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More Details on Zelda Emerge 95

Cube.IGN has more details on the upcoming Legend of Zelda title, gleaned from Spanish gaming publication Hobby Consolas. From the article: "From screens printed in the magazine, the new outfit looks to blend peasant clothes of different cultures to achieve an altogether unique style. These same screens show the Triforce emblazoned on Link's left hand. Cool indeed. Link himself looks different from any other Zelda title. Eiji Aonuma wanted Link to sport a manga-inspired look, partly because the Link shown in the Space World 2000 looked like a lifeless puppet." Commentary on the single-mindedness of the fanboi rumormill available on Press the Buttons.
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More Details on Zelda Emerge

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  • OMG (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 22, 2005 @12:40PM (#12314357)
    Link gets some pussy! [ign.com]
  • This is awesome! I've been desperate to get a werewolf-vegetable farming game ever since they dropped that feature from Harvest Moon!
  • Fanboi? (Score:5, Funny)

    by HAKdragon ( 193605 ) <hakdragonNO@SPAMgmail.com> on Friday April 22, 2005 @12:53PM (#12314498)
    I think Zonk needs to either pick up a dictionary and/or stop listening to Avril Lavigne ... Oh and new Zelda game, kickass!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 22, 2005 @12:56PM (#12314528)
    at GamesAreFun. [gamesarefun.com]
  • by Lyphen ( 825908 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @12:57PM (#12314548)
    Let's just hope the game meets them. I want WW's climactic ending, but with less fetch-quests (they can be added as side-quests, whatever. I just don't want to search for triforce pieces again), and more dugeons. Eiji Aonuma looks like the kind of guy with a new vision that could accomplish this quite well.
    • by |/|/||| ( 179020 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @03:05PM (#12316079)
      I agree, but my single biggest complaint with WW was the fact that it was way too easy. The dungeons weren't very complicated, and none of the enemies were dangerous. The "savage labyrinth" may have been long, but it certainly didn't put you in danger of actually dying - especially with the help of the boomerang.

      The triforce piece finding didn't bother me too much, but I was disappointed to find that the map just led to simple treasure chests, rather than an underwater dungeon for each piece.

      These are really just nit picks, though. WW was a really fun game to play.

      • by SetupWeasel ( 54062 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @04:01PM (#12316870) Homepage
        I have never enjoyed a Zelda game as much as I enjoyed the Wind Waker. I've always been someone who hated games that were too difficult. If I want frustration, I'll work overtime.

        The Wind Waker could have been a little harder, but to be honest, I never thought about it while playing.
        • Oh yeah, I absolutely agree that it's just a nit pick. The original LOZ is probably a bit too hard if you don't already know where everything is. LTTP was a good balance, though. So was OOT.

          I'm definitely looking forward to the next Zelda, as I have every reason to believe that it will rock. Every iteration seems to improve on the previous in terms of control and immersiveness. Interesting that the series is experimenting with different graphical styles, too. There were a lot of vocal people complaini

          • I don't know about you, but ever since I saw Dragon's Lair in the arcades as a kid, I wanted to play a cartoon. It only took 20 years for Nintendo to make it possible.

            I can't help but feel that Zelda's new style is Nintendo selling out. I hope I'm wrong, and it is really what they wanted to do.
      • My biggest single complaint with Wind Waker is the whole traveling by ship thing. It took forever to get from one place to another. And if you wanted a map, you had to build it piece by piece by hunting down that stupid fish in all 47 sectors. Building a complete map took hours and hours.

        Wind Waker was great. The dungeons were great. The music was great. The gameplay was great. The graphics were phenominal. But traveling was so time consuming that I got really frustrated with the game.

    • by Elranzer ( 851411 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @03:55PM (#12316762) Homepage
      If Nintendo is making Link the older one because they were listening to their fans, then I'm sure they'll put other fan-requested features in it as well. I'm sure they heard the world cry out with its lack of dungeons, and double when The Minish Cap had a lack of dungeons too. A wearwolf transformation idea sounds something like what a fan would suggest.

      Afterall, the idea of masks transforming Link in Majora's Mask was a large, fan-requested and petitioned request, and it became the staple feature of that game.
  • by kniLnamiJ-neB ( 754894 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @01:21PM (#12314760)
    We've always had the cartoony Link... now there's a Link that looks like he belongs in a deep adventure/roleplaying game. It's a good look for him.

    Personally, I think it would be cool to see them create a "bonus" world where you could play through the ORIGINAL game with the new graphics and stuff... kinda like an Easter Egg.
    • But wouldn't creating the orginal game with the new graphics require a LOT of work? A game like this isn't created in a drag & drop "Game Builder" type application. Seems like a lot of work for a mere Easter Egg or Bonus Level.
    • Personally, I think it would be cool to see them create a "bonus" world where you could play through the ORIGINAL game with the new graphics and stuff... kinda like an Easter Egg.

