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XBox (Games)

XBox 360 Bundles Top $700 150

Gamespot is reporting that, with some idea of the skus that will be available for the Xbox 360 when it launches, game retailers are now prepping incredibly expensive console bundles for the first of the next-gen systems. From the article: "...when hot new gaming systems come out, supply is short, and demand is often so high that retailers can elect to sell the units only as parts of bundles that include accessories and games of the retailer's choosing. EBgames.com unveiled its holiday offerings today, and the prices may make some gamers feel as though they're getting 'scrooged.' Like Microsoft, EB Games is offering two bundles, one for gamer's interested in the Core System and one for gamers eyeing the premium package. The Xbox 360 Core Bundle is priced at $599.93, and it includes everything in the standard package, plus an extra wired controller, a 64MB memory unit, and four games: Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition, Dead or Alive 4, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Kameo: Elements of Power. Using Microsoft's announced pricing for peripherals and an assumed $59.99 price point for Xbox 360 games, the package unbundled would come to $618.94. "
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XBox 360 Bundles Top $700

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  • Well, there's always Christmas of '06, right?
  • What on earth is a 'skus'?
  • by badasscat ( 563442 ) <basscadet75NO@SPAMyahoo.com> on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @08:05AM (#13387995)
    ...for the PSP [cnn.com], didn't it?

    Consumers aren't going to bite on this. There's a limit to what people will accept. Forced bundles worked for the PS2 but that's really the only time they've worked, and everybody knows now that if you just wait 5 minutes there will be plenty of bare systems around to buy if that's what you want.

    I have no doubt - none - that you'll be able to walk into a store on launch day, plunk down $300 or $400, and walk out with nothing but an Xbox 360 box if that's all you want. That's the way it was on PSP and DS launch day, and MS is saying they'll have a million Xbox 360's on sale at that system's launch. Save your money - don't preorder. Don't be a sucker. Show these idiots that forced bundles don't work anymore.
    • Actually they worked pretty well for the first Xbox (highest game attach rate of last gen consoles) but we're talking two games not this 4 game bullshit.
    • by apoc06 ( 853263 )
      well, i think that the bundles work well with those people who always have to have the hot new thing first: the fanboy/ fanatic with the deep pockets. they would most likely buy all of the extras on their own anyways, and pick up two or three of the bundled games anyways. so to the buyer who preorders and or camps out opening day for a x360, the bundle isnt a nuisance. its a convenience for them, since they can be assured that they can take the system home and not have to trek out and fight their way back t
    • Furthermore, if you wait a month or so, you'll be able to walk into a store and find piles of Xbox 360s sitting unsold, because that's how it was with the first Xbox.
    • Bundles worked well for the GameCube launch. Then again, even with 3 games, and extra controller, and a memory card, it only brought the price up to $400.

    • Too right. The bundling thing was just obnoxious with the PSP. They attempted something like that my local at Toys R' Us. The cheapest bundle that they had was around $400, and it was the only way to pre-order.

      So a friend and I stop by on launch day thinking it's a lost cause. Instead, there was an overstaffed crew standing in front a ton of PSP's and even more games. They still had the ads claiming that you needed to purchase a bundle, but by the time we walked in the writing was on the wall and it h
  • Not that Microsoft people read Slashdot, but in case one happens to...

    That's just too much for a game system. I usually buy the new consoles when they come out (proud owner of a PS2, XBox, and Atari 2600), but these prices have pushed them out of the realm of game system and into the realm of major electronics investment. Even the so-called "core bundle" is as expensive than what I paid for my surround-sound system. More expensive bundles are pushing what I paid for my flat screen HDTV, which is the ce

    • by cgenman ( 325138 ) on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @08:38AM (#13388159) Homepage
      That's not a microsoft decision. That's a decision of the retailers trying to milk the game-buying public for all they are worth. EB seems to repeatedly be the worst in this regard, which is ironic considering they're theoretically trying to stop people from just buying their system at Target.

      The X360 itself is only 400 dollars, which seems within the realm of what the PS2 and PS1 launched at. Don't worry, that price will come down soon. I wouldn't be surprised if it fell 50 - 100 dollars in it's first year out.

      • Retailers fully understand that sales of the 360 will be abysmal at a price point of $600 (especially once they've bundled the accessories and games), which is why they've pressured MS to release a scaled-down version.

