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Shadowrun for the 360 77

TeamXbox has the news that (squee) there may be a new Shadowrun videogame coming to market with the Xbox 360. From the article: "I have worked on many projects, ranging from PC games to console, FPS to role-playing. Right now, I am animating for an Xbox 2 project called Shadowrun. It's a first-person shooter based on an old paper RPG of the same name from a couple decades ago." Sounds like fun....but an FPS? Where's my SR MMOG?
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Shadowrun for the 360

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  • FPS? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by BlackCobra43 ( 596714 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2005 @11:49AM (#13113939)
    The RPG on the Genesis was so good (honestly, I'm surprised there wasn't a sequel sooner), why change a winning formula?
    • Re:FPS? (Score:3, Funny)

      by koi88 ( 640490 )

      Wow, XBox 360 will get a FPS!
      That's so exciting! I have to run to the shop and preorder one of those!
      Stay tuned as more advert... uh, news emerge.
    • Personally, I preferred the SNES version, except for the "hacking" parts. The genesis version of hacking was far more interesting than playing ICE minesweeper.
    • The RPG on the Genesis was so good (honestly, I'm surprised there wasn't a sequel sooner), why change a winning formula?

      So true! I just finished playing it yesterday for the first time, and I'm so glad I found it! Great writing, gameplay, pacing, everything...masterful. Oh and from what I've read on the fan-sites the SNES version is not worth checking out, you want the Genesis version.

      Sounds like fun....but an FPS? Where's my SR MMOG?

      Don't worry about the MMOG =), try this baby out! [] You won't r
    • I'd be willing to risk souring my memories of the SNES version of Shadowrun for the off chance that we might see a second Deus Ex--I mean a second Deus Ex that doesn't suck.
  • That just seems somehow wrong. Next thing we know, we'll have Vampire: The FPS, out in stores everywhere!

    Oh wait, they called it Hunter for the PS2...

    • Do you mean this [] or are you talking about some other vampire based RPG?
      • Re:RPG != FPS (Score:2, Insightful)

        by vethia ( 900978 )
        Bloodlines isn't a FPS; it's exactly what I wish they would do for Shadowrun, which is an RPG-style video game based on a pencil-and-paper RPG. The game in question, Vampire: The Masquerade (and now Vampire: The Requiem) is put out by White Wolf [], the subject of the recent semi-scandal regarding pay-to-play for their live-action game rules. Basically, if there's going to be an adaptation of a pen-and-paper RPG to the video game medium, I'd much prefer it be something like Bloodlines (which I hear is a good R
        • It's a good RPG and a solid FPS*.
          Depends how you choose to play it.

          *Though it runs poorly and has plenty of bugs.
        • As long as you don't mind roleplaying a tank with no social skills whatsoever (because if you don't, it'll be next to impossible to finish the second half of the game), I'm sure you'll love Bloodlines!
    • Yes, because the perspective that the game is presented tells you everything you need to know about the gameplay. Genre jumping games do not exist - Deus Ex was just your imagination.

      I'm not saying that this title won't be another run-n-gun or stealth title - but marketeers call anything from first person an FPS, weather it is an adventure, action, strategy, whatever. Likewise, putting a game in behind-view doesn't make it an "adventure" title. Two of the best RPGs I ever played took place entirely in s
  • I have almost no interest in playing a Shadowrun FPS, but I'd rather see Shadowrun licensed as a MMO or RPG more than any other license. Maybe if we are lucky they will do something like Neocron, only with much higher production values.
    • I think Shadowrun is just too much stuff to fit into one box.

      Think about it: what makes Shadowrun cool? The computer aspect, the cybernetic aspect, the "awakened" races, the futuristic setting, the megacorp environment, the sprawl and its attendant squalor, the magic... the list just doesn't stop. You simply couldn't make a Shadowrun game that really lived up to the title. Most of the cool stuff won't fit, so you have to pick one or two things to focus your game, and then you just handwave the rest.

      • I don't know about this. I think almost everything *could* be done properly. Look how well WoW was implemented. If a development studio did all of the work that Blizzard did on WoW, I think they could build the right game.

        I don't think there is anything inherently difficult to implement about Shadowrun. It's just a lot of stuff.
        • The computer aspect would be something like an instanced dungeon.
        • The cybernetics are really just armor or buffs.
        • The awakened races have to be balanced properly. I think
        • > I don't think there is anything inherently
          > difficult to implement about Shadowrun.

