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Revolution GunCon Concepts 60

IGN is showing off some interesting GunCon concepts that would slot together with the remote controller the Revolution is going to use. From the article: "Some mock-ups of a pistol-and-pointer combo have already hit the Web. But what about a shotgun-style attachment perfectly suited for dual-handed comfort? Nintendo itself could make use of the device by packaging it with an old classic that is long overdue for a Revolution remake. Of course, we're referring to the beloved Duck Hunt, which came to popularity on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80s."
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Revolution GunCon Concepts

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  • by FLAGGR ( 800770 ) on Tuesday September 27, 2005 @04:26PM (#13661328)
    Duck Hunt 2: Screw the Ducks, Shoot The Dog
  • by Toddarooski ( 12363 ) on Tuesday September 27, 2005 @04:27PM (#13661343)
    ...until Jack Thompson uses these mock-ups to prove how videogames are nothing but "murder simulators." (Sigh.)
    • You have no idea how right you may be... ...with all the media against violent video games these days, I fear Nintendo may be too afraid to release a lightgun device...
      • Their controler is a freakin' lightgun!!

        While we're discussing lightguns, though, I personally want a full sized sniper rifle lightgun, maybe packaged with a Silent Scope kind of game. I also think a pump action shotgun would be cool. All I really want is a cool "Ka-Chink" sound when you pump it, though.
    • games have never given me the urge to commit violent acts .. However the last time I read something by the venerable Mr Thompson I had this overriding urge to commit murder .
      • However the last time I read something by the venerable Mr Thompson I had this overriding urge to commit murder.

        Yeah, Hunter was a real trip - you could a contact high just from reading Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas...
    • That could be fantastic for OUR side.

      If Nintendo goes after non-traditional gamers, and brings them into the fold, Thompson could face a backlash. If gamers' mothers start being told that the Revolution that they play Pikmin 4 and Nintendogs Revolution on is nothing but a murderer simulator, they should realize that Thompson is full of it.

      Converting more people to casual gamers is probably our best defense against attacks from loons.
  • by iamnerd ( 917614 ) on Tuesday September 27, 2005 @04:40PM (#13661513)
    At least on the Revolution, the Revolution controller can already be used as a gun, the only thing this would do is add weight. It might sell on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 if they make it motion sensitive but I doubt it, as far as I know there hasn't ever been a killer-app light gun game unless you count Duck Hunt as a killer-app.
    • Yes, it can be used as a gun. But that's not the point. The point is that it's a square box, and not remotely (pun semi intended) like a gun. Personally, I like the Time Crisis series in the arcades because you have a realistic pistol in your hands. It's different than having a square box in your hand that you're aiming like a gun.

      What I'm trying to say is that yes, the controller can be aimed like a gun already, but I still believe a gun add on would be viable, just to add realism and feel to the ga
      • by Anonymous Coward
        Of course, none of these mockups fix what I think is the biggest problem with using the Revolution controller as a light gun. There's no gunsight on it. Any gun attachment that doesn't address this problem will be useless. Without a gunsight, the Revolution will have to put a crosshair on the screen to show you where you're aiming. Granted, painting a crosshair on the screen for traditional light gun games is impossible because of the way the gun detects where it's aimed only when the trigger is pulled,
    • House of the Dead 2 sold a lot of lightguns for the Dreamcast (though the best lightgun game on it was Confidential Mission, I think). There was also some cop game on the Genesis that came with a revolver-styled lightgun, which was very good as well... but I can't think of its name. I think it was from Konami.
      • There was also some cop game on the Genesis that came with a revolver-styled lightgun, which was very good as well... but I can't think of its name.

        Lethal Enforcers. Didn't sell all that well.

        HotD2 on DC didn't sell all that well either. In fact gun games haven't sold all that well for a lot of years. It's a niche genre at this point. (Note that this is not a qualitative judgment; I love gun games, and own many of them.)

        btw, I gotta take at least a little bit of an issue with the headline here - the Gun
        • The problem with gun games is that they have limited replay value. They are designed to be played in arcades, so they can't take longer to beat than an hour or so, tops.
          What they should do is create an online distribution system for levels, and release a new campaign every month. For example, they could create an engine with an easy to use, flexible level editor, and then create a shooting game where your some sort of Enforcer who upholds the law Lethally. Then they could release new missions every month o
      • House of the Dead 2 sold a lot of lightguns for the Dreamcast

        Yes, but how many keyboards did Typing of the Dead sell?
    • Some people (*me*) might think it's fun to pretend they are using a real gun. It comes down to point and shoot vs aim and shoot.
  • The only problem with that Gun render is that the Rev controller is actually pretty small. That'd make that gun about a foot long. :/
  • These are pretty decent quality and give a good idea of what the controller could do as well.
    http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/6853/wheel24to.j p g [imageshack.us]
    http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/5766/gun4qc.jpg [imageshack.us]
    http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/8940/revfish8qs .jpg [imageshack.us]
  • Was the Concept created for IGN by Tim Forbrook (Paladin69, IGN Boards)? Can someone fill me in on this?
  • lol, I can see it now...
    "Nintendo's for kids, eh? :click-click: This shotgun pointed at your head says otherwise."

    lol, but, anyway. Yeah, I'm sold on ANY system that lets me play Duck Hunt. But why no Super Scope mock-ups? Did anyone other than me have a Super Scope back in the SNES days? I loved that thing, it was like a friggin' Bazooka. And anything involving a bazooka is just plain good fun...