      That's a GREAT idea. Also leads me to wonder why isn't this done more often? Sure, we get the old games, but give me a port of the old game with the old graphics. I was hoping beyond hope that Doom III would provide the same thing, but it seems like there's no luck. Anyone have any examples of modern sequels redoing levels from

      • Sonic Adventure 2 recreated the classic Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D.

        Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door sends Bowser through renditions of levels from the original Super Mario Bros.

        Super Mario All-Stars is an obvious answer, kind of.

        Mario Kart Super Circuit includes the tracks from Super Mario Kart.

        F-Zero X includes Super Mario Kart's Rainbow Road track.

        Super Mario RPG includes a Donkey Kong-inspired challenge.

      • The reason it doesn't happen is because it's alot of work. You have to redo EVERY piece of artwork. Plus, most games try and use (with the exception of that Barbie Horserider game thing possibly) the whole disk. Therefore if windwaker used a whole disk, and redone graphics would make it use a disk and a half (because of the lack of textures needed in its cel shaded world), then how is it going to fit on one disk with the new Zelda GCN?
      • Anyone have any examples of modern sequels redoing levels from their predecessors with the new engines?

        More a curiosity than anything else, but Sands of Time has the original Prince of Persia levels in it, using the new game's 3D engine. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/code/589718.ht ml [gamefaqs.com]
    • I agree, but... (Score:3, Interesting)

      by sc0ttyb ( 833038 ) *
      We haven't always had a cartoony Link.

      In Zelda II, Link was 15 and had the Triforce on his left hand (the first occurance of this "branding"). That was the first adult-like Link there was. Then Ocarina of Time had Link at around the same age.

      I was personally rather disappointed when Wind Waker was first shown. However, I grew to love the game while I played it, because no Zelda yet has let me down in terms of fun (let's not count the stuff on the CD-i).

      I'm a fan of this more adult look. I always want
      • Re:I agree, but... (Score:3, Interesting)

        by Rallion ( 711805 )
        Though I'd like to see him use a broader range of sword attacks instead of the standard horizontal swipe and chargey-circlular-swipey thing.

        Well, he DOES. Since OoT, he does. There's that leap attack that does double damage, and the stab, which, if I recall, was by far the best tool to use to defeat certain enemies in at least Wind Waker. Then, Wind Waker introduces the hurricane spin, which is a lot of fun, and, if you want to count them (I do) there's the counter-attack moves.

        I don't even want more co
        • Re:I agree, but... (Score:1, Interesting)

          by Anonymous Coward
          Not to mention the great variety of combos you can do in Wind Waker simply by tilting the stick in different directions as you attack. I had great fun exploring those while I tried to land a thousand hits on Orca. I suppose that's a good thing, too, considering how boring that would have been with just the moves from OoT. Anyway, the fighting in Wind Waker was the most fun I've had fighting in a Zelda game since dueling Ironknuckles in Adventure of Link. I hope Link is still that acrobatic in this new g
      • I can't wait until the next, next Zelda comes out for the Revolution. Maybe they will have an even more adult Link, like 80 something. Of course he'd still be awesome and kicking butt (ala Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns).

        They would have to give him walkers for weapons, or Viagra for health potions though. They'd just make him older and wiser, and instead of having to prove himself to older people, he'd just have to kick the snott out of young wippersnappers that thought he was over the hill. Over th
    • Or vice versa? Play the new game with the old look? After all, the new Zelda plays on a modified Wind Waker engine. Would probably be almost feasible, in fact.
    • Translating the original Zelda to the new graphics wouldn't be that hard if they made just one 3D model for each tile (e.g. bush, brown bush, rock, pier, etc.). Imagine all of those rectangular rooms of exactly the same dimensions rendered in glorious 3D.

      My only worry is that they would purge all of the religious references from the original Zelda. Burning bush, prophet in a cave, stone cut out of a mountain without hands, mystical pipe, being given a new heart, baptism by fairy sprinkling, etc. That would
  • it appears as though the upcomming Zelda DS game will be a four swords type game, and ONLINE!
  • by They_Call_Me_Spanky ( 83478 ) on Friday April 22, 2005 @06:28PM (#12318417)
    I wish more game developers, especially PC game developers, would take a good hard look at Zelda monsters from the 1st game to the latest, and notice that each of them are radically different from one another in terms of logic and kill strategy. In fact, check out the boss monsters and you will notice the player is required to devise unique strategy for each of them in order to win.

    Most (almost all) PC RPGs use a cookie-cutter approach to populating the game with critters. (Diablo, Dungeon Seige, etc. etc.)
    The Zelda designers have been extremely successful at selling thier games because they stay true to the core design features.

    - Each monster is unique in term of kill strategy and movement etc.
    - The gameworld is provides the player with lots of rewards for exploration.
    - Give the player plenty to do while minimizing the repetition.
  • You mean like

    # emerge zelda

  • When are we going to get a Zelda-based MMORPG?

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