        Base model of the XBox 360 will retail for about $400. Full functionality will require spending another couple hundred bucks -- want to play XBox games? Better have that hard drive. Want a second controller? How about a memory card?

        The decision to bundle XBox 360 consoles is made by re
        • No the base model is 300. 400 with the hard drive. Don't need a memory card once I have the hard drive. If I get my friends to buy a 360 so we can game over Live, they can bring their own controller over for when we do co-op.

          You may have psychological issues with the number 250, but I assure you a $200 SNES in 1991 adjusted for inflation would be $250 today.
        • I agree with all of your points. I do feel compelled to point out though that specialty retailers don't make much on the hardware either, and only sell it in order to sell more titles. If they sell 1/4th the systems that they otherwise would have, but sell 4 times the amount of software per system, they've more than broken even. Add in the silly profit margins on controllers and memory cards, and you've got quite an incentive to not care about what the market wants.

          I won't be buying a 360 until it has at
    • by samdu ( 114873 ) <samdu@@@ronintech...com> on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @10:54AM (#13389181) Homepage
      Agree 100%. I have the following systems:

      Playstation 1

      Of those, the only one I didn't buy at launch was the Gamecube. I have no plans on getting a 360, but if they do this same thing with the PS3, I'll have to wait until it's available unbundled. I don't see the logic of throwing FOUR games into a bundle. Well, I see the greed logic behind it, but not the rational logic behind it. If there are supposed to be up to 40 games available at launch, shouldn't they at least make it four games of your choice? Better yet, why not ONE game of your choice? $700.00 is just too much to drop on a game system at one time. I think Little Timmy might have to play his X-Box 1 for a while longer.
    • Wait a second... there are two possibilities here:

      1) Microsoft bought EB Games somehow while avoiding any press coverage whatsoever, and now controls everything EB Games does, or:

      2) You're an idiot.

      Seriously, though, how the hell does Microsoft have any say in the matter? Microsoft priced the consoles at $300 for the "lite" one and $400 for the standard one. Anything beyond that is out of their hands, and out of their control, and your little rant here is completely misdirected.
  • by werewolf1031 ( 869837 ) on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @08:08AM (#13388005)
    Am I the only one thinking "holy crap I could buy a half-decent PC for that price?!"
    • "Holy crap, you could upgrade to an amazing PC for that price"
      Usually, all that needs replacing is the CPU/MOBO, and video card. Possibly RAM, but odds are, just buying a reletivley high-end vid card will do the trick, and allow you to play most of the games that are at least a month old!
      On the other hand, don't be embarrased if you have to run a game at it's minimum settings. There's always Starcraft.
      And on a side-note, Alienware Schmalian-ware.
    • by el_womble ( 779715 ) on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @09:01AM (#13388304) Homepage
      Yes, but said PC wouldn't look pretty under the TV. Only since living with my significantly better half have I realised how important that feature is.

      If I've learn't one thing over the last few years: wireless controllers were invented for men who live with women. Women hate wires. They see them as mess. Mess means grief. Its worth paying more for less grief - even if it means there is a little bit of lag, and extra batteries to buy.

      Consoles tend to be quieter than PCs. Again this is important. If said better half is in the room whilst you're playing (a rarity) all they can hear is the fan, even if you've got the 5.1 turned up to 11.

      Consoles have near instant on. This is important because a good women demands a lot of attention, and doesn't like to think that her precious 'you and me' time is shared between her and a 'stupid box in the corner'. You need to be able to grab every moment you can when and if you can, instant on is important for this.

      Consoles can be bought as presents. If you live on a budget, and the better half wants to splash out on you don't ask her to buy you a new PC. She'll get it wrong. Ask her to buy you a XBox 360 and 9/10 she'll get it right and everyone is happy.

      • Very insightful post.

        The main reason I tell my wife I need a 360 is the wireless controllers. Just the selling point of 'we can get rid of these wires' helps it make sense to her.

        My wife isn't jealous of the time games take away from 'US'. She's upset because when I'm playing games, she can't watch 'Law and Order.'
      • by aweraw ( 557447 ) * <aweraw@gmail.com> on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @09:48AM (#13388656) Homepage Journal
        well... at least we know who wears the pants in that relationship.

        Seriously, lag on any video games controller is unacceptable. I feel sorry for you that your partner is such a tight ass bitch.
        • Lag? There's absolutely no difference in performance between a Wavebird and a wired Gamecube controller. Have you actually tried using a modern wireless controller?
          • Lag? There's absolutely no difference in performance between a Wavebird and a wired Gamecube controller. Have you actually tried using a modern wireless controller?