          Oh, I'm not saying "you can't build a decking simulation". People have done that. I'm not saying "you can't build a cybernetics system". People have done that, too.

          What I *am* saying is that it's effectively impossible to get all of this stuff under one roof and effectively balanced. Pen and paper RPGs rely on a sense of fair play, which computers cannot enforce the way social groups can.
    • I played Neocron with the huge expectation that it would be like Shadowrun. Boy was I wrong. It looked like someones Computer Science project. It was all right, but nothing like I hoped it would be.

      A real Shadowrun MMORPG would be the best thing to happen in a long time. It will only work if they add in every aspect of the RPG. I miss that game since I don't play tabletop anymore. To me, it was one of the most intriguing RPGs of all time, and that includes D&D.
    • Personally I would be *much* more interested in a Cyberpunk MMORPG. Shadowrun always had too much going on, I don't really feel the need to play fantasy and science-fiction simultaneously. Plus there aren't supposed to be that many shadowrunners in the world, but there are a lot of punks in Night City. Maybe APB will fulfill my desires in that direction, but without the cyberwear.
      • You might like Anarchy Online [] however their Shadowlands expansion strayed heavily from the sci-fi into the fantasy realm and the entire game suffered, in my opinion. I played the game off and on for years but could never truly get into it after being forced to go through the content in that expansion.

        To hit level 220 you pretty much were forced to xp in the Shadowlands zones, although they did add shadowknowledge (SK) gain from killing aliens for the latest expansion Alien Invasion. That was a more re

    • When I saw this headline on the main page I was quite excited thinking it was going to lead to an announcement of a Shadowrun MMO finally.

      I really wish one would come around. I loved the pen & paper game. I ran a campaign for years and years, but sadly that ended several years ago and I haven't been able to find or start a new campaign as I live far from my players now.

      I don't know if an MMO would completely slack my thirst to play Shadowrun again. Probably now, as the MMO's I've played while fun
  • by Alkaiser ( 114022 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2005 @12:10PM (#13114129) Homepage
    This was announced and canned like 5 years ago. Microsoft had the rights to Shadowrun and had announced a game called Shadowrun: Assassins.

    The game was *gasp* an FPS.

    About a year and a half into production, Microsoft canned it. The game starred a scantily clad heroine, and basically looked nothing like Shadowrun. This is probably that game.
    • Why was this modded as 'Troll'?

      The post's author passed on some interesting information that was entirely pertainant to the discussion. And did so without any negativity or attack of anyone. How is this a troll?

      I hope I get to meta-Mod this particular mod.
      • I am not sure, but they did post misinformation. Even the blurb clearly states that it is a game for the next Xbox, which would not have gone into development five years ago. Maybe the mods felt it was made up information just to troll? Overrated makes more sense to me, but it's not like there were any links to back up this fairly obscure information.
        • to bother getting the point, I see.

          The point was, that it's likely that this was a continuation of the game Microsoft started and canned years ago.

          It's kind of hard to find a link seeing as how Shadowrun the pen & paper RPG, Shadowrun the SNES game and Shadowrun the Genesis game all have more active fan communities and such, and therefore come up first. The fact that the game has assassins in it doesn't help my cause either. Overrated, Troll, whatever, it's all wrong. That's not misinformation and
  • The shadowrun RPG was so much fun. It had an interesting story and some challenging puzzles. I, maybe I need to get a 360. But a FPS...thanks, I'll pass. I still feel FPS are much better suited for computers. Even with a keyboard and mouse on's not really set up for that. Consoles are for leaning back on my recliner and using a controller.
  • Not meant to be cheap stab at MS. By golly. Another FPS. On the Xbox. Inconceivable.
    • You keep using that word. I do no think it means what you think it means.
    • For something that's not meant to be a cheap stab, that's a pretty cheap stab.

      I like my Xbox because it has the biggest selection of adventure games even made for a console. I bet you didn't see that one coming.

      (True, it would be nice if it had some flight sims that weren't "arcade"-y, and some experimental Katamari Damarcy games would be appreciated, but I think the Xbox has a pretty good balance of games, overall.)
      • "I like my Xbox because it has the biggest selection of adventure games even made for a console." I'm curious as to what adventure games you mean. I'm genuinely curious, not being snide. Now, I don't have anything against the Xbox, as it's never come and kicked my cat or anything, heh..but I have a PS2 and GC. THe Xbox has never interested me though. Most anything worth playing on it would be better played on the PC, and that seems so with it's most popular games being the FPS's (I'm not a mouse/keybaord f
  • I think I won't have to buy an Xbox 360 for a long time. Seriously, they finally do a sequel to Shadowrun, and it's gonna be a freaking FPS. As if there was a lack of these on the Xbox. And as if they were actually enjoyable using dual analog sticks.

