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Game Music Featured In Hollywood Bowl Concert 36

Via Kotaku, the news that a Hollywood Bowl concert to be held on July 6th of this year will feature music from several AAA game titles, and will be performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. From the concert's set list: "Games scheduled to be included are: Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Warcraft, Tron, Myst"
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Game Music Featured In Hollywood Bowl Concert

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  • Heh. Tron music: Beep Boop Bip.
  • Strange (Score:3, Insightful)

    by elid ( 672471 ) <> on Monday April 18, 2005 @07:27PM (#12275818)
    I wonder who came up with that selection. It really leaves out a lot of classics that are known for their music (think Zelda, FF3, FF7, etc.).
    • it leaves _ALL_ titles with music people really remember out.

      but there's a reason for the selection.. probably was already composed/arranged for a full classical orchestra, made with big money for big money games so the job for the orchestra is easier, as the music is pretty regular classical movie track piece type of stuff(which, isn't that *bad* as a *soundtrack* for building suspense and triumphant fiilings after a win.. but as just music on it's own right it's boring). the selection is really boring an
    • The Final Fantasy music already has a touring symphony series called Dear Friends. I'm going to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra play music from Final Fantasy in late June, but local symphonies are playing the same program (with the same conductor) in Chicago, LA, and Boston I believe.
    • "I wonder who came up with that selection."

      I guess the answer would be: Americans. What, you were expecting music from Koji Kondo or Nobuo Uematsu?? Haha. (one wonders about the presence of Sonic the Hedgehog in this list though)
  • Since when was Tron a AAA title?
    • Since when was Tron a AAA title?

      About 1982.
      • I loved the light cycles (and still do) but i can't for the life of me remember any of music from any tron game ...
        I loved metal gear solid games too , again another game the music totaly slips my mind
        The same goes for warcraft and halo (except i didnt think halo was nearly as good as the other)
        These are almost all exceptional games with forgetable music.
        Im not saying they didn't have exceptional scores (insert pun here later about overrated scores as in points) i just don't really remember them.
        Games like
        • i can't for the life of me remember any of music from any tron game

          I'll help you out with the Tron thing:

          Do do dee
          Do do dee
          Do do dee do Deee do do do
          do do dee
          do do dee
          do do dee do Deee do do do

          I think I could pick out music from Halo if I heard it in concert. I'm humming it now. I can't believe people don't remember music from Sonic The Hedgehog. I'd say that one is about as planted in my memory as Super Mario Brothers.
          • ;) i could play all the music from about every sonic game on keyboard if you give me 5 minutes to work it out , i didnt notice sonic was on the list .
  • New Trend? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Cumshot ( 859434 ) on Monday April 18, 2005 @07:56PM (#12276201)
    Are we seeing a new trend of appreciation for videogame music here on slashdot? In the past week there has been at least three articles on the topic.

    First Nintendo Acapella [], then the Video Game Pianist [], now this.

    I for one welcome our new video-game-music-appreciating overlords.

  • Myst music... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Capt'n Hector ( 650760 ) on Monday April 18, 2005 @08:40PM (#12276666)
    Some of the music from the original Myst was amazing. Anybody know if it was original to the game? If so, kudos to the composer (and if not, kudos too I guess...)
    • Re:Myst music... (Score:4, Informative)

      by Zathras26 ( 763537 ) <pianodwarf@gmail. c o m> on Monday April 18, 2005 @08:42PM (#12276684)
      Yes, it was original to the game. One of the Millers (I can't remember which one) composed all of it. There's a bit about it in the QuickTime movie that was included with the original "Myst" CD. Originally, they weren't going to include any music at all because they were afraid "it would make the game sound too much like Super Mario Brothers", but when they finally tried one or two tracks, they realized it worked really well.
    • The music from Myst is great, but Riven's is even better. I have both soundtracks and I listen to them regularly. Riven's is especially good to listen to in the car while you're driving down and dark and creepy road. It makes the drive so much more exciting.

  • There have been several game soundtrack concerts, especially in Japan but slowly more in the U.S. too. In the States however, these tend to be playings to people who have fond, childhood memories of these games, of which these concerts serve as a kind of recognition. In return, some games now have full orchestral arrangements (Smash Bros Melee's soundtrack is almost a concert in itself.)

    This concert will likely not be as popular because the only game on the list with sizable nostalgia factor is Sonic the
  • Mechwarrior II (Score:3, Insightful)

    by EasyBakeBarbie ( 877128 ) on Monday April 18, 2005 @09:14PM (#12276984)
    The Mechwarrior II seriers from Activision gets my vote for best video game sound track ever. (Although WoW is pretty dang good) These techno/tribal tunes really helped to set a mood better than any game prior to it, IHMO. And I believe it still holds true today. Actually, I have the sound tracks on my IPOD and listen to them quite regularly. True, they lost something in the 2nd and 3rd installments of the game, but still top notch. ~T.D.~

    • The Mechwarrior II seriers from Activision gets my vote for best video game sound track ever....These techno/tribal tunes really helped to set a mood better than any game prior to it, IHMO.

      Ever listen to the Quake 1 soundtrack [], by Trent Reznor? Talk about setting a mood...

      • There was only one good song on that Track. Now the Unreal Tournament soundtrack, that is pure love right there.
        • Nobody giving any love for Descent II? That was one of the very first titles to have a CD audio soundtrack. The songs were all very experimental industrial music. A few were crap (particularly the one by Ogre from Skinny Puppy) but a few were friggin' awesome.
  • I have yet to play a game with such mezmerizing notes and tones as the original Doom music through the midi chipset on a Soundblaster 16.
  • This is good. It's puttting VG music into the spotlight even more-so. As an aspiring composer I see this as a good thing, perhaps directing us towards the VG Grammy. If enough people come to realise that it's a worthy extention of the musical artform, then we may have such a thing in the near future.
  • If no one has posted this site (which pretty sure gets linked every time video game music gets mentioned) then I'll do so [] Tons of great video game songs, remixed with different themes.
  • what? no love for Katamari Damacy?

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