            I have, and my WORLD, ENDED, when my Wireless Logitech XBox controller (the big one, not the Logitech S-style wireless) died. Seriously, that is the most comfortable f'ing controller i've ever had the pleasure to use, now it's left joystick is always (although gently) stuck 'down' so I either have to keep correcting it or compensating for it wi
      • And some other points:

        Media Center PCs ARE this price. People still aren't buying them.

        Wireless controllers are like remote controls you never have to share. And when the children and pets come, it's a lot easier to hide/move/keep out of reach.

        I just don't think instant-on applies. My XP laptop wakes up nearly instantly, then the boot-up time for WCIII is no worse than GT4 - and GT4 takes longer with all the individual races to load. It's just a lot nicer to play laying back on the couch than using a di
      • AMEN to that!!!
      • >>>If I've learn't one thing over the last few years: wireless controllers were invented for men who live with women. Women hate wires. They see them as mess.

        I hate generalizations, especially about women, because even though I am a woman, I have many women friends, I have lived with women, I have dated women, etc, I almost never hear a generalization about women (especially on slashdot) that applies to me or any of the women I have ever known. I have never heard a woman complain about wires beca
        • Only a fool believes in generalizations... but in an all male crowd they normally get a laugh. I have no idea why this got modded insightful. I was aiming for flaimbait! Short of doing a mother-in-law sketch I thought it was obvious that my tounge was firmly in my cheek. I offically appogise for any offense I may have caused.

          Do you have any photos of you and your ex-date? :p
          • I wasn't offended, though it is good to know that you were joking. Sometimes it's hard to know online whether or not someone is serious.

            PS: No, I'm not sending you pictures. :)
        • Though my husband has been on a kick recently that we need to replace all our controllers with wireless because the way I wrap up the cords "hurts" them. I think he's insane.

          He is insane. Everybody knows that wrapping the controllers up in their cords gets them excited.

      • Quit spying on me!
    • If you want to keep the hardware simplicity and non-beige-box design, you can get a Mac Mini for $500 US.
  • Here's an idea... why don't you just buy the core system AND Halo 3? Or better yet, WAIT until Halo 3 is released when PS3 is launched, and after Microsoft slashes prices. I'm buying and XBOX 360 Complete/whatever pack that has the HDD and wireless controller/headset whatever, plus Halo 3. Total cost = XBOX + Halo 3. Which, when the time comes, will be something like 300 to 400$
  • I never bought an XBox from them, and I'm just waiting for the 360 to come out so I can pick up an XBox on the cheap - used, the day after the 360 comes out so I can drop Linux on a couple of them for MythTV.

    The only reason I might ever have considered the XBox is due to the fact that it could do real HD output at 720p, where my PS2 couldn't.

    That's not enough to make me do business with Microsoft though. Sorry.

    The people I would love to hurt are the ones at Square-Enix. If I understand right, Final Fantas
    • If I understand right, Final Fantasy is now 360-exclusive. So much for Final Fantasy. :\ There's no way Square-Enix would go Xbox exclusive unless the 360 manages to gain significantly more than 1% market share [ebusinessforum.com] in S-E's home country. It's just begging to cut out half your consumer base. However, note that in the article I just linked to it states that a separate company, run by one of the creators of Final Fantasy, will be making at least two RPGs for the 360. It doesn't state whether or not they will
    • You do realize that this is EB Games creating the bundle, and not Microsoft, right? Wait until launch day, come in a little late to work, and stop by a Best Buy or Target first thing in the morning. Cost to you: 399 plus tax. Seriously, nobody ever goes into Target the first day to buy game systems. When PSPs were hard to come by at game stores the first couple weeks, Target was overloaded with them. Best Buy will sell out pretty quickly, but they always do a preorder card months before, which will be for t
    • The people I would love to hurt are the ones at Square-Enix. If I understand right, Final Fantasy is now 360-exclusive. So much for Final Fantasy. :\

      Where in the world did you get that idea? FF XI is going to be ported, but that's pretty much it for the moment.

      There's another "main" FF game [gamefaqs.com] coming out for the PS2, as well.
    • so I can drop Linux on a couple of them for MythTV.

