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Capcom May Be Prepping Street Fighter 4 62

Gamespot reports that Capcom is likely to unveil a new Street Fighter title later this week. From the article: "Capcom has added some fuel to that fire today with the announcement that it will indeed be showing off a new arcade fighting game at the [Amusement Machine] show. The company made no mention as to whether the game would be an installment of an existing franchise or a new product altogether. Regardless, the new fighting game will only be presented in video format, meaning it's most likely to be quite early in development."
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Capcom May Be Prepping Street Fighter 4

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  • Where? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Seumas ( 6865 ) * on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @02:41PM (#13438317)
    So exactly where are they going to put the Street Fighter 4 arcade game? Are there actually any arcades left?
    • Do they have adult entertainment centers in your area? I'm talking like Main Event, Dave and Busters type places. Full of arcade games, pool tables and beer. They make the younger kids leave early so the adults can stay late. Main Event has bowling, a smoking room and two bars as well as laser tag and a huge arcade. I play Beatmania III every time I go.
      • Re:Where? (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Seumas ( 6865 ) *
        The only arcade I've seen in the last ten years is Dave and Busters - and I don't think that should even qualify. The last time I went to a Dave and Busters, 90% of the games were giant screens with a gun (to shoot) and a pedal (to duck) and they were all variations of each other. You're a cop. You're killing zombies. You're killing robots. You're killing mobsters. Whatever. Then you have a few other games nobody has really ever heard of...

        I was thoroughly unimpressed and wondered where all the fighting gam
        • amusement parks and some malls still have arcades, but they're becoming fewer and farther between
        • It looks like Main Event is only a Texas thing so it's not very widespread. Gameworks is nice too but again, they don't have them everywhere. They do have all you can play for $10 bucks on Thursday from 7pm to close. There are also a large number of Putt-Putts in the D/FW area. Some of them have become lame but there are still enough that have games to play.

          I started a business as an arcade operator (putting games in other locations and giving the business owner a % of the cash) but eventually the mo
        • They just opened an arcade here(that I have yet to go to) called 1984. You pay $5.00 to get in, and all the machines have their coin slots replaced with buttons to add more quarters.
        • My problem with dave and busters in st. louis, is that they use some card system, where you buy credits. The the thing is I calculated it costed almost 3 dollars to play tekken 4 one time. Now I don't know about you, but versus fighting games tend to last a few minutes at best.

          It is not economically feasible for anyone under 35 to play and so of course, no one ever does.
        • Most of the half-decent arcades I've found lately are in tourist traps - for instance, a hotel I visited in Vegas recently had an absolutely amazing arcade tucked away in it. A new Pump it Up machine, tons of vintage fighting games, a perfectly working original Metal Slug machine... it was fabulous. Similarly, when I go to more local tourist traps like Pigeon Forge or Virginia Beach, I always keep a lookout for good arcades. You often find them attached to Lazer Tag and Go Kart places, selling food and drin
      • The majority of the US does not have access to places like Dave and Busters, and even if such chains were larger, it wouldn't do much for Street Fighter 4, as 2D fighting games are rarely represented in such places.
    • You'd be surprised. I know of more than a few college towns that have arcades, and you still see the occasional machines in places like restaurants and movie theaters.

      And it's worth remembering that there are hybrid arcades still around. Places like Dave and Buster's (or Chuck E. Cheese, if you're younger) or Laser Quest and its derivatives still have game rooms, and (I'd assume) do decent business with them.

      Heck, there are even a few small mall arcades left. Places like the tiny American Fun Center

    • In Japan there are and it's Japan they care most about.
    • Woo hoo.

      Boardwalk towns like Seaside have more arcades then they know what to do with.

      We'll at least see it there.
      • Yeah but they only do decent business there 4 months out of the year. Some of the boardwalk arcades move their better games into different locations during the winter.
        If you are in NJ, there is always eight on the break though.
    • Arcades in the USA are dead, but guess what, there are other countries than the USA.
  • Bout time (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Datamonstar ( 845886 ) on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @02:45PM (#13438353)
    Actually, we've been waiting for this for a while. Some reports say it that the only returing character will be Ryu. Hopefully the recent interest in Third Strike will create a large player base for this game. Can't wait.
    • i think that they have decided to stretch the street fighter license as far as they could, and im hoping that now they realize that they have to innovate. fighting games are more complex than ever. [obviously, a movement spurred on by SF2] particularly for a major release of one of its flagship IPs, i have alot of faith in capcom that they put in much time, effort and energy.

      my question is whether it will be 2d or 3d. if it will be 3d it will definitely be a surprise. they have alot of playing catchup to do
      • How about a fighting game with good damage physics? I haven't really seen that yet. Let me break someone's arm and see it hang there limp. Let me kick someone on their left torso and watch them twist back at the point of impact of the foot. More hit locations then high medium and low.