    I'm glad Nintendo has its own console. If they were making Xbox games, we'd probably have a Mario FPS and Project Gotham Mario Kart.

    • Never know, it could be a dues ex style RPG, so it could be both FPS and RPG. It would make a lame and dissapointing traditional FPS though.
    • Lord knows they never turned a beloved 2d franchise into a FPS. []
      • Lord knows they never turned a beloved 2d franchise into a FPS.

        Actually, Metroid isn't an FPS. It's more of a First Person Adventure, and it's very true to the original (claustrophobic, lonely) Metroid games - more so than, say, Metroid Fusion, even though Fusion is 2D.

        • I've seen an astounding number of people say "claustrophobic and lonely" to describe Metroid in the last couple of weeks.

          I assume someone mentioned it on a gaming site somewhere and has been parroted from message board to message board.

          Metroid was no more "claustrophobic and lonely" than any one of the other platform/shooters that came out around the same time. It just seemed cooler because you had a sweet powersuit and could roll into a ball that shot bombs. Compare/contrast to Kid Icarus where you were
          • I've seen an astounding number of people say "claustrophobic and lonely" to describe Metroid in the last couple of weeks.

            Uhm. That's because Metroid is claustrophobic and lonely. I haven't read any articles about Metroid in the last month, so I have no idea who else classified it in that way, but if anyone did, it's because it's the truth.

            It's simply not true that other platform shooters from that time were similar. Games like Contra, Turrican or Mega Man were very different. Metroid was dark, you pla

            • Results 1 - 10 of about 433 for metroid claustrophobic

              Results 1 - 10 of about 22,000 for metroid lonely.

              Results 1 - 10 of about 80 for metroid lonely claustrophobic

              Metroid was dark, you played it underground, most of the time in small caves. The music was haunting, and there were not many enemies. Those that were there were mostly slow and silent. Gameplay was rather slow, too, compared to frantic games like Contra.

              You've just described world 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Was that claustrophobic and lone
              • You've just described world 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Was that claustrophobic and lonely?

                If all of SMB were like that, then yes, SMB would be claustrophobic and lonely.

                And your google results prove that I'm not the only one thinking that Metroid is lonely and claustrophobic, even though I obviously didn't just copy that phrase from somewhere, because even your search found only 80 pages containing both claustrophobic and lonely.

                The point on Samus being female has got nothing to do with the game's am

                • If all of SMB were like that, then yes, SMB would be claustrophobic and lonely.

                  It's exactly the same as all the other Mario levels except the background is black and the floor is gray! The creatures are the same. The music is nearly the same. The bricks are the same. The powerups are the same. Why is it lonely and claustrophobic?

                  Metroid had pretty much the same mechanics and graphical cliches as a boatload of other games from the same time period that nobody gets misty eyed for.

                  Anyway, you have your opi
                  • It's exactly the same as all the other Mario levels except the background is black and the floor is gray!

                    If you can't see the difference between Super Mario Bros and Metroid, well, then there's nothing I can do for you :-)

                    And get Zero Mission! It's great, although way too short.

                  • Anyway, you have your opinion. I remain convinced that nostalgia is coloring it.

                    It just occured to me that this can't be it. I didn't own a NES/Famcom until about three years ago, and the first time I played the original Metroid was when I unlocked it in Prime.

                    I did play Metroid 2 on the GameBoy, though, which was the first Metroid I did play. I guess that game had a huge influence on my opinion of Metroid, and it's very claustrophobic.

  • Essence? (Score:2, Interesting)

    In the original game there was a trait called Essence that defined how much of your humanity was left, compared to how much machine you'd become. Think Darth Vader.

    I wonder how erked some execs where when they found out they were selling a piece of software that suggested technology made you less human. O_o

    • When you replace parts of your body WITH technology, it certainly makes you less human.
    • You've been playing Vampire: the Masquerade far too long, because that's not what Shadowrun's Essence was all about.