      Shhhhhh! I'd like used XBoxen to be 5 for $100 come Christmas time... :)

    • The people I would love to hurt are the ones at Square-Enix. If I understand right, Final Fantasy is now 360-exclusive. So much for Final Fantasy. :\

      Making a major RPG Xbox exclusive would be a major mistake. The majority of RPG sales come from Japan, where the Xbox doesn't sell very well.

      Considering Square-Enix is the biggest name in RPGs, I would think they would know better than anyone what a mistake that would be.
    • but you'd do business with MPAA + RIAA member, Sony?

      why do business with any evil company in the first place (if you can help it).
      • Well, there's the rub. I don't really play PS2. I play online football, and that's about it. Up till recently, I played nfl2k online. Of course there's no new games in that series until at least next season, so I'm not really big into buying new games.

        I had a choice once upon a time, and Sony was still the lesser evil. Whether that's slated to change is beyond me. :\
  • bah, I'm not impressed. Especially since it can be safely speculated that those 4 games are not necessarily the 4 games someone would want above all others.

    Christmas or not, I'd definately get my games off ebay.

  • Ugh! Are they crazy? It looks like Xbox 360 is going to price its way right out of many living rooms. There's no way I'm paying $600-$700 for this. Where is the market they seem to be aiming for? What launch games will justify this? And quite honestly, what is the current Xbox not doing that is going to make people go out and buy a much much more expensive console without a lot of games? This bundling madness has got to stop or else it's going to put a real damper on the launch much like expensive bundles d
    • Well, these would be insane preorder bundles - so it's safe to assume they're aimed at the insane preorder crowd.

      Clearly, this is not for mere mortals who actually need to justify the purchase of new consoles and shiny gadgets.

      Meatspace retailers will sell the two core bundles and rest assured, normal people will be able to put a 360 and perfect dark 0 under the tree for $350.
      • Meatspace retailers will sell the two core bundles and rest assured, normal people will be able to put a 360 and perfect dark 0 under the tree for $350.

        Maybe i'm just a cheap bastard, but $350 for a system and one game is still about $100 too expensive.
        • It's what everyone paid at launch last go-round.
          • Yet another reason why I didn't buy one of those either :)

            Bought a Gamecube when it was at $150, with a free game, and a used PS2 with a couple games for $130.

            Planning on buying a Revolution so far, especially with (among other things) the far more sane price point that has been rumored.
    • But people will buy it just the same. I remember the same type of chatter that went on when the PS2 came out, and those flew off the shelves.

      When the box launches, you watch how many preorders are fulfilled and how many walk-in purchases are made. It will no doubt break records, and these pre-launch gripes about pricing will be all but forgotten. Most likely replaced with "was it worth it?" type of discussions. :)
    • Ugh! Are they crazy? It looks like Xbox 360 is going to price its way right out of many living rooms. There's no way I'm paying $600-$700 for this. Where is the market they seem to be aiming for?

      Absolutely, and I think the majority of people here will agree with you. 600? 700? for a GAME CONSOLE? that's just absolutely ridiculous, hopefully we won't run into this with the ps3. I didn't really want an XB360 anyway, now this gives me a much better reason to not buy it. I think the PS3 is going to be highe
  • It's too diversified. How many gamers are interested in *all* of these titles? Because otherwise (remember, you only save 20$ on the bundle) the bundle doesn't save you a buck over the suggested retail price.
  • by Khuffie ( 818093 )
    People need to realize that there are other stores out there, and these are the bundles that EB are offering now. People who are pre-ordering now are probably the idiots with money to burn, and they're taking advantage of that. Most likely they'll be offering non-bundled preorders. Even if they don't, and the other game retailers don't, you can always buy an Xbox at non-game retailers (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc, and from my experience they usually don't sell out as fast). I got my PSP, minus the bundle
    • Don't buy from FutureShop, Best Buy, EB, or Walmart if you ever want to have any choice down the road.

      You need to spend more time reading the YRO section of Slashdot.

      Find some indie game dealers, or buy online. Don't support the big-box assholes trying to take over the retail world.
  • People get so freaked out over what is a package at a retailer. It's not like the EB death squads will be coming around to collect your $700 for the evil M$FT!!! Buy the console, get a game or two if you like and relax. These packages are gonna be all over the place, hopefully we are only seeing hysteria because it is more or less the first one out there.. Do you honestly think these packages are gonna make up a large percentage of 360 sales? I really can't see that being the case.
  • It only tops $700 when you include shipping and handling, and the article blurb itself shows a price of $618. Misleading title.

