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PSP As Home Remote Control 31

LiquidIce writes "Control your house with a PSP, using the wipeout browser hack. Currently, you can control a TV, DVD, and Lighting using the WiFi on the PSP. There are so many more possibilities for using a PSP as the controller to a home automation system."
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PSP As Home Remote Control

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  • Not working (Score:1, Redundant)

    by frostbane ( 660953 )
    Hmmm...links not working.
  • Ok this is quite cool , though the link dosn't work ?
    So i have no idea how this works , ? does it require a pc to go through as with the PSP IRC , and if so could i not use the same web interface with other devices .
    Perhaps i am wrong but does the PSP not use bluetooth as opposed to wifi ..I am definantly going to pick a PSP up soon as i can for the games , and it would make a rather cool bluetooth remote with anative app running off a memory stick.
  • I can't be certain if this is a hoax or not. But there was a hoax earlier about controlling an Aibo with a PSP.

    hoax [gizmodo.com]
    • Its not a hoax , though it is just a web interface that could be used equaly well from a laptop , a pda with wifi , or any other device that can browse your intranet
  • Correct link (Score:5, Informative)

    by tm2b ( 42473 ) on Sunday April 17, 2005 @12:45PM (#12262809) Journal
    Digging through the HTML, the link should have been to:

    http://psphacks.blogspot.com/2005/04/psp-home-cont rol-10.html [blogspot.com]
  • by JaseOne ( 579683 ) on Sunday April 17, 2005 @12:45PM (#12262812) Homepage
    How is this Slashdot worthy?

    All it involves is using the existing "hack" for the browser embedded in Wipeout Pure to load a normal website that just happens to control various devices around the home.

    It doesn't use the PSP's IR port or anything like that and as it uses the Wipeout browser it is an absolutely pain to load as Wipeout has a rediculous number of button presses and a large load time to get into the game.

    Nifty yes but not exactly a PSP hack at all, it's just like the "IRC client" for the PSP that was just a web page.
    • Political agenda? Encourage producers to include the functionality out of the box or just piss of slashdot readers enough that they'll solve the problem?
      • Considering people use empty cans of Pringles as directional antennas and people were using their PCs as 'home entertainment systems' for YEARS before the first ones 'mainstream' ones hit the market, you're basicly asking companies to build something which can do 'everything' right out of the box.

        TV remote control? Make it convertable into a keyboard. A computer wireless mouse? Make it a garage door opener as well. SUV? I want to be able to remove the roof and lower the sides to turn it into a flat-bed tru

        • Have you seen a pocket pc recently? They can come with cell phone irda, wifi, bluetooth, 800x600 screens, gps, mic, headphones, linux or windows or palm OS (Which is pretty damn sweet actually).

          If they came with a projector that would just be it... there wouldn't be any innovation ever again.
    • Slashdot worthy? At least it's not a dupe ;)
    • > How is this Slashdot worthy?

      Because I find it interesting. Just pretend the PSP is an Apple product, or something - except if Apple did it it would come in a tacky pale-blue box and cost twice as much, and not be connectable to a (Windows) PC.
  • Fun hacks but... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by computertheque ( 823940 ) on Sunday April 17, 2005 @02:00PM (#12263294)
    Because we all need a $250 remote. The PSP is something that should never end up inbetween the couch cushions.

    People sure are hacking this thing for all it's worth.
    • Re:Fun hacks but... (Score:3, Interesting)

      by NanoGator ( 522640 )
      "Because we all need a $250 remote. "

      Look, I think the PSP is overhyped. I think some of the uses for it (like playing movies) sound cooler than in practice they really are.

      Despite my feelings on the PSP, however, I think you are missing the point. The point was to do something kind of fun and learn a few things in the process, not to make the remote obsolete.

      I think it's pretty sad that Slashdot has attracted such a main-stream audience that collectively it has lost the ability to appreciate the true
    • by interiot ( 50685 )
      Because we all need a remote control whose batteries only last 2 hours and 46 minutes [ign.com]. Using Wifi for a remote control is a horrible idea. Bluetooth or any other low-bandwidth RF have much more sensible power consumption (albeit some with limited range, but what's the point of range if you have to constantly tether the thing to an outlet?)
  • Wow. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by CapnOats.com ( 805246 ) <mike@NOspaM.capnoats.com> on Sunday April 17, 2005 @03:43PM (#12263911) Homepage
    Webserver can run programs. News at ten.

    Yeah, great. The PSP has a web browser. What's the next PSP hack that slashdot will report on? Google have hacked the PSP so you can check you mail on GMail?

    Does this actually matter - it's main rival the DS can already have arbitrary code run on it and great leaps and bounds are being made into deciphering WiNi/NiFi every week. There is already a gcc and set of libraries for it and we can actually make games and have several active emulators.

    And the PSP has a web browser? Great... my phone five years ago had one of those.
    • ^_^ Maybe all the PSP owners are trying to justify a $250 purchase that they haven't used after getting bored of playing the 1 (maybe 2) good game(s) out for it.

      Oh of course don't forget watching Spiderman every night before you sleep gets pretty tiring.

      GO SPIDEY!
    • disclaimer: yes i own a psp. yes i own a ds. in general i like my psp a bit more. I have seen this said serveral times across the internet by many people, yes all of it is true, and yes I for one am getting sick and tired of all of these psp "hacks". But one thing i think we should all keep in mind is that people have had roughly five times the ammount of time to be able to run code on the ds, than they have had on the psp. (times are for us launches) only time will tell if we will EVER crack sonys encryp
  • PSP not important (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    The PSP is not doing anything special here. It just clicks links that have been specially crafted to send signals to the devices that are being controlled.

    The real hardware hack is the WACI NX. which is allowing him to control all of these devices from a standard web page. According to http://www.waciworld.com this WACI NX box can be programmed using:

    Macromedia Flash, Javascript / DHTML, C#, ASP 3.0, HTML, or Visual Basic / VB.NET

    This is very intresting, I want one!!
  • I figured that Sony would probably make the PSP remotable eventually, but not because of the WiFi connection. Most remotes infrared signals. The PSP has IR. I doubt it would be that hard to add a remote function using it. It isn't even that new an idea. The Gameboy Color had an IR port, and you could buy a cartrige that made it a universal remote. I wouldn't be surprised if something along these lines was added in the next firmware update.
  • FYI, I've updated the page with new pictures, and more instructions on how you could set up your own home automation controller using the PSP. Check it out at: http://psphacks.blogspot.com/2005/04/psp-home-cont rol-10.html -LiquidIce

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