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Role Playing (Games) E3

NCSoft Launches New Game Sites 29

The font of information that is E3 has dredged up two new sites for NCSoft's upcoming mmogs. City of Villains and Tabula Rasa both have new sites up with extensive new pieces of information. Tabula Rasa, in particular, seems to have undergone some massive changes. Where once TR featured screenshots of light spaces and beautiful creatures, the game that the site appears to show off is a gritty hell. It will be interesting to see what other changes have found their way into Garriot's newest project.
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NCSoft Launches New Game Sites

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  • I'll definately have to pick up Tabula Rasa. Action MMOGS are definately the wave of the future. I played Planetside. And while most RPG ethusiasts agree that the grind to get to maximum level should take several months to years, Planetside believed that the optimal play time should be one day. The funny thing about action MMOGS is that you can make the grind longer because people won't notice it because they'll be too busy playing a game.

    The only fun thing about Planetside was I was playing it at th
    • I've been thinking about this very issue a lot. I quit my job this morning and have decided to become a game designer. I have complex theories on putting 3rd person-style action, like found in Tekken or Tekken 3, into a MMOG. I think that, in addition to my abilities to invent awesome stuff, I can bring a level of world classiness to the game design field. I also have lots of old school roleplaying books, so you can see how I've got pedigree. This is starting to sound like a resume! Ha ha ha! So in conclusi
  • I want to believe (Score:2, Interesting)

    by incest ( 622529 )
    To this day, Ultima V is one of those games that I remember fondly, and would play again (if I could get the damn thing to run on modern hardware, that is)*. I have the cloth map filed away in my filing cabinet, and in theory, I still have the coin somewhere, I think (Ultima V came with a free coin; ostensibly because the player, the Avatar, was called to Brittania with it). Richard Garriot really had something with the Ultima series. It had some real class. You don't get cloth maps and crazy "magic" co
    • It's sad but true that most games nowadays are packaged like you describe. However, not all of them. I'm a happy owner of the World of Warcraft Collector's Edition. It comes with a ton of extra stuff besides the game (too lazy to list them all, see for yourself []), and yes, it includes a cloth map :)

      The absolutely amazing hard-cover art book was alone well worth the price difference.
    • Re: Ultima V: The DOS version works wonderfully in DOSBox []. You just need to set "cycles" to low enough number since U5 doesn't have a frame limiter so you may want an artificially slow emulation speed - but the fact that you're in a slow emulator environment already might help.

      And the project to watch for in the future is Neat Ultima V [], which is what xu4 is for Ultima IV and exult is for Ultima VII - though unlike those projects nu5 doesn't even have any kind of release.

  • From the sounds of it, someone in Korea decided to try making a game that appeals to everyone - in process, probably making a game that will appeal to no one.

    Role-playing game fans will enjoy a game design that focuses more on depth than complexity, with an immersive story and rich character growth driven by player choices.

    An RPG with minimal stats, leaving the post-EQ MMORPG fan out in the cold. "What?! You mean I have to roleplay a character?!"

    First person shooter fans who crave a richer gaming ex

    • People have become bored with the existing types of games. Games like Save - a first person shooter, AND a CC variant, did remarkedly well. The servers are as crowded as they have ever been.

      From what I've seen of the video footage - it looks fantastic. City of Heroes by NCSoft can get a little timely to progress, as do most MMORPGs, so I hope that they make leveling a little more speedy.

      I give credit to NCSoft for trying to come up with a new genre, or at least variant , of the mostly similar games out
    • NCsoft is a Korean *publisher*. The development teams for both City of Villians and Tabula Rasa are based in the US. Do your research.
    • The name of the game is "Tabula Rasa" i.e., "blank slate".

      "Tabula Rosa" would mean "pink slate." I'm not sure what kind of game that would imply.

    • An RPG with minimal stats, leaving the post-EQ MMORPG fan out in the cold.

      You know what? After 100 single player and about 5 MMOGs games of nothing but leveling throughout my life it's safe to say...

      I'm bloody kind of sick and tired of bloody leveling!

      I think EQ burnt me out. Sure Marrowind Elder Scrolls for the Xbox was kind of fun to level... And Shadowbane was just easy so it wasn't a chore.

      But out of all the MMOG games I would have to say Ultima Online had the best damned system for character dev
  • by Anonymous Coward
    If the article is going to mention TR and City Of Villains, it should also mention NCSoft's other upcoming MMO - Auto Assault [].

    And since I couldn't find it on those game's official sites, here are the ship dates from EBGames (which I'm sure aren't accurate, but hey):

    * City Of Villains - 08/15/2005 []
    * Auto Assault - 09/01/2005 []
    * TR - 02/15/2006 []

    This could get expensive. :(

    (Although for the moment I'm still quite enjoying Guild Wars [])
    • This could get expensive.

      Not for me. Not cross-platform == not interested.

      There are not many Mac gamers, but there are a few. I can play World of Warcraft on a PC side-by-side on the same server with my Mac-playing friends, and can use my iBook to play it when I'm away from home, therefore WoW wins until something better comes along which works on both PC's and Macs.

      Too bad. There's a lot that I like about City of Heroes, but I'm only going to pay the monthly fee on one game at a time.

      NCSoft does no
  • A commonality... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by syrion ( 744778 )
    It seems that all MMORPGs have a voluptuous woman who appears as the main character in all of their advertisements and posters. See: Everquest, Final Fantasy XI, PlanetSide, World of Warcraft, Lineage II, and now Tabula Rasa. Amazing.

    I wonder if she'll dance like Alizée, too?

  • "Where once TR featured screenshots of light spaces and beautiful creatures, the game that the site appears to show off is a gritty hell."

    Oh Bloody Hell Not Again. What is it with every single producer of games, TV and film deciding that everything has to use the buzzwords Gritty, Dark, Sexy and Noir to pitch itself now. Ubisoft ruining Prince Of Persia is just one of many and varied examples. Even bloody Star Wars has to end on a downer just to keep the Fincher fanboys happy.
    • It's pretty amazing how much of a difference there is between the old TR and the new TR. The old TR seemed like it was going to be some sort of freeform RPG in a quasi-utopian world. The new one is going to be an FPS/RPG in a "IN THE GRIM FUTURE OF HELLO KITTY, THERE IS ONLY WAR" world.
    • I would argue that Star Wars doesn't really have any other way to "end" (well um in this case the end being a middle) since we already know Anakin turns into Darth Vader and have since 1980.
      I defintately agree with you on the in terms of games. Despite good reviews, I just didn't want to touch the latest Prince of Persia because of the stupid visual style. What the hell is wrong with the Arabian nights look? Maybe selling an Arabian themed game is difficult in these times of turmoil in the middle east?
      I won

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