    I wouldn't have bothered quibbling, but I'm still nirged with the earlier "Planescapes Torment" gaffe.
  • I have to wonder if this is EB Games' harebrained idea or Microsoft's. My money's on the former. With the EB/Gamestop merger coming up suddenly Best Buy and Wal-Mart are starting to sound like better places to buy games now. -shudder-
  • Financing? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Not-a-Neg ( 743469 )
    Are any stores offering financing for this thing? There's no way in hell I can afford to hand over $700+ on a system and games, all at once!
    • pssst buddy, i hear pc gaming is cheaper. and talk about backward compatibility. hoo boy and those abandonware sites will keep you busy for years with fun.

  • This is just EB Games testing the waters. Game Stop and Amazon will also be taking pre-orders. Chances are, they will use bundles too. Note to retailers: if you must do a bundle why not offer the system plus, say, two games, and have a drop-down menu so people can choose their games? I understand you don't make much on the console, but this way you could still make a profit on the games without forcing people buy games they don't care about.
  • Most likely, you only need one game and a memory card. The rest is unecessary, especially if you don't want all the titles.

    Here's a "honey" offer to their "vinegar" offer. How about core or deluxe XBox360 and $5 off the total price for each game (no duplicates) and controller. The PSP bundles were high-priced, but you got to choose your games. Since the games are by Microsoft and affiliates, they don't have to pay the licensing fee. The MSRP of $59.99 is for licensed games and the bundle games are MSRP
  • The same package in the UK will cost the equivalent of $948.47 - based on an assumed game price of £49.99.

    So please stop your damned moaning.
  • As I recall, the launch bundles for the original Xbox were $500 to $700 on EBgames.com back in 2001 and the technology has certainly come a long way since then. I've watched several launches come and go on EBgames.com and they always start out high at launch and then trickle down to unbundled systems after the demand dies down. Damn capitalists! I do appreciate that they don't include a lot of unnecessary crap in their bundles, but I wish I could pick my own games. I heard through a well-connected source
  • Launch time (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Omroth ( 673505 )
    The intelligent time to buy a 360 is the PS3's launch date, not it's own. Ian
  • IIRC the Neo Geo was $600, just for the CONSOLE. Games were an amazing $200 each.

    Yeah, that sold well. And that was many moons ago.

    Makes the Xbox bundles a great deal by comparison.
  • $1,200 Bundles Now (Score:4, Interesting)

    by srivendel ( 909889 ) on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @02:24PM (#13391221)
    Game Stop now has a $1,199.83 bundle available. And theirs start at $799. Stop the insanity.
  • by DaveCBio ( 659840 ) on Wednesday August 24, 2005 @02:36PM (#13391335)
    Do you really think that EB and other stores won't be pushing PS3 or Revolution bundles? They want to rake in as much launch cash as they can and bundles are how they do it. The thing is, as much as people bitch and whine many would have bought the same configuration anyway and you will be able to find unbundled versions as well.

  • Memory card, four games (all of which are ports), wireless controller, tote bag with Bill Gates face on it, 6 action figures from unrelated Sega Genisis games, a 14 inch orange latex dildo (the colour didn't sell well), and you have to pack away the green-fuzzy 6-month-old left over lunches from the EB staff fridge.

    Whatever. Local retailers (including EB) pulled the same crap with the PSP. I'll just wait till the hype is done (again) if I decide I want one of these things.
  • You know, as far as I can tell, these bundles are only being offered online and are not going to reflect the kind of thing gamers and other consumers shopping for gamers should expect at brick and mortar stores.

    It's absolutely ridiculous that this is even a story, if you ask me. The bundle SKU that Microsoft is offering is $399.99. Any additional items bundled are up to the discretion of the retailer and if you choose not to buy into it, you don't have to. If you want to buy the core system, that'll run you
  • A fool and his money are soon parted.
  • This type of bundling and pre-ordering is soley for the retailers to profit more. As it is, the margins on video games and consoles is very very small. So in order for a game retailer to make money they need to sell a lot of used games and they need to sell popular new games in high quantity.

    Most importantly they need to know exactly how many copies of a game to order. Buying a few extra copies of a game and never selling can eat the profits earned of all the copies sold. That's why stores like pre-orders.

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