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Resident Evil 5 Details 64 has some tidbits about the fifth Resident Evil title, which looks to be slated for the 360 and PS3. From the article: "What is surprising, however, is the game's bright atmosphere, a stark contrast to the dark, dreary environments usually found in Resident Evil games. There's even one screen shot where a blaring sun high up in the sky blocks the camera's view of several approaching enemies who happen to look suspiciously like zombies. Could we be seeing a return to classic form this time? Time will tell."
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Resident Evil 5 Details

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  • If you talk to any GC dude about what is great about GC, they love to mention RE 0.

    But since this is going to be on the 360 and PS3, but NOT the Revolution, is that not a sign that Revolution is even further behind in development than you would otherwise think?

    Also looks good for Xbox360 - there have been RE games for PC, DC, Saturn, PS, PS2, N64, and even Mobile platforms, but this would be the first for Xbox.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      A safe bet would be that Resident Evil 5 may be released on the Revolution but they're not allowed to talk about it right now.

      "Capcom has a multi-platform strategy in order to provide Capcom products to as many users as possible," a spokesperson for the company told IGNcube. "Given this strategy, it is certainly feasible that other platforms could be considered at some point."

      In general, with Nintendo probably having a very (VERY) strict NDA in place on any information related to the Revolution, you could
    • I'm surprised you didn't say RE 4. Zero was a decent update to the original RE style, and had a few graphical tricks, but it was basically more of the same. RE 4 was the first consumer product that I actually agree 100% with the advertising on: "Quite possibly the best video game ever made". I've been gaming on and off for going on 30 years now, and I've never put the time into a game like I did RE 4. I'm quite the old fart these days, as new games just don't seem as fun, and they're WAY too long to hold my
    • Capcom to Nintendo: "That dog won't hunt."

      That about sums up how a lot of 3rd parties feel about Revolution. :(
    • Now I realize that you guys may not have read them lately and I don't know how good of a source that they are but I am posting patents that were updated earlier this year. That is talk about what is commonly referred to as Cube Mapping.

      If my understanding of what they are doing is correct then it should require less processing power, which in turn would require less Physical Power to produce the same quality or higher graphics with less processing power. []
  • bah (Score:3, Interesting)

    by BalbanesBeoulve ( 847219 ) on Wednesday July 20, 2005 @04:00PM (#13116551)
    I wanted this on the cube again. I don't want to spend $500 for a PS3 to play this.
  • I'm more then willing to bet that RE5 will also show up on the Revolution too.

    Right now no 3rd party developers (except Square) have anounced any games for the Revolution. I think Nintendo is not alowing any anouncements untill after SpaceWorld.

    I wish Nintendo would let 3rd party groups start announcing games. Keeping all this info hushed is really starting to get me pissed off. Its like Hey look at all the games I can get on the PS3 and Xbox360. But what does Nintendo have announced? NES, SNES and N64

    • by Anonymous Coward
      Unlike Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo would be in a terible position to announce too many details about their next generation system at this point in time. From now until the end of the year Nintendo is publishing the following games on exsisting hardware:

      Nintendo Gamecube

      Geist - [] - 8/15/2005
      Mario Superstar Baseball - [] - 8/29/2005
      Battalion Wars (Advance Wars: Under Fire) - [] -
    • Maybe you are right, but maybe you are just on denial. That was a press announcement, they Cant LIE in those because they would lose their credibility to the media and thats BAD. If it were going to come out for revolution and they didnt want people to know they would have said something vague as "Coming for some next generation consoles" or along those lines. If they excluded Revolution, then is not coming on revolution, at least not at this time.

      • You can't lie in press announcements? Exactly what planet do you come from?
      • Capcom has lied their ASSES off for the past year. Remember all the games they said were GC exclusives and would NEVER come out for any other system? Yeah, well RE4 is coming the PS2 and Killer 7 was released on PS2 at the same time as the GC version, meaning it was probably in development WHILE they were telling us it was exclusive. And they never said it WASN'T coming to Revolution. They just said that it is on PS3 and Xbox 360. If it ended up coming out on Revolution they would not have been lying,
    • I think Nintendo is not alowing any anouncements untill after SpaceWorld.

      What Space World? Nintendo, AFAIK, has not announced any Space World for 2005, and it's already July.

      This is what IGN wrote on May 19, two months ago:

      "Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto reiterated Kaplan's comments in a recent interview, saying that more Revolution information would be forthcoming sooner rather than later, and that a new Space World was under consideration."

      That was two months ago. "Sooner rather than later" is proba
  • After reading the comments of that story at, I just lost hope for all of humanity.

