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Interview with Leeeroy Jeeenkins 71

The hero of the hilarious (though likely staged) World of Warcraft short movie, Leroy Jenkins, has been interviewed by the online games mag Played.ToDeath. The interview covers his internet fame and the state of his guild, among other things. From the article: " PLAYED: So we have to know. Is this rushing in something you do often? BEN S: The rushing itself doesn't happen too often. It happens a little more now when we are joking around. My "Leeroy Jenkins" yell happens far more often. I've been yelling that for about four years. (laughs) "
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Interview with Leeeroy Jeeenkins

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  • this made it on slashdot????
  • by dfenstrate ( 202098 ) <> on Friday June 24, 2005 @10:57PM (#12906837)
    For some reason they won't let me access the site with internet explorer, and I'm at work, so it's not like I have control over it.

    I have no idea why they would be so obnoxious as to simply prohibit a browser from accessing their site- I don't really care if it renders imperfectly as long as I can read it.

    Really, what kind of idiot does that sort of thing? Some smug, bearded Unix administrator high on the righteousness of open source?
    • text:

      PLAYED:Thanks for giving us the opportunity to speak with you.
      BEN S:Hey, no problem.
      PLAYED:Great, Ben. Where are you located at?
      BEN S:I'm in Laffayete, Colorado
      PLAYED:How long have you been playing WoW?
      BEN S:I've been playing it since open beta.
      PLAYED:Since open beta?
      BEN S:I pretty much got it right when it came out.
      PLAYED:What drew you to it, are you a big fan of Blizzard?
      BEN S:Yeah. I've always played a lot of Blizzard stuff, they usually make pretty quality games.
      PLAYED:Is WoW your favorite of th
    • No access for me with Opera either (I get the "sorry IE user" screen). Is the site not just redirecting IE, it's redirecting ALL non-Firefox browsers? Lame.

      ps. Yes I checked my "Identify As" setting first :P
    • Jeez, you got rated a troll for that?

      Really, what kind of idiot does that sort of thing? Some smug, bearded Unix administrator high on the righteousness of open source?
    • Damnit, never any modpoints when I need them.

      I completely agree with you on both points. It is abnoxious, and it probably was some overzealous firefox zealot who probably works on this website in exchange for college credit.

      Not to bright to turn away 93% of the internet because you can't lower yourself to writing an if/then statement. Fortunately, this stupidity extends to their coding. Turn off javascript ("active scripting" on security tab of internet options) and it displays the page.

      I love Fi
    • I thought to myself that the parent's claims had to be SO CRAZY as to be IMPOSSIBLE. To see for myself, I actually (omg) started up IE, and copied the link to see...


      But it says, more or less:

      Sorry! Dear Internet Explorer User,

      We are sorry to inform you
      that our current issue does
      not support your selected
      browser. Please upgrade to
      a different browser or join
      us for next month's issue.

      If you choose to wait, your
      current browser will work
      splendidly next month.

      ( http://played.todeath []
    • since you asked :

      Interview with "Leeroy Jenkins" by the played.todeath editors
      By now, most of you MMORPG players have seen the Leeroy Jenkins video. If you are one of the four people that haven't, we would suggest checking it out before proceeding.

      After meeting one of Leeroy's guild mates at E3, we scored an exclusive interview with the man himself. Two of our own staffers, William Everett (age 19) and Patrick Hufford (age 32) caught up with Ben S (age 24) to get the skinny on Leeroy and Ben's experience
  • Still Funny (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Primis ( 71749 )
    I don't care what anyone says. I don't care if other people are sick of it, or don't think it's funny. And I don't care in the least if it's staged (which is likely is). And I know a bunch of ya'll will post about how you think it's not funny, or don't get it, or ocmplain that it's here...

    But every time I watch that video and I get to that defining moment, I am sent into a fit of laughter.

    It's like Bubb Rubb ("It goes... WHOO HOOOOOO!!!"), it never gets old and it confirms the internet's purpose and pl
    • Okay, I just saw it for the first time. A few thoughts.

      1) This is a big deal? This is just like 10,000 other group parties in the game. or any other game for that matter.

      2) Nobody actually sits there and talks and talks and talks about strategy. Just dumb.

      3) Teamspeak ruins good games.

      4) This piece of crap made it to G4 and Slashdot in the same week? Is this because Americans are stupid or has everyone just devolved recently?
  • Once you hear the leader ask for calculation for a chance of survival, it completely shits on the whole video/skit - otherwise the rest is completely plausible and funny.

