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Metroid Prime 3 Explored 71

mybrainonfire writes "There's an interview with the creators of the Metroid Prime series over on 1UP, and they talk about making the next game for Revolution. From the article: 'Metroid Prime 3 itself will reportedly take advantage of a number of new features in the Revolution, including the controller... Metroid Prime 3 will continue the first-person action adventure the series has become known for, and there are no plans to add a third-person viewpoint outside of the morph ball.'"
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Metroid Prime 3 Explored

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  • Still 1st-person? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by BlackCobra43 ( 596714 ) on Thursday August 04, 2005 @10:15AM (#13239260)
    Am I the only one longing for the olden days of 3rd-person, sidescrolling Metroids ? Even a 3d, 3rd-person platformer would please me more than a generic FPS, no matter how well done the first two were (which is debatable).
    • Have a go at Viewtiful Joe.
      I enjoyed it a lot.
    • Am I the only one longing for the olden days of 3rd-person, sidescrolling Metroids?

      Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission. Nuff said...
    • Well, you get your side scrolling metroids on the GBA and the DS. And have no doubt you will be able to download some on the revolution. They aren't gone.

      And while Metroid:Prime is first person and has shooting it is nothing like what is usually considered an FPS (quake, half-life). It's more an exmploration and puzzle solving game than a shooter. Especially in Prime 2 where there is a lot less morph ball action.
      • exmploration


        <simpsonsreference>saxamaphone</simpsonsreference >

        Pop culture references aside, Metrod Prime (and its sequels) is an amazing game. It is not your daddy's FPS. It is more a Metroid game than anyone who hasn't played it will ever know.

        Just because Halo is a standard mindless FPS, it doesn't mean Nintendo's golden First Person Shooter is. I'd identify it more as a First Person Revolution. But then again, maybe that is what Nintendo's going for...
    • Gimme a break.

      Metroid Prime 1 and 2 were almost universally hailed as excellent games. Metroid Prime made IGN's list of 100 best games of all time. They are FAR from generic FPS.

      Maybe try PLAYING it, before you knock it. Both games recreate the feeling of the originals exceptionally well, this coming from a huge fan of the 2d games.
      • Obviously he doesn't agree that it was that great, nor do I, so it is up for debate.

        I see it like this: as an FPS, is was sub-par.
        As a first person adventure game (which is what it was marketed as), it's pretty original.
        As an adventure game, it's above-par.

        I didn't like it overall, and I find that too many Nintendo games are herald as if they were some diety. You can like it if you want, but don't say it's not up for debate because it clearly is.
        • now now,

          Dont read too much into my post there. Obviously you're allowed to like what you like. I just sensed a bit of 'everything-old-school-is-better' snobery in the original post.

          Not to be contradictive, but I DO like old school games just as much as the new fancy ones. My point was, though, that MP and MP2 recreated the feeling of the original ones rather well.
    • From the article:
      "The interview hints that Metroid Prime 3 will end a trilogy of sorts..."

      It sounds like Prime 3 will be the last of the "Prime" subseries, which has been the subtitle for every 3D Metroid game. I'd say there's a pretty good chance of Metroid returning to it's 3rd person roots for the following title. Nintendo seems to have a knack for 3D sidescrollers lately (DK: Jungle Beat, New Super Mario Bros.)

      And here's an interesting rumor:
      A pre-E3 issue of Game Informer reported that Nintendo
    • no matter how well done the first two were (which is debatable).

      No. I don't think it is debatable. For being in a first person view they were absolutely perfect.

      People who don't like them are either not real Metroid fans or are people who wanted the game to be something it's not. It isn't an FPS where you just run around and randomly destroy enemies. Metroid was never about that, and the prime games do an excelent job of putting the old metroid games into a first person view.

      On the other hand I would love a
      • er I mean you either like the game or you don't but I don't honestly think the way it plays is debatable I think they did it exactly how it should be done and if you don't like it then you don't like it end of story and for people who want to call prime an FPS well they obviously have never played metroid before because it's not a shooter and there for is not an FPS.
    • If you liked Metroid and Super Metroid as much as I did, why don't you pick up a Rev when it comes out, and play them on it? That is one of Nintendo's main focuses on the Revolution.
    • No, you're not.