    Thanks a lot.
  • If im going to (Score:2, Insightful)

    by hobotron ( 891379 )

    If im going to risk my life killing zombies for the good of the earth you better not make me pay for ammo as well.

  • Simple! Because who would buy a game on a system with people like THIS! []
  • How about

    Resident Evil: How to beat a dead horse

    Resident Evil: Hot having to stand while you shoot action

    Resident Evil: I get it they are fucking zombies
    • Resident Evil: How to beat a dead horse

      You mean "Final Fantasy: How to beat a dead horse"

      Resident Evil: Hot having to stand while you shoot action

      You've never fired a gun, have you?

      Resident Evil: I get it they are fucking zombies

      Actually, in RE4, there were no zombies.
      I'm actually just a script.
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      • "You've never fired a gun, have you?"

        Are you suggesting that an average person can't aim and fire a rocket launcher with pinpoint accuracy while jumping up and down and sprinting from side to side? What kind of gamer are you, man?
      • RE4 was fun for a while. However, every "room" whether outdoors or indoors was played exactly the same way.

        Enter room (or outdoor area via gate).
        Quickly run to corner, positioning dumb girl behind you.
        Stand in corner and shoot the inevitable onslaught of "not zombies" that mindlessly march towards you.
        When "not zombies" stop coming, grab items and enter next room.

        The puzzles were stupid. "This horse shaped item looks like it would fit in the horse shaped hole in the dining room!"

        Some levels were a
      • The dead horse statement should include Final Fantasy. I'll give you that. All I'm asking is that they have an option where you can walk to or away from a zombie while firing a handgun. I'm not talking about flying through the air while shooting gernade launcher like it was some bad Michael Baye movie. Good Point with RE4 but generally speaking the RE series is know for zombies. Will see where RE5 takes the franchise.
    • Sigh. (Score:3, Informative)

      by sbszine ( 633428 )
      I would have agreed with you a year or two ago -- RE 0 through 3 really were beating a dead horse. But having just played through Resident Evil 4, I think there's a lot of life left in the franchise. Since you seem to have missed it, I'll fill you in.

      RE4 is set in an anonymous Spanish speaking country (often outdoors), and rather than zombies, it pits you against some decidedly Cthuloid enemies. The controls are finally functional (you can run, spin around, aim properly etc), and the inventory and ammo

      • RE4 is set in an anonymous Spanish speaking country

        Uh... the country's name is Spain. I think it's in Europe.
        But you're right, RE rocks.
      • But why does it have to play in the RE franchise at all? Beside having a character that looked like Leon and a women that looked a bit like Ada, RE4 had pretty much nothing todo with the other games in the series, neither from the gameplay nor from the story. Replace Leon and Ada with some other characters and you have a game completly seperate from RE. This is especially important since the previous RE games (0,1,2,3,CV) all had a pretty closely connected story line, where one game directly connected to th
  • all this says to me, is that ps and xbox users not only had to wait for a new version, but also a new platform revision, to equal the quality of what we enjoyed from RE4 on the game cube.

    Rock on sony and ms.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Its odd, up until Resident Evil became Gamecube exclusive (well sort of) most of the Resident Evil games were mostly pretty average games; they had good graphics for their time but pretty clunky controls, simple puzzles, and a convoluted story line. With the remake of Resident Evil 1, and the release of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 it has some how became a central gaming title. Having played all of them all the way through I can honestly say that, except for Resident Evil 4, they were entertaining ga
  • To those that don't 'get' the zombie genre, or think that this is just 'more of the same' I have this to say...

    We like it. We will continue to buy these games until they stop making them.
    No one is giving you shit for buying John Fucking Madden 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002..etc...
    You dig?!!?!??
    The cool thing about games is that (unlike movies), games get better with each iteration.

    Another thing/side rant....
    It's pretty much irrelevent which systems feature which games. If the game is cool, i

  • "What's interesting is that it's a bright and sunny day as the mindless creatures attack and maul"...please. The dust hasn't even settled off RE 4 - Which, I will remind you, had a complete and utter plot and theme overall halfway through development (after they'd shown people demo movies)

    So to assume ANYTHING from screenshots (that may or not be faked) is just insane. I don't even think the DESIGNERS know what the tone and themes of this game are going to be. Post some information in two years, and I'

  • All the darkness in games that was always touted as a "feature" was actually a cheap/easy solution to lack of hardware power and draw distances and polygons on screen. Now that the hardware is getting more powerful we won't need fog filled levels or night/flashlight levels unless they are to legitimately convey an atmosphere (or developers still taking the easy way out).
    • Silent Hill 3 & 4 still has dense fog...but it doesn't have to on PC, so..(btw, the fog in SH is simply superb - probably more computations are needed for it than 2x bigger scenery) In some cases it is justified...

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