      Shadowrun is a mixture of Cyberpunk and Fantasy. And one of the concepts of Shadowrun is that everyone has Essence, which is their Life Force, not their 'Humanity.' The more cyberwear you install, the lower your essence goes, because the less meat there is on your corpse the less living tissue imbued with life force you have.

      This was a big problem with Mages and other people who used magi

  • I have been running the shadowrun pen and paper game for years it seems like now (8 years actually), I actually just ended a recent session a couple of weeks ago.

    I remember playing the RPG for Snes and remembering how fun it was, I actually played that first before I went to the pen and paper game.

    In contrast the Snes game was watered down and had a fixed story line (which was once rumored to be the storyline of an old gaming session one of the developers had, but I could be wrong on that)and wasn't as ri
    • While I would love a Morrowind or System Shock-like game set in Shadowrun, I'll cough up my skull if they make another bleeding MMOPOS out of it.
      • I dont think it will happen, and more then likley if they did it would be a POS :-).

        in fact i dont have any high hopes for the game if they do in fact make it.
    • I always thought that Deus Ex did a very good job of capturing some of the feel of Shadowrun,and would make a good basis, as far as how they did storytelling and skills and all that, for a Shadowrun game. Not to mention that anotech upgrades and such really were a fun analog to cyberware.

      Yes, Morrowind is HUGE -- and it would be awesome to have a Seattle Metroplex that was as accessible as the continent in Morrowind ... But honestly, I could not really PLAY morrowind much because it was _so_ open ended. =
      • I totally forgot about Deus EX!

        That would be totally cool if they did something like that, I could settle for a shadowrun game in the scale of Deaus EX if they didnt do on a scale like morrwind like game :-)

        The big problem with morrowind is u made your charecter and they dump u in this world and say "do whatever" What they needed was a better way to get you into the mian storyline and better way to get you to play all the side stuff they put in it, I have owned morrwind and the expansions for years and i
        • *grins*...

          I tried an SR MUD once, didn't really like it. I prefer the pen and paper style play (whether live or over forums/IRC), since then I can say "I duck behind that steel desk, putting my machine pistol over the top and laying suppressive fire so my chummers can get across the lobby to the elevator." :D

          I had forgotten, but I actually liked the dumpshock forums. Their game forums are widespread, and can even make really good reading. :D The good ones, at least.
  • Yes! (Score:3, Funny)

    by Digital Vomit ( 891734 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2005 @01:15PM (#13114839) Homepage Journal
    It's about time we get another First Person Shooter game! This one's automatically on my "to buy" list!
  • I'll have to rent it first, because even though I loved SR to death in Pen&Paper and in the games, I have my doubts with Microsoft.

    Unless they make a ShadowRun FPS that is like Marrowind Elder Scrolls (which IMO was one the better RPGs of the decade) then it most likely just be Unreal Tourney with "futuristic skins".

    Although if they made SR360 like System Shock2...
  • I bought (and lost, sadly) copies of both SR2 and SR3 core rules. I thought the game rocked, but I knew of very few people who played it. I found myself thinking a while ago that a TV series based on it would have been particularly cool.

    It has aged though...primarily because the geopolitical events which created the fictional scenario were supposed to have started in 1989/ it really was a game of the 80s.

    Still, the magic system was awesome...the Matrix mechanics weren't so good, gameplay wise, and
    • Thats interesting cause i didnt want anything to do with the magic system.

      Alot of the games i ran i would pretty much void all magic and magic users and changed the way people make charecters starting off.

      the astral walk aspect threw me off about it, and what went into it, plus all the extra stuff you had to do to use it. I do agree with you however about the matrix mechanics being less then par. if any player was jacked anytime during play it made it a game within a game.

  • I can't believe all the comments on this story that have already written this game off because it's an FPS instead of an RPG, as though there has never been a decent FPS made.

    Aside from the SNES and Genesis Shadowrun games, the games most closely resembling Shadowrun's cyberpunk world have been Deus Ex and System Shock. Suprise surprise... they were first and foremost First Person Shooters.

    Don't be so quick to pigeonhole this as another Halo clone (as opposed to a KOTOR clone). Wait and see if it turns
  • by Dachannien ( 617929 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2005 @04:36PM (#13116857)
    It's a first-person shooter based on an old paper RPG of the same name from a couple decades ago.

    A couple decades ago? Ahh, I guess that explains this. []
  • Ok the orginal Shadowrun on the Genisis was AWSOME!!! But a FPS....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It can't be!!! Why must they take great games and make them suck!!! XBox 360 has just lost my cash.

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