      I got sick of first-person style games about six months after Mario came out on the N64. Because *everything* followed suit.

      I was so disappointed with Castlevainia and some of the others that I basically stopped playing action games entirely and stuck to RPGs.

      Street Fighter-games don't need to be 3D, neither does Zelda or Mario or Metroid.

      I give big props to the Konami/Gradius team who released Gradius 5 as an old-school shoot-em-up.
      • It's been a while but I seem to remember Mario 64 being a 3rd person game.
        • Well yeah, I meant 3D in general.. as opposed to side-scrolling goodness.
          • Ahh.

            I think of the Mario games I have played I really enjoyed 64 the most.
            The funny thing is I was an "adult" by the time Mario 64 came out and it seemed to me to be a good game for me as well as younger types.
            Whatever design decisions Nintendo made I think were good ones and led to a game everyone (IMO) can play.

            Clearly your mileage varied, but there is nothing wrong with that.
    • I find myself nodding in agreement with you. Or it could just be that I'm tired. Seriously though, I would love to see if they could come up with something that would match the gaming quality of Super Metroid. I don't know why game companies are so scared to do an 'old-skool'-type platformer.

      Has anyone in the game industry asked to see if we're still keen on playing everything in an FPS style? Come on, Doom was groundbreaking (yeah, and Castle Wolfenstein if you want to get nitpicky), later on Half-Life (a

    • While Metroid Fusion was so-so, Metroid Zero Mission is a worthy successor to both the original Metroid *and* Super Metroid, for different reasons, while introducing its own share of cool new elements to the series. (Like intentional sequence breaks....)
    • You could always help out with Windstille [] which is being created in the spirit of Metroid. It is a bit alpha at the moment but has 3d characters running around a 2d platform environment.

      You'll probably bitch and moan (as a collective, I mean) that this is OSS and incomplete and yadda yadda, but sometimes if you want something specific then there's no better solution than to do it yourself.
  • Controller? (Score:5, Funny)

    by turtled ( 845180 ) on Thursday August 04, 2005 @10:17AM (#13239274)
    "Metroid Prime 3 itself will reportedly take advantage of a number of new features in the Revolution, including the controller"

    That's Revolutionary! It will use the controller!

    On a side note, I feel Revolution's mysterious hype is going to explode. I am excited (yes, even with Mario part 87) to see what there is to offer.
    • I think they said that only because that was the one major gripe about Metroid Prime 1 & 2... a lot of people think the Gamecube controller sucks at FPS.

      So, in a sense they're saying... "The one major flaw in the game that annoyed like 3/4 of you is gone... the new controller for the Revolution will work a lot better."
    • "I feel Revolution's mysterious hype is going to explode" It has that segway vibe to me. Lots of hype for a 'whatever' product. I think whatever the mystery is, it will turn out to be something both obvious and clever - but not revolutionary. And I'm totally a N fanboy...
    • Revolution has monsterous hype? It's got a bunch of people trying to guess whatever it could be about, it's got confirmed downloads of classic Nintendo games, and... that's it. If anything, Nintendo should be hyping it *more*; they're historically the most honest about their consoles capabilities, which is making them seem like a distant third in hardware capability when they'll probably not far so far behind in power, if they fall behind at all.

      Meanwhile PS3's Cell processor is supposed to be a supercomp
  • ahhh... the music (Score:2, Interesting)

    Now why didn't MTV [] nominate Metroid: Prime for its music? Most Nintendo titles have absolutely stunning music, especially Metroid: Prime, to go aling with the brillant artwork and complete attention to detail.
  • The only way... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by transmetal ( 904896 )
    The only way Nintendo could get me even slightly excited for their new system, is the promise of "new" games. Not remakes, nor sequels. Among their big Gamecube titles, which were not simply another title in a twenty year old series? I like Mario as much as the next gamer, but it wouldn't hurt for them to come up with something new this time around.
    • Eternal Darkness.
    • Among their big Gamecube titles, which were not simply another title in a twenty year old series?

