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Face of Mankind Open Beta 43

AaronH copies and pastes: "'Face of Mankind is an MMORPG set in the 24th century. You are invited to play out the ageless battle of good vs. evil, and witness all shades of gray in between. Role-playing and your real-life skills are the raw ingredients of game play. This MMORPG uses the first ever player-generated mission system, and combines it with sophisticated economics and complex player politics for a new kind of online experience. Only your ability to shoot, bargain, politic and otherwise duck and deal will advance your character's private or corporate agenda. The success of each and every mission will determine your rise to the top, or your fall into obscurity. Whatever path you take in this astonishing world, plan well: one day, one minute or a single second could bring you to your destiny as the true Face of Mankind. The first download mirrors for the open beta client have been put up. The servers themselves will be open for open beta testers on Monday.' Fileplanet has a few trailers while ya wait for the servers to come online."
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Face of Mankind Open Beta

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  • Underlight [] has had player-created missions for years and years and years.
  • Just like communism I believe this game will fail. Aren't they supposed to be with elves? I would just think the game would lose its edge after a few hours.
  • Ugh. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Xaviar21 ( 790883 ) on Saturday January 29, 2005 @10:31PM (#11517331)
    Sorry for the double-post. But reading through this, I'm pretty disgusted with how commercial this "news" post is. Ew.
    • I like that it has "AaronH copies and pastes:" However, as clicking on AaronH's name leads to the home page for SS:2845, my favorite upcoming mod for any game, I for some reason find myself not minding it much. Hmmm.
  • Shades (Score:2, Funny)

    by Mekabyte ( 678689 )
    I prefer #AAAAAA myself.
  • torrent link (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    The Bittorrent link is: []
  • by blatantdog ( 829922 ) on Saturday January 29, 2005 @11:28PM (#11517567)
    Judging by the number of posts this game is going to get a ton of business!
  • Movie Mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by Propagandhi ( 570791 ) on Saturday January 29, 2005 @11:35PM (#11517595) Journal
    Here [] is a mirror for the trailers, so you can avoid the lines and registration of Fileplanet. No torrent, sorry.

    Haven't found a torrent of the beta, either. Hopefully someone can dredge one up.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You have successfully registered at the Face of Mankind Portal.

    Thank you for your confidence !
  • A Slashdot Guild (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Email me at if you are interested in joining a Slashdot guild during FoM's open beta. I think it would be fun to game with fellow Slashdotters.
  • by TellarHK ( 159748 ) <tellarhk&hotmail,com> on Sunday January 30, 2005 @02:45AM (#11518371) Homepage Journal
    The screens look... okay, but definitely lacking in some pretty major areas, like depth. There's nothing remarkable that I can see, and the site seems a little bit vague in several areas. So what's the game about? Can't tell. That's not really all that good then, is it?

    I applied, we'll see how it is. I got into Planetside and Star Wars Galaxies because of a 10 day trial, and now getting into an open beta could be fun. (I'm laid off, so I have some time to kill.)

    From what I saw though, I'm uninspired. Almost as uninspired after playing the free trial of Anarchy Online. Now that game just... well...

    Friends don't let Open Source Developers design User Interfaces(tm). Though I'm sure the people at AO that designed it weren't into Open Source, they sure designed a shitty UI.
    • I was looking at it last night and it looks to be a cyberpunk FPS set in a persistant world. which is something I've wanted for awhile (no, Neocron doesn't count. I demand twitch action)

      it seems pretty interesting and I wish I had registered last night, since now the site is slashdotted.

  • Looks an awful lot like Neocron [] to me. Looks like Face of Mankind is really "cutting edge".
  • I guess I'll try running it under WINE...

    No wonder there is so little interest.

    • Yes, because everybody knows the Linux market is what drives gaming, especially mmogs. Asshat.
      • It never ceases to amaze me how quickly an individual will revert to cussing when faced with something they cannot otherwise answer.

        Except you did answer it, and well, yet you felt you had to be beligerant as well. Were you un-loved as a child, that you cannot merely be "right" but also need to feel extra-superior to those around you? It's not working.

        I was very pleased when S2 games released Savage in both Widows and Linux versions at the same time. Quite refreshing. You may not have heard of it, http://
  • This MMORPG uses the first ever player-generated mission system...

    It'll be interesting to see which way it goes with the player-generated missions. On the one hand it could make for richer content, and on the other hand it could be that the company just isn't budgeting much for content ("Hey, let's have the players make up the content! Just think how much money we'll save!").

  • Fileplanet (Score:3, Informative)

    by Lord_Dweomer ( 648696 ) on Sunday January 30, 2005 @07:05PM (#11523492) Homepage
    Here's a tip for any idiots who are making a startup game and want to release it to large numbers of people who probably will need some incentive to be interested in your game since it isn't mainstream and wellknown:


    Gamers hate it, but are forced to use it because everybody gets their files hosted their. The waits are a pain in the ass. Why use anything OTHER than bittorrent now that it has become mainstream, would really help your server load, and would get it to a lot more people a lot quicker since people could simply copy/paste the torrent link to their friends.

    • I've used both, and I still find Fileplanet faster, even with the wait.
    • I, and a lot of other gamers, don't want to have to pay Fileplanet in order to join a beta. Why should we pay a third party to participate in a "free event?"
  • It's quite obvious someone thought up "Hey, let's make a game where AO meets Neocron meets Planetside and make it our own MMO!"

    This concept DOES NOT WORK. You cannot directly (and poorly I might add) rip off other games ideas directly and expect "Profitt?!?!". All you had are poor outdated graphics, badly rendered tracers (doom 1 did better) and people make horribly mutilated movements as if most of their tendons had been severed from their bodies. To boot, it looks like the characters slide across th
    • Depends. I'm playing Neocron myself, and while I like the concept and the atmosphere, it still suffers from serious bugs years after launch.
      Major memory leak, frequent crashes and a somewhat unreliable processing of damage effects on mobs.

      If FOMK can do the same but in better quality, I might switch. Gonna check out the open beta...
      • It was the level of bugs and unfinished feeling to neocron that eventually made me quit. Well upping the price of the game and still expecting people to live with the same bugs was the push.

        If NC was a more polished, less bug ridden game I would be back to it in a heartbeat. It is the only thing it has going against it.
  • The real Face of Mankind is Mick Foley of the WWE.

The other line moves faster.