        I doubt we'll see any of that, but those are some places that fighting games can go.
  • Keep in mind (Score:3, Insightful)

    by pnice ( 753704 ) on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @02:50PM (#13438393)
    That back in the day Capcom unveiled a new street fighter...and it was Street Fighter: The Movie. Just because it's Street Fighter doesn't mean it'll be good.

    Although I'm pretty sure it will be.
  • Capcom vs Marvel vs DC vs SNK In all out battle of the same old characters that you're still not tired of somehow!
    • We can dream, but that's about as good as it gets cause Capcom lost the Marvel licence last year. MvC3 will probably never exist, sadly.
      • I told you people to stop buying EA games. Marvel granted EA the exclusive rights as worldwide licensing agent Marvel heroes product as of early 2004. To sum it up, you'll never see another Marvel vs Capcom title ever again.

        Want to here something top secret? EA lawyers are busy trying to license all genuine military weapons manufactured in the US. There might not be any more FPS with real guns besides the Battlefield series in the future. Sounds crazy now, but watch...

  • Wait a minute. Capcom makes fighting games???

  • I'm pretty sure I speak for most of us when I say that if I wanted to read stuff on gamespot religiously, I'd go over to gamespot and read it. When did /. turn into a rss aggregator for gamespot? Pretty crazy when 7 out of 10 or so of the stories are all from gamespot. wtf?

    • Slashdot is news for nerds. Nerds like games. Thus, gaming news can sometimes end up on Slashdot.
      • He's referring only to the Games section of Slashdot, and your "Slashdot is news for nerds. Nerds like games." pseudo-Confucius drivel is annoying. But the parent is right, I could sit with two browsers open - one with 1up.com and the other with gamespot.com - and I'd be looking at the equivalent of the Games section here.
  • Sprites please! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Zangief ( 461457 )
    I hope they make it 2D, as the only good 3D fighter is Smash Bros Melee, and it is not in the same style as SF.

    Namco and Sega fanboys, your "fighting games" are not up to snuff to be compared with Capcom, Snk or Nintendo, so shut up.
    • I agree, sidestepping just unnecessarily complicates the whole issue and ring outs are nothing but an annoyance. Canned combos and counterintuitive button-attack relationships (this happens in some 2d games too) are very reflex-unfriendly (e.g. I think "I need a long horizontal attack", press the logical button but that character has "elbow jab" bound to this specific combination). Ease to learn is a plus when you're playing with people who don't own the game.

      Melty Blood is a positive example, it uses very
    • I hope it's 2d as well, but I disagree that there are no good 3d fighters besides SSM. PowerStone II is awesome (4 players, like SSM) and 3d. Evil Zone is very qwerky, but I love it, and it's 3d. Bushido Blade kicked ass. But yeah, the long list of Virtual Fighter and Tekken games are weak.
  • by rubberbando ( 784342 ) on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @03:23PM (#13438635)
    I mean, how many variations have they had of each "sequel"?

    Do we really need another version of the old Street Fighter series?

    Personally, I'd rather see them get a new license to some other characters to let us play with.

    Since they already did Marvel, how about DC or maybe Image comic's characters?

    Also, it would be neat if they licensed some Anime characters to put in a megamix or sorts.

    DBZ vs Capcom anyone?
    • Nintendo did that (licensing lots of mangas, I mean) and created Jump Superstars. It's more like Smash Bros. than Street Fighter and will probably never make it out of Japan for licensing reasons (all the licenses are owned by one company in Japan but have different takers in the US, Europe, etc).

