "Yes!" It was only 20 minutes away, so I drove there and got there 30 mins before closing, and they had about 15 copies of WoW on the
  • by SirBruce ( 679714 ) on Wednesday January 19, 2005 @11:17PM (#11416017) Homepage
    Started charging on Monday.

    They were down several hours yesterday, but were back up again today. Game is very popular and seriously competeing with Lineage and Lineage II in time in the PC Baangs.


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