      Well, let's see. From a quick look at Nintendo's site, they have released:
      1. Animal Crossing
      2. Custom Robo
      3. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - (unless you consider that a sequel to the old donkey kong platformers)
      4. Donkey Konga - rhythm based drumming
      5. Eternal Darkness
      6. Geist (upcoming)
      7. Luigi's Mansion
      8. Pikmin - a new puzzle series
      So that is eaight brand new games right there; plus various new Mario
    • Re:The only way... (Score:4, Insightful)

      by StocDred ( 691816 ) on Thursday August 04, 2005 @11:08AM (#13239673) Homepage Journal
      Among their big Gamecube titles, which were not simply another title in a twenty year old series?

      Why is that your only criteria for judging whether a new game is worth your time? Too many times burned by Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider? Nintendo sequels are far more likely to maintain quality than other franchises.

      But if you're still going to be picky, how about Pikmin, WarioWare*, or Animal Crossing**? All are new concept first-party games that premiered this generation. What about the upcoming Mario light-action sports titles (baseball and soccer), or are they already declared DOA simply because Mario is in them? Have a DS for Nintendogs?

      *yes, I know WarioWare has bloody Wario in it, but I'm not calling that reason enough to declare it a remake or sequel.

      **yes, I know Animal Crossing was originally a Japanese N64 title.

      • Pikmin, WarioWare*, or Animal Crossing**

        You're one for three. WarioWare debuted on the GBA, and alsomade it to the n64. Animal Crossing also hit the GBA. How WarioWare, which is just a themed no-board Mario Party, which itself is just a new Panic!, is a "new concept" is beyond me. Pikmin you can make the argument for, though I see it as just another automaton game like Lemmings. Mario Baseball started on the NES, and Mario Tennis on the SNES; besides, I'm not sure how you think Baseball and Tennis rati
        • And you're a moron who cowardly waits a week to reply. I suppose you were out of town.

          So what if WarioWare debuted on the GBA? The point is you were asking for new IPs, and WarioWare is a very recent creation. And likening it to Mario Party is idiotic. You have clearly played none of the games in either series. And WarioWare was never, ever an N64 game.

          Animal Crossing was not a GBA game, you are, again, a moron. The closest Animal Crossing got to the GBA was the connectivity bonus coming out of the Game

    • What games are you interested in for any console that aren't sequels or remakes?
    • Why?

      Mario = time test, approved character.

      You know the games will be rated E. There will be no Hot Coffee mod to have Mario bang the princess.

      More importantly, if youre developing a new game, it's very difficult to introduce it to the market.

      Instead of taking a big risk, you take the game you made, and slap in Mario - now you have the same game + a recognizable lead character and a 20+ year backstory that can easily be incorporated.

      Not to mention that Mario games are almost always fun to play.
    • The only way Nintendo could get me even slightly excited for their new system, is the promise of "new" games. Not remakes, nor sequels.

      Right, because Super Mario Sunshine was just an updated version of Super Mario Bros.

      Come on, the fact that Nintendo puts its successfull characters on many games doesn't mean that they're "just sequels". "Wind Waker" has about as much in common with "The Legend of Zelda" as "Ikaruga" with "River Raid".

      Besides, even though Nintendo uses its "old" characters in a lot of i

      • +2 River Raid Reference
  • Hey Nintendo, how about making some games for the current system? One Zelda game? ONE? And Metroid 2 was the same game with some different frickin' maps. The Mario game was lame.
    I might as well sell my Gamecube, and use the money to save for PS3.
  • Having not really played the Metroid Prime games, when I saw the line about not adding a third person view outside of the morph ball, I originally thought that it meant that when you went into morph ball mode, it stayed in first person.

    Then I thought, that would be ridiculous, it'd probably make you sick, and you wouldn't be able to tell where you were going. And I read it again, and it made sense.

    But yeah, there should be a button to press when in morph ball mode so that you can go back to first person and
  • "Metroid Prime 3 itself will reportedly take advantage of a number of new features in the Revolution, including the controller..."

    And I suppose next you'll tell me it takes advantage of the a/v out on the back of the box?

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