  • Was Duck Hunt ever really that popular? I mean... if it didn't come with the system and Mario, would anyone have bought it?
  • Besides the resurgence of the light-gun games (which have been almost non-existant on consoles, despite great games like Point Blank), the thing I'm looking forward to most is NO MORE STUPID SCREEN FLASHES WHEN YOU SHOOT.

    I understand how light guns work, and that the flash is basically necessary to figure out where you shot, but they have always annoyed me and caused major eye strain. Even on the PlayStation (the last light-gun games I owned were Point Blank and Time Crisis) it still happened because it wa

    • Yea right. Like you would not see a flash if you shot with a real gun!
    • Re:No More Flashing (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      The Revolution controller uses a base station to track your movement, so a flashing screen is uneccesary, as is mentioned in the IGN article.
      • The Revolution controller uses a base station to track your movement, so a flashing screen is uneccesary, as is mentioned in the IGN article.

        Shockingly, it was also the reason the original poster gave for looking forward to the new Revolution controller.
      • I'm surprised nobody's doubting this. This is IGN for shit's sake - not the IEEE. Do we really trust them to know the abilities of technology?

        Think about it this way - even if the Rev has 100% position information about your controller (which I doubt - I'll bet it's very coarse) there's still the problem that it doesn't know exactly where your TV is, or it's dimensions.

        People just assume that this thing is the perfect lightgun because it sounds plausible - but that's like saying a ball mouse could be used
        • The articles that came out when the controller was revealed stated that you needed to place a small sensor on each side of your TV. As long as you place the sensors correctly, it would know exactly where your TV is, as well as its dimensions.
          • I doubt that's enough information for targetting still, unless those sensors are placed at the exact edges of the screen. Consider what happens if your TV has a wider box and you attach the sensors to the side - the 3 inches on either side of the TV that are casing and not screen on your box are different from the 5 inches on your neighbor's LCD TV. Even 1 inch can be the difference between a hit or a miss. I could see pre-game calibration being a possible, but annoying, solution.

            Either way, I still doub
  • Lets see, we'll have duck hunt, deer hunt, rabbit hunt, squirrel hunt, and pokemon hunt. We'll have whack a mole, whack a gopher, or whack a random Nintendo hero/villian. We'll have several young mage with a wand games. We'll have several games like Zelda with bow & arrows.
    • Lets see, we'll have duck hunt, deer hunt, rabbit hunt, squirrel hunt, and pokemon hunt.

      Don't you mean Pokemon Snap [nintendo.com]?

      • Don't you mean Pokemon Snap?

        Uh, you may want to take pictures of 'em but I'd like to shoot 'em. Pokemon was o.k. to begin with, but then it just got annoying. Heck, there are times that I'd like to shoot any number of my favorite video game characters. We could shoot at Mario, Samus, Link, Zelda, and all those minor background characters. ;)

        Of course I'm an adult and I'd like to take out my aggression on defensless video game characters. (I definitely wouldn't want to think about trying to unlock and whack
  • Is there any reason why someone couldn't develop a controller like this for the other systems (Xbox 360, PS3)? They have some sensors that you place next to your TV screen, and I'll assume you'd need to calibrate it, but why can't any system have this? Of course, since it's not the "standard" controller, only some games would be able to use it, but if it was successful enough, especially among gun games like Silent Scope, it would become the "standard" gun controller for the other systems. It would just
    • Well for starters I think it has something to do with a patent of some kind...
    • Because here in the western world we have this thing called a patent system. Which means if I think of a really cool idea for something, I get to profit off of it exclusively for 25 years.

      In the case of the rev's controller, those patents are owned by Nintendo and their partners(such as gyration, which nintendo both owns an unspecified amount of and has an exclusive licensing deal with). This means no one is going to be able to rip this thing off flat out, they'd have to figure out a way to do it in a com
  • Franchise? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Digital Vomit ( 891734 ) on Tuesday September 27, 2005 @05:27PM (#13662000) Homepage Journal
    The gun would be a natural fit for Nintendo's Duck Hunt franchise,

    One game made twenty years ago counts as a franchise?

  • Why on earth would I want a shotgun, when I can use a BFG [boingboing.net] instead??
  • Seeing as it's fashionable to point out even the most obscure errors in Slashdot stories, I should point out that GunCon is Namco's trademark for their PlayStation and PlayStation 2 lightguns. Something like lightgun or gun controller would be a more appropriate generic term. (I'm not sure if a Revolution controller based gun would actually be a "lightgun").

    Anyway, everyone knows that the Menacer is the ultimate name for a lightgun, folowed by such classics as the Light Phaser, Zapper and Super Scope. Perip
  • by wikthemighty ( 524325 ) on Tuesday September 27, 2005 @07:58PM (#13663050)
    Revolution X [klov.com]

    I could just see it happening...

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