      Atari has the exclusive rights to DBZ, for example so Capcom couldn't make a CvsDB game and release it in the west.
  • the versus Marvel and SNK is getting really old.
    I loved SF2, the Alpha series and 3. The quicker SF4 comes out int he arcades the quicker it will be on home systems, where I will use up hours of my life instead of hundreds of quarters.
  • by Tickenest ( 544722 ) on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @03:24PM (#13438645) Homepage Journal
    Street Fighter IV: Second Wave Hyper Alpha EX Gold Fighting Edition Super Street Fighter IV-2: Super Happy Fun Smash Puzzle Fight III Street Fighter IV: The Game The Movie The Game The Movie The Game
  • It wont be any fun if i can't cut high school classes to pump my life savings (in quarter form) into that machine...
  • Excellent (Score:4, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @03:51PM (#13438801)
    We need this sequel to help answer the many questions raised in Street Fighter 3.
  • I remember playing SFIII:Third Strike on a holiday for the first time on an arcade machine when I was little.

    I only had the chance to play it once, but I was amazed by the fast framerate and the graphics I saw and the funky music and sound I heard on that machine. It was really a improvement over the older Street Fighters and other 2d fighting games that time.
    Too bad they never had this game near my local arcade halls. :(

    Since ever that time, I wanted to expierence it on my Playstation1 but it wasnt rel

    • I remember playing SFIII:Third Strike on a holiday for the first time on an arcade machine when I was little.

      When you were little? Aaugh! I used to drive to the arcade to play SFII:CE.

      All I know, as a Ken player from the very beginning, they'd better not weaken the Dragon punch anymore. As it is, I'm still bitter that a projectiles can hit me. By SFV, people will simply do jumping jabs to hit me.
      I also think any MVC should be melted for scrap (beams are bs), Capcom should have made the anniversary editi
      • SFII... ah back in the day. Wait, stop the presses... SFIII? I totally missed that one. When I read the title of the piece, I just assumed that all those alpha, editions, and EXs some how added up to three. Then again, the last time I heard, the problem the capcom execs had was that they couldn't count higher than two and got stuck.

        Man... now I feel old.
        • I'm with you, starX.
          I played SF2, the original one, for years (or so it feels - my thumb is still busted from mashing the SNES controller). Can still remember our neighbourhood tournaments, there was usually me (Ryu player) and this other guy I've not met since who played Guile. We had such epic battles. Him always sitting there with either a kick or a sonic boom loaded, waiting.. Had to fireball and then quickly jump attack him, sometimes he still managed to airkick me. Boy, feel nostalgic now.

          I hear
          • SFIII was released once 2d fighters were already in decline. IIRC, it came out a little after Alpha 2. AFAIK, it was hyper-obsessed with playbalance and smooth framerates, and was mostly popular with the hardcore streetfighter fans - the normal players were disappointed with the smaller roster and non-ludicrous effects.

            In the arcades, the title was just "THREE!" in giant letters, with a little sign saying "street fighter".
  • I hope there is a new SF game coming soon. The fighting system in sf3 third strike was pretty good what with the parrying and all. It would be nice to see an implementation of the parry system as well as new blood (characters) in the games. I hope to see new fighting styles (besides Shoto, Blanka, dhalsim, T-Hawk, guile, fei long) as well as a improved combo system. Another thing: a PC port? I'd love that... imagine skinning your own character, the mods, the stages... good times... I shall dream on...
  • Personally, I think the series lost most of it's innovation after Street Fighter Alpha 2. Yes, SF3 (and it's siblings) is a good game, and in many ways better than SFA2, it didn't innovate much, it just tweaked.

    In order for SF4 to be praised by anyone that matters, I think it will have to innovate.

    (BTW: I hope Ken is there.)
  • by scottind ( 838186 ) on Tuesday August 30, 2005 @07:59PM (#13440796)

    from what most fighting game forums say, speculation or whatnot:

    capcom japan has release all the street fighter rights over to capcom usa. Now capcom is actually listening to the feedback of fans so they wont make a disaster of a game like Capcom fighting evolutions.

    It's guranteed to be 2D. and it will be on Sega/Sammy Atomiswave hardware.

  • Last time Capcom had to increment the number next to "Street Fighter", it nearly killed them.

    I don't know if they can survive another one. That's why they do their damndest not to do it.

  • I wonder what sort of form this will take if it is indeed SF4.
    As other people have mentioned, Arcades are nothing like as big as they used to be, because of this it seems like Capcom seems to keep an eye on console systems. I know that I still play fighting games quite a bit, but I hardly ever go to Arcades.
    Anyway, a lot of the current gen systems seem to have problems doing good 2D stuff.
    I think that a new street fighter would be a good opportunity to make a fighter that plays like a classic 2D fighter

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