    There's a fine line between humor & total crap, and I believe that single line about survival crossed it. Luckily the 2 things that Leeroy says manages to save it from being tossed in to the black hole of really bad WoW player movies which are all over the internet.
  • Mod me down... (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by CaseM ( 746707 )
    but the whole Leroy Jenkins video [] is wayyyy overrated. What's so funny about a guy telling people they're going to burn forever?
    • Whoa, there, mods... whoever modded this "informative" is an idiot. The video linked is completely unrelated, and parent poster was obviously trying to be funny...
  • by Lisandro ( 799651 ) on Saturday June 25, 2005 @12:20AM (#12907277)
    PLAYED: Undoubtedly. How do you plan on using your new-found fame?
    BEN S: It's been nice, now that more people know who I am. I'm starting to look around the gaming industry for possible employment opportunities.

    Yep. That'll work out just fine.
  • The layout appears to be borked in Safari v1.3 (And possibly in Konqueror? I dunno.) It renders fine in Camino.
  • by Toxygen ( 738180 ) on Saturday June 25, 2005 @12:41AM (#12907364) Journal
    If you know a little about the game mechanics there's no way you could think this would actually happen. The instance they're doing is one of, if not the hardest before you start doing molten core. The idea that a full group of 15 players could all get to level 56+ without knowing simple things like:

    1) You never agro anything unless the group leader has appointed you to be the puller.

    2) If someone (usually a rogue) agros a mob group way up front and out of range of the rest, you let him die so the mobs don't agro your whole group.

    3) Divine intervention sacrifices the life of the paladin and creates a sheild through which NO action can be taken.

    4) Fear is never a good idea unless you're 100% certain the mob won't/can't train into another group.

    The idea that anybody can get close to 60 without figuring out these basic principles is laughable. 15 people is just downright impossible.

    It's still funny though.
    • 5) You do NOT break the eggs in the Rookery.

      And yes, I have my Devout Shoulders, after doing this event about 10 times.
    • 1. Having been in enough WoW parties, many people DO NOT know this. Level 60's - hell, one person in my guild has three level 60's in different classes - don't all realize simple facts and get entire parties annihilated. 2. Yes, unless you're in a casual and friendly guild and don't like to let your friends get gangraped by dragons. 3. I've found divine intervention to be pretty useful. Anything that can keep an engineer alive long enough to break out the jumper cables and you can save the whole raid. Fei
    • 2) is definitely true. This is also why hunters are generally the best pullers. They can run out far, pull a mob, and if they over-pull, feign death and the mobs run back. But nobody wants them in their group because most hunters are morons.

      4) in a dungeon will get you wiped 80% of the time, as will idiots pulling 6-8 mobs at once.

  • Guess the people at "Played" dont get to spend much time in their games. I sure hope they just had some stock filler questions to pass the time/for lack of better questions.

    The best part is when they asked about the devout shoulders. It doesnt seem like they know the devout set is a cloth set.

    " PLAYED:Hopefully the level 60's won't pick on us too much. We are all around level 40."

    " PLAYED:What occupation is Leeroy currently?
    BEN S:He's a miner/engineer.
    PLAYED:That's the hardest one, really. " ...
    " PLAYED:
  • ....hysterical. I have never played one of these MMORG's or whatever they are....but man...Leroy..."at least I'm not chicken". The serious attitude of the "leader" sells the whole thing...too funny...although I think they need to get out a bit more!
    • Dunno, that whole planning session got me pretty much on Leroy's side.

      From my experience with MMOs, if you can summarize your strategy into a simple sentence like "ok, you pull around this corner, you tank, and you heal the tank" or even "ok, everyone take the boss out first", your chances are probably good.

      But moment you actually need to spend 5 minutes describing a plan that requires perfect coordination and timing, it's time to rethink it all or take another mission, because you _are_ going to get wipe
    • "At least I'm not chicken?" Or "At least I HAVE chicken?"

      The world may never care.
  • Can anyone tell me what UI modification the guy who did the recording was using?

    (And of COURSE it was staged, what kind of people record their entire gaming session?)
    • Titanbar, Blizzard built-in extra action bars (turned on through the interface menu), that's the main stuff. Looks like he's using "MoveAnything" too.
  • Dear Internet Explorer User, We are sorry to inform you that our current issue does not support your selected browser. Please upgrade to a different browser or join us for our next month's issue.
  • I can't help but feel somewhat offended by the fact that he chose a "black" sounding name for his silly WoW avatar.

    Or maybe I just need to get a sense of humor. For the record, I was laughing just as hard as everyone else at my office (we're all big dorks) when I saw the video.
  • check out the downloads section for Radio iTG (casting for all kinds of games online). Their weekly MMO show Weapon of Choice had a nice long interview with Leeroy talking about all kinds of subjects. I believe it was Episode 17 [] (free registration required to dl, in mp3 format). Great interview, dude is quite a character.
  • Was I the only one that thought this was stupid?

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